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  1. when you are done you must bring it down here if you canI want to hear with this build sound like compared to your old 1and maybe just maybe the DC Traumasetters Stratus will be done by then

  2. Yep taking the air condensor off to add another singer alt 350a to have duals So I take it there's no room without losing the AC then huh? nope:/
  3. Yep taking the air condensor off to add another singer alt 350a to have duals
  4. Yeah its possible but demoing 4 hrs a day kills your battery bank lol imagine that... but once i hit the road 5 min down the road i was at 14.0 again resting. And idk i wanna know myself to be honest
  5. thanks man, yeah i wondered if they looked more violent in video or in person... but they are the d250x
  6. she wanted to hear what everyone else was getting to hear so i let her have it haha
  7. Thanks rusty! Should feel pretty good seeing your subs do all these vids over youtube
  8. Thanks man means alot! haha just keep upgrading as i did you'll get there!
  9. Well everyone has asked what does it do on the meter?!! at 42 hertz(peak) it did a 156.0 on 300 amps of fusing on the dc 9k at .5 ohms, surprised me a ton but heres a lil action of it before and after i metered it.
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