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  1. What year Tahoe ??
  2. are we still updating the site ?? I can not acess my SMD Garage. Please help ...

    1. meade916


      relax bro it is on the list of things to do.  

  3. Big Problem ... Can not access my SMD Garage


    please help

    1. audiofanaticz


      Site is still being worked on daily, will add it to the list.

  4. Big problem found ... I can not access my SMD Garage !!! Please Help
  5. Richard Clark ... Haven't heard that name in a while. Good Find Steve !!!
  6. Seems like it's working great for me ... People can't like their own post anymore ... Nice upgrade
  7. I know. Really need to find one in a junk yard to tear apart and not fuck anything up on mine. Wish I had time for fab work ...
  8. I like the single driver / single amplifier setup best. Never been fond of linking amplifiers ...
  9. I have given serious thought about leaving the 5.25" drivers in the front doors and setting up the back doors with 8" sub bass drivers and see what happens. Haven't taken the rear doors apart yet to see if it was even possible ...
  10. stock is 6x8. Same as most fords. it takes a little bit of time with a grinder and cut off wheel to make a decent size 6.5 fit.ask me how I know My plan is to go with an 8" driver in each front door. Sorry, haven't had any thoughts about a 6.5" driver. My son has them in his truck. 5.25" drivers was only temporary ... But damn they sound good !!! Thinking seriously about treating the doors and just leaving them there ... They have WAY more wiggle room in these doors than they had in the Silverado. Who knows what I may do next ... LOL But to answer your question ... Yes, a 6.5" driver should work nicely with well treated doors.
  11. Thank You Sir !!! OK Guys, made a few upgrades to page one of this thread. please check them out !!! Like I said earlier ... Just getting started and nothing is a finished product !!!
  12. Thank you guys for the kind words. I work ALOT these days and don't have time for shit.