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  1. HAHA Steve i think this was the box that we used to sneak those tools into that low rider show in Salinas that we forgot about at first. That was a crazy long wait to get in that show and we almost did not get in, and they would not allow any tools in the show so we had to sneak them. What good times that was.
  2. Lets see 47" Panasonic Rear projection (soon to be a 50" Plasma) Onkyo 6.1 (i know not the greatest but i love it) Systems hooked up to this setup Xbox 360 Xbox Playstation Dreamcast Gamecube NES I am still looking for the Wii
  3. Been to about 25 - 30 shows. Always placing in top 3. First time i met Steve would have been the Woodland show about 3 years ago i believe. When he had his honda. WOW that was a long show. We were all done, but the stupid security would not open the gates and let us leave. So we were stuck there an extra 2 hours or so.
  4. HAHA your right. It was Rusty's forum that i had to create a new one.You never on MSN anymore what up with that
  5. Im not sure what happened to my other account, but i had quiet abit of post on it.But you know i am there for you bro if you need help!!!Oh by the way i got my pathfinder back, and i am fixxin it up to get back in the lanes in street C.
  6. I get my 360 tomorrow.Tradded a fool 6.5" Premium comps from MB Quart for his Premium 360 with 2 wireless controlers and 2 games. Only if he knew how much i paid for the premium comps hehe.
  7. Rusty congrats bro.how many amps now?
  8. That eq is badass i wish i had or could find one of those these days.
  9. HAHA that is funny about that backboard.It was me and a friendJoe McDermid.He used to compete back in the day. He had the purple S10 Blazer with 6 Stroker 15's and 24 BMF1000D's. He was on XS-SPL.Me and him did that box up in 1 weekend. I learned a lot from him.
  10. Speakin of i need to contact him about a alt for my Hoe. This stock alt with a stock batter is not working with my Autotek MM4000.1D
  11. I dont have pics of my first box as i was too poor to have a camera back them. But here are pics of my 2nd install. I was i think 17 at the time.
  12. Whats upMy name is JoshI am in the following teamsMaxxsonicsTMFBassickI need to get my ass out and start competing again.I am in San Jo
  13. HEHE dont laughJensen VM9510 (great screen 1.15 million pixels)andEclipse CD8053 which was in my pathfinder. But is now for sale.
  14. I used to be pretty loud groundpounder with my pathfinder. Doin a 49.8 daily.But now with my Tahoe i am no where near how loud i was with the Pathfinder. God i miss those days.
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