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  1. I'm trying to see if anybody has a single 15 slot vented rear port and sub firing box design. Like a basic 3 cubes net 32 or 33hz 14 inches of port per cube design. I want to aim for a compact box for 1 15 then eventually build a 2.5 cubes net same tune box for a 12 and compare the 2 for my daily driving while not sacrificing too much space. Thank you. Joe x thanks for a design you gave me long ago on my older vehicle hoping you are out there again.
  2. I'm trying to install both a highs amplifier and a mono for the bass. Well the lc2i still do this or do I have to go lc7i? What is the difference from the two? Thanks.
  3. What's a dsp? Budget is no more than $100 so the audiocontrol is looking good. I researched a little and it seems audiocontrol has different versions of the one posted here and I was wondering if I just want 4 channel and a bass amp, if that one will do the job. I'm mainly looking for something that prevents the stock unit from lowering the bass signal when I turn it up like the cheap locs still allow. Also if anybody owns or knows equinox or terrain trucks, i will appreciate advice on putting a system in it. Thanks.
  4. Any suggestions on products to use. Im guessing I need locs but I need to know what are the best out there. Thanks.
  5. I have a friend who has a 2010 Equinox Chevy whos really into the whole edm thing and wants to upgrade his stock system. However, he wants to keep his stock radio and frankly that has never worked for me and have only attempted to keep a stock radio like once. The problem is that when I would raise the volume, the systems bass would actually start sounding weaker and just have a weird sounding bass. I want to attempt his system with the help from you guys about what I need to buy to make his stock radio work well with aftermarket amplifiers. I want to buy something proven to work very well and not overly expensive. Thanks.
  6. I actually built a previous box using help from you years ago. I tuned to 34hz and it played very well but after emailing kicker and always getting a response that I should tune to 40hz, I decided to give it a try since most of rap and other music I listen too doesn't go that low. I'm sure this box will still hit the 32hz note well which is where my epicenter filters at. Thank you.
  7. Also on the picture of the L port I noticed that the piece that bends its written as 2 3/8 inches but on the graphic it looks like its almost as much as the 10 inch beginning piece of the L. Is that just the picture or does that piece supposed to go in longer than 2 3/8?
  8. Thanks for the info and I'm looking forward to the build. Thanks joe as well.
  9. Ok thanks joe everything will be posted when I start on this in a week. One last question, did I do the math correctly, does that come out to 13.9 inches of port per? What audible difference would I see in 12 inches per and 14?
  10. Thank you very much for your time. I rather do only one front baffle, will that change anything? If so can you adjust that please? Also what port area inches per does this box have.
  11. Ignore the typo in the middle I'm on my phone. Thanks
  12. Sorry if this is not allowed or something but I haven't logged on for a while now. I want to do a basic build foGreatlyr my little scion and am looking for a design for 1 15 cvr slot ported to 38hz with 3.5 net volume and 12 to 13 per port area. My max dimensions are Height 16.5, depth 17.5, wide 37.5. Anybody can help me with the cutouts and design or if you have an already pre drawn up one from somewhere else? Greatly appreciated and will post build pics.
  13. I was thinking of running them in 1.8 cubes net sealed each but wanted to see if anybody ever port these and to what tuning, port area per, and volume. I just want them to get the loudest possible on rated power listening to mostly rap.
  14. Anybody have any experience on these subs? Picked them up at a yard sale for below 100 and wondering what I should do with them. Any thoughts on good boxes or anything. I'm also thinking of selling one and keeping one, or just keep both in a setup. Thanks.
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