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  1. I hope I'm not going to get in trouble for this, but I have a giant vt 3 full suspension bike with pretty much all shimano swore lx and hpv swinger 3 wayshock and a manitou Nixon fork.. Never heard any MTB on here so just figured I'd share. I can provide pics if you are interested.
  2. anyone have any additions? just songs that tell a story or make you sit back and say damn at some of the lyrics. or whatever it is that songs like this do. peace, and enjoy! biggie, bob marley - hold ya head spm - medicine immortal technique - dance with the devil clika one - smoke the weed ill add more as others do.
  3. im really liking roscoe. hes a little bad ass too. and hes a razors edge 100%. hes bowed out to hell and back already! but still. i like apollo.. roscoe.. duke.. judge.. sarge.. im not going to call him blue though, i dont want it to be a "regular" name.. you know? like i know 4 people all with blue pits thats names are blue. smh.
  4. hes 7 weeks old.. razor edge. got papers and all, full blooded blue nose. what should i name him?! i have been thinking... apollo roscoe rocco bentley bruce milo brad comet dayton riley diesel duke havok thor casper cane lennox luger sire steel tyson zeek these are all some names i have thought of.. add some to the list, or recommend!
  5. Gadhafi was really fighting for us, and trying to stop a monopoly of a one world government. He wasnt buying it, so of course the big dogs had to have him killed. Thats what all the air strikes were for a few months back. Looks like they finally got him.
  6. shiit no, like i said, im looking for something to lean me up and bulk me up at the same time. that guy re-used needles and im sure he didnt take the recommended ml/gs. ive seen that documentary before, no way in hell am i trying to look like that, i do agree with you thats stupid big and looks like shit.
  7. yeah, i know all the side effects and what not. but what do you mean he looked much worse?
  8. i have been working out like hell for the last couple months. the only really plus side to me is that its way easier to lose weight and throw muscle on instead of just bulking up and not losing any fat really. i know there are pros and cons, but hey, everyone has their own decisions.
  9. I just got a new connection from a gym i was at in Florida, some BIGGG motha****** there! But anyway, im 20, 205 lbs, pretty strong and big. I was middle linebacker in my high school days. Im not necessarily looking at jumping into this in the next few days, unless everything i hear is like... holy shit i gotta do this. because i have heard some bad things. But if anyone on here has or does them, i wanna know about cycling, what you use and how often you cycle and what not.. You can shoot me a p.m. instead of replying if you dont want people knowing your business like that.
  10. its 200 dollars, but thats lifetime exchanges, you can send it in whenever you want, but you have to give him a 350 dollar deposit because he sends you all the scanners and everything to hook up to your computer which is pretty expensive software, but then he refunds it back. he isnt a scammer or anything. i can give you my word on that, and there are plenty of forums that you can hear about him. its a business.
  11. in my personal experience, being in the performance engine environment, you do nottttt want a predator, any of that hand held shit! what you want is a blackbearperformance.com what you do is he sends you all the things you need, and makes a custom tune where it changes your transmission shift points, gives you a race/strip mode if you press a button while your driving it will bring the stall out in your transmission. these tunes are the way to get the most horsepower. and the best thing about it is, if you ever get a cam, or put longtubes, or heads, whatever it is, all you have to do is tell him and he wont charge you anything except to ship the space ecm to him and he will put a new tune on it for free. you just plug it up into your truck, drive around for a little while and it reads how your engine drives and changes the speed of shiftness, hardness of shifts, your rev limiter, puts full force on your fuel lines, the whole deal. i have had a diablo, it was the shit at first! then got a westers, and i cant even burn out and ride it out. fuck that. it wont ever stop spinning and ill just go on forever til i let off the gas. then i got a blackbear, and it was the same reaction i had switching from the diablo to the westers. although. i do have a chevy. so be careful. FORDS WILL BREAK! F.ound O.n R.oad D.ead im just messing with you. anything will go fast with the right equipment and tuning. TUNING! so you dont want a little handheld programmer that puts the same 3 tunes on all of your vehicle models, you want one for your specific needs and wants. if you ask justin at blackbear, he can break your transmission with a tune if he wants to. but he puts safe tunes out there that just use all off your components full potential. blackbear is the way to go. visit that website i gave you. blackbearperformance.com it is the best of the best right now if you dont want to get fucked in the ass by other companies. he has great customer service so at least shoot him an email and talk to him and you will be set!
  12. yeah that dance was off the chain. you like c walks too?
  13. and to hell with soulja boy cant stand his ass.. these some boys i know in real life that tryin to spit to get out of the game.
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