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  1. HAHA Steve i think this was the box that we used to sneak those tools into that low rider show in Salinas that we forgot about at first. That was a crazy long wait to get in that show and we almost did not get in, and they would not allow any tools in the show so we had to sneak them. What good times that was.
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  4. Just 4 RE SX10's powered by an Autotek MM4000.1D 4 sets of MB Quart Premium comps powered by 2 Autotek MM100.4's
  5. Hey dont be hatin just cause my team beat yours. HEHEHEHEHE Come on you gotta admit it is a nice lookin box
  6. Alpine dude i just had to throw them out this past weekend they got all messed up all the surrounds were completely torn. So the only thing i have left are 3 or 4 tweets and xovers.
  7. New Tranny cost about 1500 - 2000 is what i ahve been told. Ya let me know if you want to hear the system i am always down. Nothing crazy loud but it does the job.
  8. HAHA ya. Alpine i must say bro you have come a long way since you first started in drag. Mad props to you bro
  9. HAHA ya i know with 4 sets of components that is a ton of wire. Why do you think i did some trading with Kimo hehehehhee. I just have to finish up a couple things. I have to finish the xover rack and the amp rack. I finally got my 2 MM100.4's back from the shop today. So now i can take out the crap Jensen amp and put some nice amps in there ofr my highs again. I am still debating to sell the 4-10's with the box and go with 2-15's and another MM4000.1D. The 4-10's just aint cuttin it. But then again it is just my daily driver.
  10. Selling for $1k Needs new tranny though and i dont know what is up with brakes could be something minor. It has double layer Dynamat 1 single run of 0ga Used to do a 149.8 all day on music a couple years back on the TL. With 2 Sonic FX Q15's and 4 Sonic FX 1500D's The doors were redone to house 2 sets of 6.5" comps up front and 1 set of 5.25" in back doors. Here is the link to my craigslist post http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/810806289.html
  11. WOW this mronign so i was going to work coming down Capital from Evergreen area.
  12. That would be me. I am Josh from Team Bassick and Team Maxxsonics It is my 99' Tahoe I work on Bascom and Camden HAHA ya i am a ghost these days. I do miss competing just no funds and with a new baby wow really no funds. Hell i am trying to sell my 92' Pathfinder right now that i used to compete with. I take it you are in this area? If so let me know, i wouldnt mind checkin out a new system. I get tired of listening to mine all day every day haha
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