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  1. I think the top compliments the bottom pretty nicely and i love the placement! Now it is time to do the driver side and FINALLY think about running the wires!
  2. I actually really like it just the way it is (black on black), but i think it needs a little brushed aluminum trim piece to break it up a little.
  3. there used to be one factory tweeter in the sail panel. Now there is 2 B2 Tweeters in it. I used 2 pieces of 1/8" flat black acrylic offset to allow the tweeters to just barely poke through at the screens.
  4. I think the aluminum looks much better as it matches the door handle. The suede matches the top piece that is also suede. It just looks like it belongs now IMO. Maybe not Y.O., but IMO it does. Next, i gotta finish the speaker pods that go behind the grills (see above pics) and pick a nice spot for the tweeters. Then i can run wires and call this project complete.
  5. At first, i made this trim ring out of acrylic. Then out of ABS (and painted it). But i wasn't happy. It looked nice, but it was just not blowing me away. So i scored a slab of 1/4" aluminum and made it out of that. I like it MUCH MUCH better!
  6. Modding my Cadillac Escalade door panels to fit more speakers - they're taking shape! Video 2
  7. first ones out of the gate came out pretty good! and we don't even have any real practice time in yet. So that means we will get better! Looks great to me so far! (a few small video clips here) https://www.instagram.com/p/CXPY436PWlK/
  8. about to take our T-shirt shirt (and other garment) capabilities to the next level. Picked up this Ricoh 2000 (just arrived today). Its such a beast! We had to forklift it in
  9. I love it! I think it is missing something though. So i added this clear acrylic trim piece just to see if i would like it there. I think i will probably keep it and make it out of aluminum or stainless. I think it breaks it up nicely.
  10. a little bit of kitty hair, some sanding and it is starting to become one! i rattle canned them black so i can see how they will look NOT wood. Then i sanded some more. As of right now they are still ugly but starting to take shape, If you squint and ignore my sand paper marks you might be able to envision my vision. These will be wrapped in black suede to match the upper piece in the door panel. Hopefully tomorrow.
  11. time to start tying in these pieces that were dissected from the panel *SCREEN SUBJECT TO CHANGE i am still experimenting with what i want to do.
  12. Cutting up Cadillac Escalade door panels to fit 2 sets of B2 Audio 3-Ways (video 1)
  13. tweeters will be going up top either in the spot where the factory 3 was or in the sail panel. I don't have a lot of choice in the matter. All i can do is try to do a good job. Stay tuned ill post more when i have more!
  14. i really like where this is going so far. the door panel has an uneven surface so the 3rd later is offset on the back side. It will be sealed up soon along with a bunch of @Second Skinon the door panel.
  15. time to make something to mount the speakers to the door in. These will be sunk in and the previous cardboard will be a screen (as stated a few times) the door panel is butchered up pretty good in order to fit this (there will be at least 3 layers of .75) but i got it to fit good.
  16. Time to start thinking about the door panels. I am doing 2 sets of B2 Audio "Mani" (aka ReferenceI 3 ways. I could pretty easily do one set of 3 way's but i figured making it more complicated and stressful was more fun and entertaining SMH lol Remember, ALL OF THIS is subject to change. I don't even want to post about it yet but i started cutting the panel. Might as well. Something like this. And no, i can't put tweeters in my A-pillars. I have boost and also a AF sensor gauge in the driver side pillar (for the Turbo's). So i have to keep it all in the panels. It's ok, it will sound good, probably. This grill definitely doesn't come in and out easily. Just out. And it was a bitch. Where is my saw? cardboard and some ideas the holes do NOT represent where the speakers are going to be. They are going to be mounted to the door and this will actually be a screen. I just cut holes so i can reference what is happening and where the speakers will be (but in deeper). the little curve going into the pocket was kinda tricky. I hope i can pull it off. Again....the holes do NOT represent where the speakers are going to be. They are going to be mounted to the door and this will actually be a screen. I just cut holes so i can reference what is happening and where the speakers will be (but in deeper).
  17. i can't stop taking pics of it. Something about acrylic boxes! The trim work will resume after i finish the door panels.
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