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  1. 3 hours ago, AaronT said:

    The only thing with this car it's a very low miles Ford escape there's like under 60000 on it I got it for a awesome deal but the previous owner was an old man do I swear to God must have had stock in armor All because like I feel like I'm on a fucking slip and slide when I enter this car you can't even get into thing without leaving black streaks all over your clothes from the door seals being so oversaturated with armor all so I'm only guessing that there's a lot of build-up on the inside underneath the door panels


    I'm going to be tearing into this project in about 45 minutes the only thing I've done so far was think about it I'm going to go home and rip off all the door panels, install the battery do the big-3, dead everything and then I have to wait on the components and all the other shit step by step

    What kind of build do you have in mind for this vehicle ??

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