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  1. Problem is you seem to tolerate it and be ok with all of that, im not but then again i know i cant do a thing to them but Dorner decided they werent getting away with what they did to him. What im getting at is with no change these things will continue, im done with this since itll be old news soon so im out like NWA said.....
  2. You must not be out to much then we get stopped all the time and harrassed no matter who it is. There are so many crooked cops around here that will put hands on you for no reason other than they hate their job and life. Just because you dont get stopped doesnt mean we are bad cause we do. These cops need an ass whooping or better management.
  3. This kind of thing will continue to happen unless there is real change from bottom to top with corrupt pigs, dorner was just more mad than most and decided to take it out on them himself. Problem is he chose random cops and also decided on death instead of just going a less violent path although im not sure what you could do to the corrupted ass system we have down here.
  4. I still dont see where all of this "highly skilled" stuff is coming from, i mean like yeah he has some type of training but is he really like navy seal army ranger level. I dont see it other than him ambushing a few but all this hype i thought he would bring out the explosives, booby traps, grenades, he did say he was going to do a lot of things in that memoir.
  5. If i were to reach for a 3.5 cubes net box what tuning should i lean for? still 35hz or can i go 32-33hz. I want to make a box where i can also be in line with specs for some other subs i have. Im sticking to 12 inches of port area per since i usually build in the 15-16 per range.
  6. Anymore skar opinions on getting the most daily driver loudness i can with this sub?
  7. Have a single 15 vvx sub ive had laying around for months now. I swapped it originally when i got it with a friends setup i did where i had 800rms to a single kicker 15 cvx 3.5 net box, 15 inches of port per, tuned to 36hz and i just liked the kicker better in that box than this skar since i could tell the kicker was a lot more louder in the 38hz plus range. I put the skar away and i now want to get a setup going with it. Question is what is the loudest ouput for a daily driver on all kinds of music from rap to rock for a single skar vvx 15 box specs? Should i go 3 cubes net tuned to 32hz, or make the box bigger and tuned higher? Space is not a problem and power will be 600-750rms. Also would sealed work for loudness from lows and higher? If so 2 cubes net or bigger/smaller? Thanks.
  8. What would something like this Rockford Fosgate RFC1 1 Farad Capacitor do to a 1000-1500 watt system? 130 amp alternator, 1 duralast gold wet under hood only. I ask since i had this cap at one time as i bought it from a guy but just t resell it for more so i never used it. Also this same question but with the 2 farad cap from fosgate.
  9. I check the voltage at the amp like once a week or two. It never really drops below 13 and thats where its at usually. Low 12's is only rarely so thats why i was asking what a farad cap can do to the system. The only real time voltage concerns me in any system is when it hits the 11's and lower not the 12.5 and higher thats still safe for the amps.
  10. Not sure what your trying to ask but the amp along with the rise in ohms and drop in voltage is not going to ever do fully rated since amps are mostly rated at 14.4v which you never usually can fully achieve(in most daily systems). Im saying the amp is safe as far as electrically and will not ruin it just because it drops to 12.3 sometimes, it just wont do fully rated but thats a given anyways with box rise and stuff, plus to my ear there is no difference in power from12.3v to the higher 13's and stuff. Pm me instead so we wont ruin this great thread.
  11. I meant at very worst not really all the time. Thats why i say would a cap like this fosgate help me as far as an audible difference. Plus dropping to that may not be ideal but its safe anyways.
  12. Yeah also want to know this. I sold one a few months back without ever even trying it on any system ive done since i always went with the caps suck theory without trying it myself. My girls truck drops as low as 12.3v-13.3 at full tilt on 1000rms and this is with stock alternator and 1 stock battery and i wonder if this would of done something good to this system since her voltage is pretty good.
  13. If you were to not include the 45's at all what needs to change on your measurements to compensate?
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