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  1. Finally got her home! Got some Skar audio speakers, and 4 channel and starting a downfire box for two CVX tens I have on the shelf.
  2. i ran a similar setup in my old 2007 tahoe. i had a D3400 in the secondary tray. i did not have the battery tied directly together. positive lead of the alt, then grounded to the frame, or alt mount cant remember. im not sure whats different on these newer trucks
  3. awesome man, i just picked up a 2014 silverado my self, been a while since Ive done a system. didn't know about the Bose bypass harness, added to my list. looking forward to it!
  4. still working on this thing. slowly but surely! once paint is done alot more will be getting done. cant wait start another audio build, its been way too long!
  5. got some goodies from the man him self, he was cool enough to cut me the bezel also
  6. nothing crazy for now, clean and simple as i plan on driving it alot. just gunna throw my two kicker CVX tens i got on the shelf in a clean down fire box so i can still but stuff in the rear with out risking the subs. RF 1k, kick panels and still undecided on speakers. its going to paint soon so ill have a lil while to decide. ive got some SMD meters to go in the dash as well.
  7. LED head lights modded so low beams stay on with high beams. LED switch backs in the parking lights / blinkers and led side marker lights. got some 3" flush mount cubes to install for fog lights
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