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  1. Almost forgot about the 2 braces that will go in between the 12's. Some B2 logo's i just had to put in them. This is just a tester on some scrap but if it works i will make the 2nd one and drop it in when the time comes.
  2. Looks kinda tall with hatch open, but that is mainly because the paper on it looks like a big slab of wood. When i pull that paper off and reveal what it looks like it should be much nicer. With the hatch closed and the glass open you can see it isn't super tall at all. It's just right.
  3. The rear facing subs shown in the above pictures will actually come down a little bit revealing even more of the baskets and suspensions of the upward facing subs. An all clear (and some mirrors) 1" acrylic box should make this thing look like a nuclear bomb of some sort once built. I totally plan on trimming it out and making it NOT look like a big box just sitting in the back. First thing is first, build it, THEN make it pretty. Some 1" Acrylic hiding behind this shelf ready to go this stuff is no joke.
  4. First i started out wanting 2 15's...then i wanted 4. Then i was short on space...actual surface area NOT ft3. Plenty of ft3 just couldn't get the configuration the way i wanted it. So i decided on 6 12's instead. After building the amp rack and chewing up a little more space than i anticipated, this has been a challenge to fit as well. Below are some photo's of what i THINK i am going to try. I REALLY needed the extra 2.5" or so that this provided me so i could port backwards the way i want to. Long story short, if i hate the way it sounds, which i don't think i will...but i
  5. Can't do inverted subs in the caddy. Trying to keep it classy. Ill be able to see them through some acrylic i'm sure though. Thanks man!!
  6. First Fire up! Cadillac Escalade Amp Rack Playing + 6 BEASTLY 12's Unboxed! You GOT to see this!
  7. All the speaker wires etc are ready to be ran to their spots once i drop this into the caddy. A LOT of the work will already be done by the time i do that and that was the plan! Of course i had to use a relay because i have so many remote wires. I also used that relay to feed the remote box below it and everything that is hooked up to the remote box. It works great! Oh the relay was attached with a drilled/taped 8x32 button head stainless fastener. Getting c
  8. Today i spent some time wiring up the remotes, the led boxes, the Audiocontrol processor and a 4 way remote control. This 4 way remote box will allow me to shut off the bass amps or the 4 channel amps if i choose to do so for some reason. They are class A AB so they will draw power and get warm just being on. So on days i don't have the system playing i can just shut them down. The remote also will control 2 different LED banks. I decided to strip these down and hard wire them...so i don't have to
  9. Nice Rack! Cadillac Escalade sound system Amp Rack build part 2 (5) Lithium Batteries, Wiring, LED's
  10. looks like a fun little project! Keep us posted on the progress!
  11. Time for some power wire. (ground too). Of course it's all about that Skyhigh Car Audio 2/0 OFC! Also got some matching black/white 8ga for the subwoofers speaker wire.
  12. these copper 1/0 to 2/0 adapters from Skyhigh Car Audio are the shit! Tomorrow i start running all the power cable. White Skyhigh 2/0 Positive and black 2/0 on the negative. It should really be something to see when i populate all the blocks.
  13. You can't really see them here, but in my next video i show it more. There is two 1/4" "sliders" on each side. They give this thing something to rest on on each side. The middle is held in place with a matching fastener (on that center foot of the top amp). It came out perfect! Two rows of LED's on each set of wire guides and aimed downward to illuminate the amps very nicely while hiding most of the actual light source.
  14. Made some wire guides out of clear 1/4" acrylic so when the wires tuck under the top amp i can keep them straight and even. I didn't want to stick LED's straight to my amp, to me that seems cheesy....so i figured this would also be a great place to mount those. While i was working on this, my son @Antheny916 came over and started making my custom length RCA's for me. At least the first side. Once the processor is ready to be hooked up and the wires routed, we will trim and make ends for them. Thanks
  15. unless you are a dealer or you know a dealer willing to sell to you and make nothing, you aren't getting them that cheap. Just thought i would point that out. That is actually cheaper than dealer. The average person is NOT getting them for $530. Just didn't want anyone to get their hopes up. Be prepared for $800+ each. The reserve model is closer to $900.
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