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  1. 6 12's in a Caddy - All Plexi box, LED's, Beauty Trim with 27 Piece emblem revealed!
  2. It almost looks like a grey scaled filter or something...but it isn't. This photo is real life. green ain't exactly my favorite color but it does look good here! that's all for today! new video coming tomorrow!
  3. there is about 10 different ways i had in mind to do this logo...but i need to get this job finished. So i am going to go with this for now. I have made it removable so i can get it out and make something different if i don't like it. So far i LOVE IT. White, matte black, gloss black, mirror and clear. Just enough of an offset to make it look grey-scaled out.
  4. 3/16" Clear with 1/8" matte black over the top. The holes are for neo-magnets. Yup, neo magnet removable trim panels. Something that i came up with YEARS ago that lots of people do but nobody ever gives your boy credit. Oh well, if you know you know.
  5. Sound System Monitors - Custom Made Center Console LED Meter Display | Cadillac Escalade
  6. A generator review that money can’t buy | Duromax XP12000EH Power out for 14.5 Days straight!
  7. safe? you should always be at 0db for the head unit and any other processor before the amps.
  8. Wired up & Fired up! Custom door pods, panel mods Cadillac Escalade (2 sets of 3 ways per side) DONE
  9. found my way in. 2 12ga skyhigh caraudio OFC for the 6.5’s and 2 16ga for the 3” mids and 1.5” tweeters. Each pod is made of 3 layers of 3/4” HDPE and bolted to the door. Ill get to hear them soon after i wire up the top layer (speakers already mounted). Getting close!
  10. Epic winter snow storm at the new house, trees take out GMC Yukon almost the Ford F250!
  11. the doors are not wired up yet, i put the panel over the speaker pod to make sure there is no clearance issues. So far so good! I hope to have more done soon. Check back soon!
  12. With the passenger side in i just need to run some wires and do some @Second Skinsound deadener before putting the panel back on. And it slips right over the top!
  13. After checking for fitment, i took the top plate (1 of the 3) off of the pod and installed the speakers. I used small torx screws. Everything fits like a glove! I also brought the pods out to the amp rack to make sure all my channels are working...and they are!
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