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  1. So, When i got my Viper 5901 i brought it to a shop and they installed everything and activated my 1-way remote because when i got the unit, my 2-way LCD remote was defective and had to send it back. Well i just got it back and don:t know how to activate and link it up to my car. Any advice on how to go about this? Thanks
  2. Yes, I've switched grounds. My amps negatives are connected to my reae battery and my rear battery is grounded on the frame. No i havn't tried different Rca's yet, I'll try that tommorow
  3. OK, so I've had this problem forever and can't seem to crack it or find the source of it. This is what happens, i can hear my alternator whine through my speakers...gets higher pitched as i rev. I can put the volume to 0 and it will play just as loud. I also hear some of my electronics such as when i'm closing my sunroof, or putting on my blinkers through my speakers too. Here are all the things I've tried, and if you have any suggestions at all or any way of fixing this please speak cause i'm all out of idea's. Tried... Ground Loop Isolater Noise Filters Different Head Unit Power Wire's On one side, Speaker wire and RCA's on other side Checked to see if Headunit and Amps were grounded With a Meter (They Are) If you have any questons on the equipment i have, Its all listed in my sig. Thanks
  4. ive checked all my grounds and there all secure and tight. I have no idea what this could be. Someone at this local shop said that pioneer has had this problem for over 10 years and still havnt been able to fix it. he said to wrap a wire along my rca and ground that.
  5. I hear mr car engine as well as my blinkers through my speakers in my car. I can put my volume to 0 and it will still play through my speakers. I hear its something with pioneer decks not being grounded correctly? has this happened to you guys? What should i do?
  6. Just got my Viper 5901 Security System Installed Today and everything seems to work fine except one thing... The trunk release. My trunk release is automatic (not some lever you pull) and had a button for my trunk on my regular key fab so i know its compatable. He said the AUX button is my trunk and when i got home i tried it and held the button down for 2 seconds and it didnt pop my trunk but unlocked my doors. Is there anyway i could re-program/change this without tearing my car apart and going back up there?
  7. Hey, I just got the Viper 5901 and was checking out the LVCD remote. The 2 unlock and lock buttons are kinda wobbly and hard to push. Are they supposed to be like that so you don't accidently push them i your pocket?
  8. if i knew how to i would in a heartbeat. there's to many dials on my amps and dont have a clue how to set them
  9. Im getting ready to put everything in my car after 2 months of work and i made an appointment up at a local car audio shop and said they would tune my amps. I have 2 Brand new AQ HDC3's That never seen an amp before. Last time i got my amp tuned they put it on full volume and tuned it like that. I'll be puting them in monday, and my appointment is on tuesday so i only have 1 day with them where there not going to be tuned. My question is i know there gonna turn the volume up again to tune it but i know its bad to beat the hell outta your subs when there brand new...supposed to only play them half volume. Should i wait til there broken in to get em tuned?
  10. I just got my Viper 5901 Security system and need a bypass module for my 2002 Buick regal. What module should i get? And also i noticed on my LCD 2-way remote the two unlock and lock buttons are really wobbly and hard to push. Is that bad or are they made like that so they would get pushed in your pocket?
  11. Is there any way you can disable the sound on your remote?
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