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  1. What a waste of his moms money, money can't fix stupid.
  2. Go to Sky High Car Audios eBay page and you can get a good deal on wire by the foot or why I love the eBay page is they have wire in random lengths, like 10', 15', 20', 25', for cheap too, and that allows you to get 16g or 14g for your comps and get 12g or 8g for your sub for cheaper than a spool of one size wire. You can get 14g for literally just a few bucks more than 16g costs, but that way you can get exactly what you need two sizes of wire and not have to buy a spool of each size, remember its Sky High Car Audios EBAY page, not there actual website
  3. Yeah Rumble looked good!! He's a beast right now! Jones is sick but if Rumble is able to land it could get very interesting!!
  4. Anthony Rumble Johnson beat Gustafson via TKO first round so now he gets a title shot, so who you guys got in Jones vs Johnson for the UFC light heavyweight title!?!?
  5. Anyone have any experience with a Diamondback pistol? My lady seen a Diamondback.380 and liked it, its really small and she liked the way it felt so I was going to buy it for her but I wanted to do a little word of mouth research to see how people liked them as I haven't had any experience with Diamondback.
  6. dionysus

    Demo Tracks For Radio Display in Shop

    I got some beat up for free download on my soundcloud page 100% made by me you can use
  7. dionysus

    Custom amp colors

    Damn! Yeah I need a red and black 5k or 7.5k for sure!!! Nice work gentleman!!!
  8. Lolololololololololololololol, that was hilarious!!! That makes me want to tell to his post lol
  9. I had said Stephen also but my lady didn't like it but I thought it was cool also cause our other sons Nam is Damian so if we had a Stephen I could call them the Marley boys!! Lol that's 2 of Bob Marleys boys names, my lady is alot pickier than I am too so it makes this process way harder. Ah we still got a few months to figure it out lol
  10. dionysus

    Custom amp colors

    Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhh $H!TTT son!!!!! Nice well my 2nd son will be born the end of march so I wont be able to order till summer but I for sure will NEED a red and black 5k or 7.5k for my lvl 6 18!!! Nice work guys!!!
  11. dionysus

    Want some sick beats?

    I'll peep it when I'm done cookin/eatin tonight bro, here's my page
  12. dionysus

    Want some sick beats?

    Here's some original beats that beat!!
  13. yeah that's true!! His middle name is Michael and last name Martinez (and no I'm not Mexican, I'm native American and Spanish from spain!) lol. I like Cassius Michael Martinez. But she's not too high on the name, but Michael is his middle name for sure and Martinez is his last name for sure, lol, and thank you guys all for the ideas! Please keep em comin they are all appreciated!!!
  14. We still can't come up with a name we both like and agree on. We figured by now we would have a name for him but no luck so far! So throw em all out guys!!! No matter how crazy or even bland you may think others may think the name is if you like it then post it!!!! Lol, I just need like a billion different names so we can go thru and get ideas. Please and thank you SMD family!!! Oh and we have a 10 almost 11 year old son already and his name is Damian, so that's off the table lol, and were not really looking for a D name, so they don't have the same initials, lol sorry so picky guys lol and I know this forum is the last place for baby advice lol but you guys are my brothers of bass and some sweet name ideas could come out of this.....hopefully lolololol Oh, and happy thanksgiving guys
  15. Damn be nice score!!! I've been stalking Craigslist for a lil now looking for a deal like this, hope I find as good of a deal as this!!