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  1. I planned on leaving it on 2A all day while I was at work but I forgot, this batt is actually 5 plus years old I think lol yup! finally getting a system together for my truck, I kinda fell out of car audio when my 2500BDCP blew...still got it just a heavy paper weight lol
  2. was looking at them today, need to go ahead and get me one. was looking at the HF1215
  3. you failed at charging it.. it takes more than a few hours to recharge a dead battery. leave it overnight i figure that, reason i didnt is beacause it isnt a float charger, didnt want it to charge it up to high. now when i click the charger on 10 amp mode it shoots straight up to high 14s. have it on 2 amp mode now. planned on investing in a xs charger a while back but got out of car audio
  4. ive got a older D3400, been in 3 different vechicles / systems it recently sat for a while and got pretty low on voltage. (11.97) still started my 94 blazer no problem, well im about to put a system in my daily (2012 Sierra) and i dont drive the blazer much so i figured it put the d3400 in it. pulled it out, charged it on a older charger (10 amp) for a few hours. let it rest for right at 24 hours and was sitting at 12.11v... is that too low? any way to get it back to life? its prob 4+ years old. was either gunna replace my stock batt with it or put it in the secondary batt tray...any info is appreiciated! thanks guys
  5. just scrolled through some of my old install pics and man i miss car audio, think its time for another build

  6. love it! some of the guys down here in Tx ride rzrs like submarines but i know you wont be riding like that lol my Can-am has taken over my car audio work so im glad to see you doing a ATV/UTV build
  7. very nice work steve! molex plug pics will help me alot, plan on making one for the stereo on my 4 wheeler since i pull it off after every ride to clean, thanks!
  8. should b getting the truck back this week, ready to get some upgrqades going! yall aint gunna like what happened to it though..

    1. raolito1980


      Dont tell us you had a wreck

  9. hoping the body shop starts on my truck this week, i cant stand not having it -__-

  10. Comes with 28" muddzillas from the factory x8s up front and 10s in the rear. nice...thats a steal....over here it comes with classic steel wheels with 24˝ ITps....(for a new Outy) Well it's not a normal outlander it's the xmr Comes with factory snorkels and rad relocated
  11. Comes with 28" muddzillas from the factory x8s up front and 10s in the rear.
  12. thanks, its a outlander 650 with the XMR package so I don't see why it shouldn't
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