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  1. So I have this idea for an art project I'll be putting in a gallery. I currently have this piece that's magnetically levitating over a base and I'd like to add some sound to it to improve the ambience and effect I'm portraying. Ideally, I want to hook a shallow 1" full range driver on the inside of the base that would fire down, I'd like to hook a small 5-10 watt amp inside that gets power through coming into the device to run the magnets, and add an inline bluetooth module to the amp so that I can just connect external audio through bluetooth. I feel like that's doable, but I'm pretty much in the dark on how to hook up a bluetooth module or if it's possible to run the amp from the existing power. Does anyone have an experience with a small scale project like this, really, any input so I can get some output would be awesome.
  2. Maaaaan it's been a long time since I've come to SMD. Miss you guys

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