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  1. The alt looks sexy! I bet it will really wake your car up compared to the old irragi.. is that coated or a natural aluminum color?
  2. what's a price on all the tech flex, shrink tubing, 4 1/0 adapters shipped to 44431 please
  3. Damn it. All these sweet items and broke ass pockets. At least I have the most important, the dd1 no more shady gain setting methods I'm in for this if the price is right
  4. The punches are 6.5 right? And do they come with. Grills? If so ill take em
  5. Well no thanks to the people who didn't read.. but thanks Audiofanaticz, you're information us definitely helpful. I know I need a real lawyers advice but all the jackass told my mother was that he sister could ddo whatever she wanted with no reprimands.. even real lawyers don't help... but thanks Audio.
  6. I dont expect to have any professional answers. I want personal stories of when they had something happen like this and what actions were taken. And what results came about. Lawyers cost real money and the fact that they don't want to help half the time is the problem. I just push in the right direction as I'm not the one who is able to contact the lawyer. I'm basically the shoulder for my mom to lean on and im just trying to give her the right advice. I figured there was some way of taking the executor to court over wrong doings, just wanted to be sure before I tell her anything.
  7. Okay so here goes nothing. I need y'alls help. Legal advice. My mother is fighting her sister right now for her father's trust. When he passed away, her sister took over as executor of the trust. Needless to say she has become a greedy bitch. She has failed to follow the terms and kept the money and she's trying to sell the estate involved in the trust. The thing is, she hasn't distributed any money and she's kept it all. So onto my questions.. Can my mother press any charges towards her sister for not following the terms of the trust? Can there be any legal action against the "trust" company for not monitoring the trust and letting the bitch have s free for all on it? I have more questions but Im at a loss right now. If in the wrong section please move or let me know. Any help or advice on wills or trusts is helpful! Thanks again, John.
  8. Anything to make a dollar. People are too lazy to make their own money, so they take other peoples' hard earned money and set the trend.. thats America. Make it big so someone else can take your money.
  9. I downloaded his zip a few weeks ago, and I just turned on sirius radio via dish. Network and heard hip hop nation playing country shit. Pretty cooo..
  10. I'd go for choice 1 or 3. 4 and 5 are wayy to crowded for my taste, so if he really wants them, that's a only option besides pods in the roof and such.
  11. Damn good looking photography. Car looks good too. Not sure if I like the new rims but none the less looks sick. Keep up the good camera work.
  12. Stoners glass cleaner is the shit. It is streak free. It's real nice because its tint safe which is a major plus. I've never personally used the news paper trick, but I know people who preach about it. I like using a dry microfiber cloth and my windows never streak, unless you use a damp or soaked cloth. A good product to use on dirty floors, or seats covered in grease/heavy dirt is purple power. It comes in a concentrate from walmart, and its my favorite thing to use on everything to clean. Everything I have mentioned can be picked up at Walmart. You can get the stoner glass cleaner at Major chain auto parts stores too. I'd stick with the spray bomb type, as it foams and works better, imo. One other thing I found pretty cool was a sponge/squeege at walmart, which has a built in sprayer, and the handle is filled with glass cleaner. Neat idea if you ask me. I bought one, as I don't have a wiper fluid bottle anymore..
  13. Like smoked said a job is better then no job. Although they fist you on your pays.. That's total bullshit. I'd be lookin else where in the mean time
  14. Yeah that's a vizio monitor.. says so on it Looks good, although I be prompt on getting a new desk. I foresee you being blind if not.. lol. what size is the beast?
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