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  1. Cutting 12ga Stainless Alternator Ground Tabs with a fiber laser
  2. Ultimate Surround Sound 9.2.4 Dolby Atmos - Audiocontrol Amps Klipsch Speakers 15 Channels Wired up
  3. cleanest laser cuts this side of the Mississippi - 3/16" steel parts for another car audio build
  4. Shell Shocked! Crazy loud Bass hitting HARD (deeper than the nipples)
  5. EXTREME Beard Whipping BASS! Lowest of the Lows. 6 21" Subs 6th Order Bandpass Wall (Mr. 15hz)
  6. Throat Choking BASS! So Many Subs, SO MUCH POWER!
  7. "Bloodbath" BASS! 6 15" Subs 32,000 Watts! 6th Order Stack Fab Bandpass Wall - Chevy Tahoe
  8. of course i can’t have no wires hanging. I know i am capable of running wires in walls…but i have an amazing electrician and its just easier to have him do it. Plus its another person that gets to make some extra money and i like giving people the opportunity to make some side cash .
  9. got my 77” Sony OLED for the “office” wall. I am connecting it to my PC as a 4th monitor but it will also be on my PS5
  10. These monitors are (3) 32" curved Samsung QLED (144hz 1ms blah blah blah).....it is currently at 7680x1440 and pushed with (2) 2080ti cards. Yes, i want new cards but it's very hard to find 3090's right now.
  11. So the dimensions i gave him didn't include the baseboards....damn. It needs to be a couple inches shorter. But he took care of it the next day! Now it's time to put it together. He made it really easy for me.
  12. i really admired the desk my good bro Bobby Gately made for his office. So i made a mention about how id like to have one. As busy as he is, like CRAZY busy, he was totally up for it. So i told him what i wanted such as a pop out for my steering wheel and gave him some dimensions. This beast needed to be OVER 10’ wide to take up my entire wall. Late in the build i asked for a sliding tray for my keyboard. I had some nice long rail sliders here at the shop just sitting around. So i dropped those off along with more dimensions (for the tray). Came back later to pick it up. He had it in about 5 pieces pre assembled and disassembled for transport. We took it up the hill and pit it together. My dimensions were a little wide so he ended up stopping his day again and fixing it. Anyhow, this office is just taking shape so if you see boxes, cords etc i am still under construction. But check this bad boy out
  13. 1951 Chevy 5 window for Senior - Laser cut stainless steel battery hold down and custom Key Fob
  14. We moved! New surround sound home audio/theater system plans (9.2.4 Dolby Atmos)
  15. Unbelievable Excursion! Carbon Fiber Deaf Bonce Apocalypse 15" Sub pushed HARD
  16. Two 24" Subs one VERY LARGE ported box build (start to finish) "The Skelator"
  17. 24k Gold Plated 400 amp High Output Alternators - laser engraved logo CRAZY Bling!
  18. Loudest Shop System You have Ever heard SMD 8' Towering Towers powered up (what it sounds like)
  19. The WORST sound system install EVER! You won't believe it. Entire fix, start to finish
  20. Subwoofer vs. 220volts. That's alotta' Power! Sparks, Flames, Smoke!
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