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  1. I'm looking for, 4 AQ-ST1 or similar, shipped to Canada.
  2. I want to redo my big 3 with OFC wire. Nee roughly 10'. Would need to be shipped to Canada.
  3. In the proses of changing the seats in my '94 Mazda B3000, I broke three bolts (The head sheared off). How do I remove them?
  4. Thanks guys, I know have more work to do while the fiberglass dries on my new dash. Where about would I buy the aircraft stripper? As for the rust, just scrap and sand?
  5. It's already off. I was hoping to do the work my self. No $$$ for any one else to do it.
  6. I have the front off my truck and want to fix it up. What would I use to strip the paint and rust off?
  7. Because it never crossed my mind... :/ I guess I'll be calling them monday.
  8. I have a 1994 Mazda B3000 and need to know if this kit (DJM Suspension KS3001-3-4), will fit?
  9. There are plenty of options, I know for my self I would by a not so popular vehicle and do a swap. For example, buy a cheap vehicle and swap out the engine for a more popular vehicle one. That way you can easily find parts and be unique. Just my 2 cents...
  10. Ok, I really need to upgrade my electrical system and I need a few things. - Positive battery terminal with two 1/0, 8 and 4 gauge inputs (the Rockford Fosgate RFDB1 is what I am looking for) - Negative battery terminal with two 1/0 inputs - Fused distribution block with one 1/0 in, two 8 gauge out - 2 1/0 fuse holders - 1/0 cable (NO CCA) - 12 or 14 Gauge speaker wire I will add more as I find I need it Note: Needs to be shipped to Canada
  11. Can anyone make me a new YouTube background? I need one that works with the new layout. I would like it to be kinda smoky, with my 8-X logo and user name "what.really". I will post pictures of what I kind want in it, in a few minutes.
  12. The thing is choir is higher pitch then subs. The stock mic pics up the highs nicly, I need somthing for the lows.
  13. Hey, I just bought my self a Sony Alpha A33 and went to shoot a demo video of my system. When I reviewed the video the bass was, well... pingy. I know most cameras can't handle the sound pressure caused by the subs, but my old cheap camera was at least able to get some bass. So, I am now looking into getting a external microphone, one that will hope fully make the bass sound better. Any suggestions?
  14. Plus it would give me room to upgrade the sub later on...
  15. So if my sub is 200rms all I would have to do is keep the gain down?
  16. Wouldn't work. It needs to be able to do 200rms at 4ohms.
  17. Ok, I'm looking for a 200WRMS Amp. I don't have much money, but love car audio (I know it's not the cheapest hobby). It would need to be shipped to Canada. Right now I have my sub running of a four channel amp, that I would like to be using for my mids/highs, instead of h/u power. Can any one help me out?
  18. Welcome! I love buying from SE they make it so easy to get stuff shipped cross boarder!
  19. I'm in the prosses of designing a t-line and need some input. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/134725-please-help-me-design-a-t-line/page__fromsearch__1
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