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  1. SQL (Sound Quality Loud) system demo's in the driveway Cadillac Escalade with 6 12" Subs
  2. Nephews, BASS and a BRUTAL Beat - 30,000 Watt sound system still a BEAST (Gately Approved)
  3. BASS is the Name of the Game! Custom DC Audio 2.0k 2,000 Watt amp for DJ Magic Mike
  4. Fiending for some BASS 4 18" Subwoofers, violent excursion! 30,000 watt system still breaks stuff!
  5. THAT'S A RACK! 3 Amps Wired up & Test Fired Flexing two 24" Sundown Subs HARD!
  6. those are more terminals. You can link these together. If you look i bridged them and they are bolted together
  7. wiring the rack. Sneak peak. there are 2 4 channels. First four channel amp is left/right tweeters on channels 1 and 2 and 3" mids (left/right) on channels 3 and 4. Second four channel amp is Right and left 6.5's on channel 1, 2, 3 and 4. In other words, each 6.5 has it's own dedicated channel. Of course the 7.5k is on the @official_sundown_audio 24's... skyhigh 2/0, 4ga, 10ga and 16ga OFC wire used. SHCA Rca's too. @4xspower Titan 8 Lithium delivering the juice. New video coming soon!
  8. Amp rack progress! It aint gonna build itself!
  9. 8500 Watts Loaded Up! "Floating" Steel Plate Amp Rack Bedlined, LED's, Amps Mounted
  10. Time to run some Skyhigh Audio 2/0 positive/negative from the battery's to the blocks. The second wall in the rack is to run the wires nice and clean. They will still be seen but it will be a lot cleaner disappearing into the back and popping out where they go,
  11. 3/16" Steel plate with #8x32 allenhead stainless bolts. Everything drilled and tapped to accommodate.
  12. I decided to shoot it to match the box. I didn't want to spend $300 on a full set (4 quarts) of the "Raptor" liner (in white). I just needed enough to do this rack. So i found some in a can at Autozone. It's still Raptor liner, but in a can. This took 2 cans to complete and i also shot the back and bottom of the rack in Black liner. I don't have any shots of me shooting it because i forgot. I was busy trying to get this done. Holes were drilled and tapped for #8 x 32 stainless allenhead bolts.
  13. "Floating" Steel Plate Car Audio Amp Rack laser cut Interlocked & welded together
  14. This has been a long time coming but i had good reason for the delay. Time to get started.
  15. Super Clean Toyota 4runner Zapco & Focal Sound System - SICK Amp Rack! Custom laser cut steel cover
  16. Amazing wall mirror with gigantic sound activated LED output level meter. 55 inches! How i made it.
  17. Two massive 24" Subwoofers | GMC Yukon XL Sound System Build (Getting started) video 1
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