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  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a nice, simple to install security system for my Chevy s10 pickup (2000). I've looked into this viper system: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_...P-N-3202V.html And it looks pretty good, there aren't too many wires... But my main question is this: I only need a few things to make my truck totally secure: 1. Glass break sensor (Not completely necessary, but if it's easy then I want one!) 2. Door open sensors for the hood, passenger, and driver door. That's about it. Are these two sensors/ triggers compatible with this security system: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_...witch-PS2.html http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_...cted-506T.html If so, what will I need to do to get these babies working??? Any info will be greatly appreciated, I hope to see some replies soon! Thanks in advance, Mike O.
  2. Do you want to play video from the head unit or from the mac? For the head unit, you can either lookup the info on the head unit or just convert to every video file possible and try each one, which is what I did. I was wondering which file type I could use to play videos in my head unit, before I install the mac... This project is still a few months away haha.
  3. Thank you for the suggestions guys, and especially for posting the monitor Steve used! I think the easiest thing to do here is to keep my existing pioneer 8200 and use the aux in for the music, which will be coming out of my mac. I have seen a few videos about using an 18v power supply to power the mac, so that's an easy fix. But How to power the monitor... That's where I get confused...
  4. Hey guys, I've got a 2000 chevy s10 extended cab with a full system already installed, with a pioneer 8200 head unit. One question about this HU first... I've already bypassed the unit, but I cant get the right file type to get it to play a video! What file type have you guys converted to (On macs) to get your pioneer head units to play videos? Anyways... I want to keep my head unit in the factory location, but I want to add in a nice big touchscreen mac mini under the dash, right in the middle of the cab. I've looked around a lot, but I just can't find the right type of monitor for this job. It needs to be a touchscreen, that can I can use to control my mac, and thats about it... I just need to make an MDF enclosure for the monitor and the mac mini, and make it all look pretty... Please send me some ideas, and cool things to get the most out of this project!
  5. If you have that little room for your L7, I recommend selling it and getting something that requires more like 4 cubic feet max instead of 6! I have one L5 in my truck in a 6 cubic foot box, and it SLAMS, check out my video if you want to. But the one thing I know about kickers is that they love their space. A single L7 in a 3 cubic foot box (ported) on about 1500 watts would get owned by a single L7 in a 6 cubic foot box on 950 watts... You will be disappointed if you decide to build such a small box for your sub.
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