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  1. the new stuff. I got 12’ shelves with a little 6 footer on the end and left a small cubby hole for the panel saw and its dedicated dust collector. Shelves for days!
  2. Getting tired of all of my flat stock leaning against the wall. Not too long ago i put in some 15’ (high) shelves but the disappointment set in fast when i realized a 8’ long shelf wasnt enough room to fit an 8’ piece of anything... So i decided this time to get some longer ones. Here is a few pics of what i have been up to lately. The first set is my first shelves that although i LOVE THEM...they aren't wide enough for a full sheet. (oh i got me some stairs too!)
  3. Laguna Tools stopped by and shot some video at my shop for their page. Turned out pretty good i think! You can definitely get an understanding about what we do, what we make and how (some) of it started! check it out!
  4. I really wasnt sure (and still not 100% sure) what i am going to do or how deeply involved with this update i am going to get. So i haven’t posted a lot of pictures. Now that i at least got started and made progress, i think its time to post some updates. The Tahoe, the original Hoe, is getting a nice refresh for 2020. Im going to just start uploading pics and video links first and edit in my words when i am done. Here is what i have done so far.
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