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  1. So I have this idea for an art project I'll be putting in a gallery. I currently have this piece that's magnetically levitating over a base and I'd like to add some sound to it to improve the ambience and effect I'm portraying. Ideally, I want to hook a shallow 1" full range driver on the inside of the base that would fire down, I'd like to hook a small 5-10 watt amp inside that gets power through coming into the device to run the magnets, and add an inline bluetooth module to the amp so that I can just connect external audio through bluetooth. I feel like that's doable, but I'm p
  2. I've run the Image Dynamic IDQ and it is a perfect sub for what you want. Moves a good amount of air but sounds great doing it. I had mine after having DD 9510's and obviously the DD's were more powerful, but in the same exact box the IDQ 12 sounded way better and still got plenty loud.
  3. I appreciate the reply. Most of the ones that strap over the rearview mirror have reverse lines. I'm looking for something that specifically doesn't go over the rearview mirror because of how bad they can shake while driving. I took the leap today and just sprung for the Viofo A129 duo and I'll just backup how I have been for years.
  4. I honestly don't know where to post this. I've scoured google for days looking for dash cams that come with rear cameras that have reverse lines to help with parking. My mom sometimes drives my car and she wants a backup camera to help her and honestly, the way she drives, I'd feel more comfortable if she had one. Does anyone know of any dash cams that come with 2 cameras that have reverse line capabilities? I'd like to kill 2 birds with one stone and have front and rear dash cams as well as a reverse camera that doesn't involve me putting some weird screen over my rear view mirro
  5. Maaaaan it's been a long time since I've come to SMD. Miss you guys

  6. What cars have decent trunks and decent gas mileage?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. DubNDodge


      older ones, like mine, can found cheap too. like 2k

    3. Trey_Dog650
  7. Added sound deadener......andddddd here come the new rattles.

  8. Is white noise the same as engine noise?

    1. Neckbeard


      white noise is static? and engine noise is a noise caused by the engine? :n

  9. I just pulled a big ass spider out of my under carriage 0_0

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    2. TylerParrish


      Not until I find one crawling on the inside of my car one day *knock on wood*

    3. IBleedMusick


      ^LMFAO I was just coming here to say something about how a spider got down there lol.

  10. Idk what I'd do without double-sided outdoor tape. I put that s**t on errythannnggg

    1. SnowDrifter


      Peel and stick body kits?

  11. I'm glad it was recognized and taken care of, these are going to be/already are very popular subs and it's a tad bit disappointing to here that they had problems
  12. On Google Earth, hit CTRL + Alt + A for flight simulator mode. You

    1. TylerParrish
    2. Azagtoth502


      damn you sir, as if I didn't spend enough time on there already

  13. Also, idk about putting a smile on my face, but laying in a hammock on a river for the day sure does take me to my happy place.
  14. Being able to put a smile on my parent's and sister's faces that almost never smile anymore due to the immaturity of my family and the problems they create for themselves.
  15. I was wondering if this box looked okay for a Sundown X-12 D2. Will be on a DD M1c until I get a 2k amp. Any and all input is appreciated! Please and Thank you. The sketchup model isn't exactly to spec because I'm missing with box/port size, but it's what the box will end up looking like in the end.
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