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  1. i ran a similar setup in my old 2007 tahoe. i had a D3400 in the secondary tray. i did not have the battery tied directly together. positive lead of the alt, then grounded to the frame, or alt mount cant remember. im not sure whats different on these newer trucks
  2. awesome man, i just picked up a 2014 silverado my self, been a while since Ive done a system. didn't know about the Bose bypass harness, added to my list. looking forward to it!
  3. still working on this thing. slowly but surely! once paint is done alot more will be getting done. cant wait start another audio build, its been way too long!
  4. got some goodies from the man him self, he was cool enough to cut me the bezel also
  5. nothing crazy for now, clean and simple as i plan on driving it alot. just gunna throw my two kicker CVX tens i got on the shelf in a clean down fire box so i can still but stuff in the rear with out risking the subs. RF 1k, kick panels and still undecided on speakers. its going to paint soon so ill have a lil while to decide. ive got some SMD meters to go in the dash as well.
  6. LED head lights modded so low beams stay on with high beams. LED switch backs in the parking lights / blinkers and led side marker lights. got some 3" flush mount cubes to install for fog lights
  7. Well im finally starting to work on this thing again, been on the back burner for a long time. Bought a house and finally have a good place to work on it. trying to get back into my car audio hobby ? just finished the entire floor with deadener and some on the roof
  8. Hows it going y'all, haven't been here in a while. looking for a lil help. Just got into a 2013 silverado z71, i still have all my equipment from my last 2012 sierra. im installing a pioneer double din, wanting to make my factory back up camera work on the screen. i had it done at a shop in the last truck and it still came up in the rear view mirror and the screen. anyone know how to make that happen? any help is much appreciated
  9. I just recently sold my last truck and got into a 14 Ram 2500 Megacab. Ive got the 8.4" touch screen U connect system and all that, don't wanna change it out. I want to put my subs back in, just a single RF 1k amp. whats a good line out converter to install?
  10. Haven't been on here in forever. I had a system installed, 6" lift and 35s but just recently sold it and got into a 14 Ram 2500 megacab. I'll try to get pics up soon
  11. finally getting stuff gathered for the system Pioneer AVH-4000NEX headunit XS D3400 in stock location with Big 3 in 1/0 Rockford prime 400.4 Rockford door speakers Rockford prime 1200.1 two Kicker CVX 10s in underseat ported box Knukonceptz RCAs Sky high speaker wire Sky high universal bass knob w/ volt meter lil bit of sound deadner nothing too crazy but hopefully should sound good, waiting on my sub amp then ill get the ball rolling, cant wait to have a system again! been over two years. ill post some pics later on
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