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  1. Common problems with those 4t65e's. I've dealt with almost every problem they have in my 01 and 02 Impala, to the point where we gave up on the car and moved onto another platform. That slip and bang into gear is usually the input apply piston, there is a seal that goes bad and fluid leaks past, Revving it up increases the pressure and it overcomes the leak and applies the piston causing the "bang" into gear. You could try and replace the various solenoids while you have the side cover off, but that may only be a bandaid fix. To fix the hard-shift, you can install a shift kit from transgo found here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/4T65E-Transgo-Shift-Kit-/180419368268#ht_767wt_1059 All this is if you are competent in tearing into a trans yourself. If you purchase all these parts yourself you might be able to save some money on the parts end of the deal and just end up paying labor at a transmission shop. A flush on a 4t65e is usually the end of it's life. These transmissions are known as "slushboxes" or made of glass. Even maintained every 25k miles these transmissions shit the bed. Like I said, doing all this work may hold you over for a few months if it corrects any of the issues you're having now, or it could do nothing at all. If I were you I would find a reputable transmission shop and have it rebuilt. It sure would suck when you dump $200 in parts and $400 in labor into a transmission with 200k on it just to have the torque converter or 4th gear go out a few thousand miles later. I would get a rebuild and a 3yr/36k warranty. I believe you can go through GM for around $1800 and get it replaced along with a 3/36 through them. Let me know if you need any help if you do go the route of throwing money into this ticking time bomb. Not trying to be a dick but thats what you're working with now.
  2. It's still going strong. I have a video uploading as we speak. If it falls off again but doesn't crack the windshield with it I'll leave it off. Enough games, I'm not trying to pay for a windshield and then have to pay for the windshield tint again. Here's a video! let me know what you think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV6pL_zmAZc
  3. Day 2 - Still on! What I did different this time was sanding down the metal tab and then prepping it before I glued it on. Waited 24 hours before attaching the mirror and all seems good so far! It hasn't been over 70 the past few days, and each time it has fallen off it's been 85+ and humid so hopefully we will get a few days of that to see how it holds up.
  4. That's true. I'll take the screw out and put it up there when I know I'm not going to be having my music loud for awhile. Thanks for y'alls help!
  5. How long should I wait before re-attaching the mirror? I want to put it on today before I drive to the movies.
  6. I've sorta gotten used to using my side mirrors to "peek" behind me (when some jerk is riding my ass), but having the rear view mirror on makes it less of a hassle. What I'm wondering is how do people like Steve (just an example) have that loud ass bass, yet their mirrors stay on fine? It hasn't cracked the windshield yet. If it does I will be pissed because I have $80 worth of tint on my windshield
  7. @kickass audio This is a replacement windshield. The button that came on the windshield when we got it replaced lasted awhile! 2-3 months. Now each time I put it back on it keeps falling off within 3 days. My dad told to call Safelite (who installed this windshield) and have them re-attach it if it falls off again because we have only had this windshield installed for 4-5 months.
  8. Hey all. I've got a 2002 Impala LS with 2 12's sealed off from the trunk into the cabin. It get's pretty loud but I don't think it's that loud to be snapping the rear view mirror mount off the windshield so often. In the last 2 weeks I've had to reglue it 4 times. The 4th time being two nights ago. Each time I've waited 1-2 days with just the metal mount being on without the mirror to let it cure. This last time I sanded down the metal surface of the mount and waited 5 minutes after prepping both the windshield and the button. I'm going to put the mirror back on tonight and hopefully I have better results with it this time. For those of you who have had this problem...is there any real fix? I drove around without it on for 2-3 months but having it back on for a week has been awesome because I do like to see behind me sometimes. It just feels weird not having it there.
  9. It's $3.69 for 87 and $3.89 for 93 - of course I have to run 93... Fuquay-Varina, NC
  10. That's some nasty flex! Good shit man. I need to turn my box around and seal it off from the trunk...= less trunk rattle!
  11. x2, I have 55w 5k low beam and fog lights, but they're super bright white, and aimed correctly so I don't blind anyone. I haven't been pulled over once for them. At a traffic stop, an officer actually commented that he liked them because of how much they lit up the road, but didn't blind anyone. @ OP - Have you had your assemblies aimed correctly after installing the HID's? I'd do that if I were you..
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