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  1. And sadly today was my last farewell... I just wanna thank everyone at Sundown Audio Especialy Brandon and Jacob for giving us this AMAZING opportunity to go to them and work on that awesome van. And give us tips and tricks. Loved the environment! Love all the friends I made! Thanks for everything! And thanks Brandon for taking us into Ur home and treating us like family! And having to deal with me! Hahaha thanks again guys! Can't wait to come back soon!
  2. We got Mr. Scott Bowman down here to Sundown HQ to do some upholstery on the Trim panels cuz we ain't no upholsterers! Haha and while he was here he gave us a BREATH TAKING DEMO! LITERALLY! Check it out! I also got to make my first woofer! Thomas there was my (weird) instructor....kept saying woofer building is like taking care of a woman and making love it or something like that..
  3. They actually dont...one door without speakers weigh bout 20 lbs...with speakers its bout 100-125 lbs.
  4. Fixed up a few gaps here and there filling them over with glass. For ultimate pro clean look! Missing 8 Selenium tweeters in the pic! Yes I know the panels r taped....they were just taped for the pic! Not the test! NOT finishes product!! Just testing sound and fitment!!!! Will have AMAZINGLY LOUD vids sooonnnn!!
  5. Got some more glass and resin work done. Cut the plexis and 10" trim panels! All fabs that r left r 6 1/2 trim panels! Then all left is sanding! And painting and upholstering! Big sheet of acrylic
  6. Sall good man. Just let me know if u ever t going to come by. So I can expect u. Haha
  7. Hey thanks Jacob and Brandon! Appreciate this awesome opportunity u guys r givin my dad and I! I truley LOVE it! Awesome atmosphere! AMAZING people! Just truley love it here. And hopefully will b able to finish the major stuff on time and I'm REALLY looking forward to coming back here and continue/finish up my work! This is truly an honor for me can't say thanks enough! So I've gots some more pics of the build! Heres my portion of pics!
  8. This is going to be an awesome build! I can tell! Can't wait!
  9. Selling 4 Vossen VVS082 rims with tires Size: front 22x9/ rear 22x9.5 Tires: front 265/30/22 Falken rear 285/35/22 BFG Bolt pattern: 5x115 These came off my 2005 charger that my bro sold. He bought these rims alone for $3000 He is now asking for $1500 with tires! +shipping. Or local pick up in Miami, FL. Check out the eBay listing here: http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=261039248942
  10. Thanks Soo mch for all the info and pics dog! I'm gonna check it out ASAP when I get home! Can't wait!
  11. All the Benz I've worked on have had them.Most of them are in the lower panel or behind the shock/strut support brace.Getting to some of the models can be fun lol.From 86-97 did have them just not easy to get to some because of location.98 I don't remember much just that when Daimler-BenzAG merged with Chrysler corp they became a nightmare. O wow! Seriously!? Do u know where it might b on a 90 560SEL??
  12. DUDE LOVE IT!!!!! LOVE THE CRAFSTMANSHIP!! Best I've seen...wish I had ur shop and tools man....AND TIME! Haha awesome work though bro! Can't wait to c it done! And uhh..Is it ok.....if I uhhhh....steal that amp cooling system design u got there for my Benz...? If it even has them..? Which I doubt it does cuz its Soo old..
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