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  1. Is anyone else getting all their SMD notifications sent to the Spam folder; I've been wondering why I stopped getting notices on posts I'm subscribed to. They are getting marked as phishing spam.
  2. I thought I found this info before, but cant now. What are the differences in the spider options?
  3. I traded that car in this week. Picked up a used Volvo V50. I will be running a single DC L2 15 in this car. Doing a stealth install.
  4. Oh man. I hit a snag. Starting to lean back to my old habits.. Been really thinking of 2 L3 15's sealed. Running 1 Polk Audi PA D1000.1 to each. Only problem is how to get past the electrical issues. There are no aftermarket alt's for the 2.2L motor in my Malibu. I do have a couple of big ass batteries from the UPS at work (CD Technologies, forgot model # at this time). Who needs a trunk when you can add a roof rack..
  5. Yeah.. L2 me thinks also. Gonna make some cardboard templates to see exactly what I can do. Either way, I'll be happy. I ran my 2 L3 12's in 2ft3 total and it was loud. Hope by this weekend I can start building. Pretty much after that 4-8 weeks I can't do jack shit. Foot surgery. Kinda sucks.
  6. I couldn't say what the future holds for a install. I change installs quite a bit. Seems I never finish one cause I end up changing stuff. Playing around on paper, it does seem like I can squeeze out just over 1.75ft3, so I could run ported. The Level2 shows 1.25ft3 for ported. Listening to mainly rap/techno, what should I aim for on tuning the port?
  7. So, I sold my Sundown/DC stuff while back. Been running HU on stock speakers since. I'm planning a new system using a Polk Audio 5 channel amp. Looking at single sub. I was looking a getting either a L2 or L3 12 for this. Sub channel onthe amp will be pushing 500 watts. Will it matter much which sub I get for this. I will be running sealed, ~1-1.25ft3 (maybe a little more if I get creative with my box design). Any input will be helpful on this.
  8. I think I'll get to measuring this weekend. Since I'm no longer working 6 days a week, I got time to do things.
  9. I'm in Austin. We got a quite a few shops here. This was one of the main shops here. I'll call around. But building it myself will at least allow me to make a box fit how I want. I really want to use up all avail space I can to save trunk space. So.. Guess I'll do that next month.
  10. Well, for the $500 I was quoted for a box today.. I'll give it a try and build it myself.
  11. I'm sorry.. What were you saying? Your avatar distracted me.. Thanks for the info. Going to swing by the shop today and see what they can do for me. I just don't trust myself to build a ported box.
  12. So, I'm done with my sealed box. Running 2 Level 3 12's and a SA 1200d. I listen to a lot of rap and rock along with some techno. Decided I'd have a shop build the box for me due to I just want to be lazy. What should I be shooting here for as for port and ft3..
  13. Yeah, I'm just pricing out new fuse blocks to replace what I got. I'm just going to replace my 2 way disto with single ANL holders. I'm trying to decide if I want to dedicate my 1/0 run for 2nd battery then direct to the sub amp and have another run of 4g that runs my front stage amp. This overkill or pointless?
  14. Well, busted out the Fluke and V across either terminal is the same. This makes me wonder about my Knu underhood fuse block also now. Guess I'm going to replace the fuse holders I got with something else. I was going to be adding a 2nd battery and was gonna order more Knu holders for that.. But I think i'll dig around Darvex and see what else I can get. Kinda sucks.
  15. Anyone ever have this happen before? I have a knu konceptz mini-anl 2 way distro block, and that bastard gets HOT after playing music loud ofr a while. I have 1/0 running from front to the distro, then 2 4g wires to each amp. These wires are say 3.5ft long. The ground wires were about 3ft also, but I moved my ground and now they are 1ft. Ground wires are also 4g, both amps ground to same spot. I tested resistance on the original ground wires and tried to test resistance all possible ways between + and - to make sure no wire might have been cut and is grounding our somehow. No resistance and same thing with continuity (which I only had continuity when testing - to - and + to +). Amps are a Sundown Audio 125.2 and 1200d with subs being 2 DC Sound Labs L3 12's. Is there anything else I need to check electrical wise? PS: Reason I found out it was my disto block was due to the fact that when the system was playing loud (with subs on) after a bit I'd get a god awful smell. Finally tracked it down to the plastic cover on the fuse distro.
  16. 2 subs crazy ass resolution I'll prob take some more pictures later on when I pull the box out to finish trim panels in a few weeks. Prob so some shots of the Sundown amps at that time. And yes, my subs are dirty from being installed once already. Heh.
  17. Crap. Was going to get that one done for ya last night but I crashed out. I'll get that today after work..
  18. Yeah, 2 12's and a Sundown 1200d.. I had to drive around last night bumping it old school with some DJ Magic Mike and Techmaster PEB. I'm trying to remember how my old ass Blazer sounded with 4 Orion XTR 12's on a US Amps VLX-200. I think that was hitting around 145 or so. Still trying to find a meter cause I would love to know for sure. And here's a 1920x1080 high res for everyone. If anyone needs bigger then that let me know. My original is like 3888 x 2602. Background 1920x1080
  19. Since I had to take the subs out, I took a few more shots.. I really need to fix my lighting setup. But one expensive hobby at a time.
  20. Heh, last time I really took any audio pics was waaaay back at IASCA Finals in 1998 up in Dallas. heh.. Other then that, you can see some of my I shoot otherwise at http://www.photo-mojo.net
  21. Photography is one of my hobbies. I now wish I would of fixed how blown out the D was. Way to much light. And hell. I wish I would of taken some pics of the frame and magnet and all. But no way in hell I'm going to unmount these things after how long it took me to get them in.. Really a time to have a friend helping out..
  22. Something showed up.. Pair of DC Sound Labs Level 3 12" I really need to finish my trunk now. It's been 10+ years since I've felt that itch/tickle/whatever in my ear from lots of bass. heh. Now I need to really decide if I want to keep it sealed or build ported.. Guess finishing the trunk will have to wait.
  23. Ohh yeah. I guess all that info is helpful. heh. 2005 Malibu. I need to take some measurements, but I should be able to get at least 4.6ft3 now that I dont need full access to my spare. I'll be running a Sundown Audio 1200d on it. So 1200 watts is what they rate it at (which from what I see is a low number for them).
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