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  1. Your trunk area is not going to like the “IB” Dual 15 idea, but your cabin is going to love it ... I’m just not much on the drivers you listed in the “IB” application. Just me, Sorry. My suggestion would be to go old school with Peavey Black widows or something similar. This will give you something cheaper to try out and see what you’re working with ... my guess is if you actually find something close to the specs of the black widows, you wouldn’t want anything else when it comes to “free air” frequency response ... been working my ass off lately ...
  2. Got a sneaky suspicion that the epicenter is not going to help you in any way with today’s stiff suspension sub bass drivers ... Just Saying
  3. The part I’m not getting is the 3 way on a 4 channel amplifier. Is part of the system passive ???
  4. Shit ... And you all tell me that my Linear / Blues install is expensive ... I'm under 6,000 with the Avalanche.
  5. Welcome Bought my first EQL back in the ???????? Early 90s ... After being in several vehicles, it’s still working today in an ole jukebox. Great Products
  6. That’s clean. It’s the small Attention to Detail stuff I need to do for next year. I need to start back driving my Ford back and forth to work and start detailing the Avalanche. And Yes, I think you have a very capable world champion Sound Quality Vehicle. But as we see with my vehicle, its a lot more than just install equipment and compete. Sad part about you is there’s no competition events in your area. You might could get Steve Stern to do something about that ... Just Saying
  7. I wish you could hear a few sq cars, but honestly, you’re on the right track. Keep on trucking ...
  8. You got to pay to play my brother. Been saying this for years. Hard life being an Audiophile.
  9. Abso fucking lutely did I spell that wrong or is spell checker fucking with me ??? Lol
  10. Don’t angle too hard “primary focus” on the driver, it will take a chance of narrowing the width of the sound stage. You have to have a compromise to keep the width to the outer reach of the mirrors. I have a secret tip for you depending on amplification setup ...
  11. I’m sure it’s listed on this thread somewhere, but I’m too far off into tequila sunrisers to search. Sort of a relaxer for tomorrow’s Meca event. But what amplification setup we have planned for the front stage ???
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