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  1. I'd suggest a Brutal Sounds 2.1k at one ohm. Good luck my friend.
  2. There is no problem swapping our the stock alternator ... add a resistor to the original wire and install a new wire to the alternator from the fuse panel ...
  3. Your trunk area is not going to like the “IB” Dual 15 idea, but your cabin is going to love it ... I’m just not much on the drivers you listed in the “IB” application. Just me, Sorry. My suggestion would be to go old school with Peavey Black widows or something similar. This will give you something cheaper to try out and see what you’re working with ... my guess is if you actually find something close to the specs of the black widows, you wouldn’t want anything else when it comes to “free air” frequency response ... been working my ass off lately ...
  4. Got a sneaky suspicion that the epicenter is not going to help you in any way with today’s stiff suspension sub bass drivers ... Just Saying
  5. The part I’m not getting is the 3 way on a 4 channel amplifier. Is part of the system passive ???
  6. Shit ... And you all tell me that my Linear / Blues install is expensive ... I'm under 6,000 with the Avalanche.
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