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  1. I'd suggest a Brutal Sounds 2.1k at one ohm. Good luck my friend.
  2. There is no problem swapping our the stock alternator ... add a resistor to the original wire and install a new wire to the alternator from the fuse panel ...
  3. WOW ... Haven't been here in a minute !!! I'm still rolling in the Avalanche ... Few updates here and there ...
  4. Just Couldn't resist ... Can't wait to get this dialed in with that bad ass Kenwood dnx995s !!!
  5. Got everything spec'd out. now getting things covered correctly and getting the 2250 back to Linear Power and trade out the black heat sink for my purple heat sink !!!
  6. Getting started on the Amp Rack !!! I've been holding off on this amp rack for one reason ... The final piece of the puzzle, Getting my Linear Power 2250 back to match up with the Pair of 2150s !!! Yes !!! I got my Baby Back !!!
  7. At first, I was a bit skeptical with this head unit ... That was until I figure things out and got it dialed in with the helix !!! All I could say is in my opinion ... The Coolest head unit on the planet !!! This thing is AMAZING !!!
  8. Bought me a new toy for the Avalanche !!! This will replace the Legendary Kenwood DNX9980HD. It will be going into my Phantom Dickle !!!
  9. One of the other things I did was add some foam to my doors ... Worked like a Champ !!! Can't wait to get it judged again !!!
  10. This weekend, It's been all about the Avalanche ... Got My A-Pillars done the way I want them finally !!! Simple and Stealthy !!! Going to the junk yard tomorrow and get more sail panels to replace the failed trail and error mistakes ... With the way it's done, adding pods for midrange drivers should be simple at a later date ... For Now, She will stay Active 2 way.
  11. Your trunk area is not going to like the “IB” Dual 15 idea, but your cabin is going to love it ... I’m just not much on the drivers you listed in the “IB” application. Just me, Sorry. My suggestion would be to go old school with Peavey Black widows or something similar. This will give you something cheaper to try out and see what you’re working with ... my guess is if you actually find something close to the specs of the black widows, you wouldn’t want anything else when it comes to “free air” frequency response ... been working my ass off lately ...
  12. Got a sneaky suspicion that the epicenter is not going to help you in any way with today’s stiff suspension sub bass drivers ... Just Saying
  13. Having some issues with the Avalanche leaking water onto my enclosure ... replaced most of the seals and what not and still water leaks. The enclosure seals good to the cabin area so no water gets in there. So what I’m going to do is have the rear section of my enclosure Line-X’d. This should seal my enclosure up so water doesn’t effect it. Also figuring on going old school and screening off my ports and adding polyfill trucking the sub on airspace ...
  14. Most people think I’m going to this 18 to be louder and stronger. Not the case ... this 18” driver weighs a lot less than the 15” driver. This is a Focus on Attention to Detail music reproduction ... much more of a “movable by hand suspension” makes the amplifier reproduce music rather than working it’ Ass off by pushing a stiff driver and reproduce music at the same time. This driver should give me what the pair of Isoberics had in My White Lightning Silverado where an actual 19 htz note tries to make your teeth hurt and at like the delicate sound of thunder at the same time ... well, that’s the plan anyways ... LOL
  15. I’d focus more on your dash drivers and see how low you can get them to play first. Then match up from there ... I know this sounds crazy, but most of your amplifier power should be up on your dash ...
  16. Should have my rear seats back in tonight or tomorrow so I can get started on a finished product amplifier rack for my front stage Linear Power Amplifiers ... Once that’s done, I will temp the Brutal Sounds 2k back in on the sub and see where I stand on sub bass ...
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