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  1. Maaaaan it's been a long time since I've come to SMD. Miss you guys

  2. What cars have decent trunks and decent gas mileage?

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    2. DubNDodge


      older ones, like mine, can found cheap too. like 2k

    3. Trey_Dog650
  3. Added sound deadener......andddddd here come the new rattles.

  4. Is white noise the same as engine noise?

    1. Neckbeard


      white noise is static? and engine noise is a noise caused by the engine? :n

  5. I just pulled a big ass spider out of my under carriage 0_0

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    2. TylerParrish


      Not until I find one crawling on the inside of my car one day *knock on wood*

    3. IBleedMusick


      ^LMFAO I was just coming here to say something about how a spider got down there lol.

  6. Idk what I'd do without double-sided outdoor tape. I put that s**t on errythannnggg

    1. SnowDrifter


      Peel and stick body kits?

  7. I'm glad it was recognized and taken care of, these are going to be/already are very popular subs and it's a tad bit disappointing to here that they had problems
  8. On Google Earth, hit CTRL + Alt + A for flight simulator mode. You

    1. TylerParrish
    2. Azagtoth502


      damn you sir, as if I didn't spend enough time on there already

  9. I was wondering if this box looked okay for a Sundown X-12 D2. Will be on a DD M1c until I get a 2k amp. Any and all input is appreciated! Please and Thank you. The sketchup model isn't exactly to spec because I'm missing with box/port size, but it's what the box will end up looking like in the end.
  10. Has anyone ever mounted crossovers with double sided tape?

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    2. TylerParrish


      I got some outdoor double side tape, so I'll see how that holds up for the time being

    3. Lbox88


      3M automotive tape has help up for me for a year now. Just makes sure both surfaces are clean and if you can, warm them up with a blow dryer first and keep pressure on it when you mount it for a good couple minutes.

    4. TylerParrish


      The surfaces were cleaned and i held them down for a few mins, as of right now....I can partially pick the doors up with the crossover xD I think I'll be good for the time being

  11. College + no job = not much car audio for a while :/

    1. N9neMillahhh


      exact same situation here man.

  12. What're some subs that murder lows (20-40 Hz range)

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    2. HowLowCanYouGo
    3. mrd6


      Its all in the box, Bens explorer (the video you were talking about) is tuned to 25hz...nothing against the crossfires but its not like they are the reason that truck is a hurricane

  13. God that car looks like pure sex. I'm talkin' fuckin' to the beat of some soft R&B in the background kind of sex. He did an amazing job on that car. and his attention to detail is phenomenal.
  14. So I've got this mustang laying around......system ideas?

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    2. Raptorman
    3. strangeduck
    4. strangeduck


      If its a fox body drop a 460 it in, tub it and gut it. Proceed to blow the doors off everything from stop lights

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