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  1. I'm looking to buy a sub in good shape and D2 so I can make the amp on 1 ohm stable, if u have a amp with it, like a m3.(3k amp) Let's make a deal and I'll buy both as a combo, let me know please.
  2. I'm looking for 2 1500.1 rf amps to put on a 9515g DD sub, let me kno what u have? My electronics are 225 mechman alt and d3100 Xspower all 0 gauge, I'm looking for a amp dont use so much battery to power it
  3. subscribe to thelifeofprice jonathan price doing a crazy build 10 18"s yes i said 10 not 8 18's stay tune and subscribe and 32 8" much muchmore, sixdogs1 his big build, exocontrilito crazy flex vidz xxx 18's soundstream!!!
  4. Thanks. Wow. So nice. I'm gonna buy soon as I graduate college in July. Thanks again.
  5. 3 sixty.3 Meade sorry can't find pic on that hehe;0 and 4 2500.1 Rockford CP the new ones. And u and everybody kno what them look like.
  6. My bad for saying 200$ I just guess a price, I thought it would be cause it be fancy and that is affordable price but 100$ or cheaper than o yea that's a bargain, how y'all are talking, but what ever the price is I'm buy it, I can careless I need one..but not being a di#k but if it was 200$ y'all will still buy.. I thought steve might just upgrade the board inside the o-scope to make it better that's prolly y he didn't say a price yet, until it finish. But dang I got slammed when I said 200$ range. Whoa never do that again. It like his new sub ever forum I seen and people I talk to they said that sub gonna cost 600-800$ max for a 18" I was pump but when it came out with price, it was 1k and people still buy. SMD is the best sub for the $. I'm buy some my next build. Who cares about the price, u only have to buy 1 time. Like the new o-scope SMD, it be the best out there and easy work for everyone so they will sell, at what ever Meade price them.I'm just saying
  7. You cant sell here. You have been given the rules numerous times.
  8. lol you have some reading to do. your sub isnt going to rip cause of distortion lol. even after you use the smd tool you still have to worry about some stuff. you can blow your subs from over powering them. you can blow them from playing well below box tuning and heating up the coils bad. you can still blow them. this tool just gives you a nice clean signal so you have little to no clipping. also after you could still have clipping if somebody makes a really bad bass song or chopped and screwed song if it is clipped to shit Not being a di*k but yea it blew cause they tune my amp wrong.. Cause my sub lvl on hu was +15 and gain half up and boast was 25%up and LPf 45hz( should be 30hz cause box is 32hz) and the shop said turn ur volume up to 30 volume. And soon as I turn it on a song it knock hard but didn't hit no lows, I knew something was wrong, well got home put it on psyph Morrison and put volume to 25 and it hit hard for a min. And I pop the trunk and 1 of my subs rip. I hade it for like hour, then I seen my amp Settings and it was all messed up bad. They said they time by ear and didn't hear no distortions..but he felt bad and gonna trade me a av8022 eclipse hu for my cda 105 alpine hu. And he gonna put it in for free cause he knew his partner tune it wrong..so now I'm selling my 10s xl for cheap...so Im buy it soon as it comes out..and buy a bigger sub. So I kno it will handle the power
  9. Oh ok. Thinks so when I get my 15"hd3, I will tune gains proper and my 15 will have clean signal and I don't have to worry about blowing my subs. That y im trying to sell my 2 10xls cause u rip cause my amp hade distortion and bad signal and my sub rip but the other one is perfect.. So I'm just gonna sell them and buy bigger subs..thanks
  10. Oh so u clamp the positive end of te smd o-scope on the negative of the speaker wire going to amp and unhook the positive going to amp?
  11. Ok so when I set the gain properly the power is max without clipping. Ok let's say I got a 18"SMD sub and a 3k sundown amp and after I set it proper, I will have clean 3k+ rms power going to my 18"? Cause I kno it can take the power.. Am Im correct?then I set my subsonic to 30hz cause my box is 32hz then I set my LPf down to 0 like y'all said or turn it up a little and everything else to 0. Correct? And if u have another ? not about my question or regarding to my question, don't ask it. make another thread please..
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