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  1. Damn! haha Thats one way to shut her up! Nice hatch BTW.
  2. Ive got an sdc 2.5 15 in a 4.4cu box tuned to 32hz. lower tuning than recommended i know but i really like the way it sounds on metal and such. I think it sounds nice but i havent heard a whole lot other that some of the lower end RE's my AQ's and some sundown SA 10's I liked the SA's but i bet out of what ive heard there are many things that will blow them out of the water.
  3. Oops 2 12's haha guess i cant read and eat taco bell at the same time... Anyways 12-inch subs work in 1.8-2.5 net cuft I would do my best to give them around 3.6-5.0 cu depending on how much space you would like to take up. A bigger box gets louder but once you get too big the bass seems a little shallow to me personally. Best info i can send you off with. All I know is im VERY happy with the way my 15 sounds so I must have done something right.
  4. Also, crazy me 14-16 sq in of port area is what is recommended if i am correct.
  5. As i just learned recently AQ subs are best tuned to around 37hz. Have yet to test this for myself but it is what ive been hearing alot lately. My 15 is tuned to 32hz and i feel like i lost a little of the upper range of bass. Also 2.4-3.0 cu is what is shown on the AQ site for 2 10's. They say 1.2-1.5 cu for the 10's. I hate how they dont make things like this clear but oh well. Good product. Hope this helps. And if you need anything ill help to the best of my knowledge.
  6. I dont have it personally. i have the slowed version but if you can find a c&s version of it on youtube use this converter to convert the video into a mp3 file.Clicky Clicky!
  7. I just ordered a AudioQue SDC2.5 15, Was gunna get an SA-15 but im kinda impatient. From what ive read, both subs are great. Rather go with sundown IMO though.
  8. Silicone would be less messy imo. but i havent worked with expanding foam much so.
  9. Just a thought stop by k-mart and get a small tube of silicone for like 5$ I Think. Its pretty rubbery so if you ever need to remove it you can and it drys kinda quick. Just an idea.
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