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  1. Chevy Astrovan (utility van)
  2. Assuming this is a pair of passive components and a pair of coaxial drivers, Yes, you can install all of this on a single 4 channel amplifier.
  3. You know, that shit they sell at Walmart to repair boats ... Man, I'm really enjoying watching this car. Awesome Work !!! Can't wait to get your response on the difference it makes on the noise floor !!!
  4. White Lightning

    2014 Ford fusion

    I don’t think you will be able to use Astroglide to push in that many alternators in that particular vehicle. Good luck.
  5. Are you going to do the test where you drive it off into a swimming pool, wait a week, to pull it back out and see if any water got into the cabin area ???
  6. White Lightning

    2 Way crossover wiring help

    I’ve always mounted mine behind the kick panel. Close to the drivers as possible. seen a bunch of folks mount them behind the door panels, but I’ve never cared to do that ... good luck my friend !!!
  7. White Lightning

    High Power Midbass?

    My mid bass drivers run from 70 htz to 2000 htz on my 2 way setup. They look nice, but won’t work for any of my applications ...
  8. Sub bass frequencies are from 70 htz to 20 htz. You’re not going to get much musical definition with an EQ while being heard a half a mile away ... Nice try
  9. White Lightning

    SQ sub for 2018 300

    Doesn’t sound like you’re looking for a Sound Quality sub to me ... Just Saying
  10. Where’s the moderation these days ???
  11. that car is going to weigh ten tons when he gets done. Nice work Sir
  12. White Lightning

    Advice on pair of 8"s

    Who said anything about prefab ??? I didn’t win SMD SOTM with anything prefab ... you might want to ask somebody. good luck with the 8s
  13. White Lightning

    Advice on pair of 8"s

    My Origional "White Lightning" was a 97 Chevy Silverado. There is SOOOOOOO much you can do to this truck under the seat. Why so much Difficulty ??? You can do a pair of 12s ported under that seat if wanted ... Trust me, This truck is stereo friendly !!!