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  1. Are you looking for a good deal or do you want the best in what a midbass needs to do ???
  2. This truck will never be used as a “heavy hauler” like a one ton setup. It’s strictly a weekend cruiser ...
  3. LOL, My Camera / Video skills suck. But Here's a little something I done to the Ole Dickle !!!
  4. I had the steel cowl hook on my White truck and basically regretted it missing the stock ... Just Me. so that’s why I’m leaving the Green Truck’s hood stock ...
  5. That was the original color code GM White with 2 coats of clear ... I REALLY miss that Truck !!! Which is why I'm dropping all projects to build my Phantom Dickle ... It's going to be two toned Green and Black When we get around to spraying it ...
  6. Hey Man !!! Thanks for posting !!! If I can get the Phantom's suspension up to par, I should have no problems getting it up to a few events in Tennessee ... Wish I had welding skills !!!
  7. We will be testing 4" drivers and 5.25" drivers in the dash then 6.5" drivers and 8" drivers in the doors. This is why I'm making universal baffles ... Not sure at this time on what his plans are with sub bass drivers. As soon as I have info to give, I will be glad to give updates.
  8. The Phantom Dickle is being built to test new products from OverKill. These are proto type drivers. This is the guy that's custom building the 18 for my Avalanche ...
  9. No Sir, this setup is OverKill products. 5.25" drivers in the dash and 8" drivers in the doors.
  10. Well, After talking to my buddy with OverKill, I decided to keep on working and add Midbass drivers to the doors ... So here we go !!! and here we go again with a night pic ... Nothing close to a finished product, but not bad for a 3 way install on a Thanks Giving afternoon !!! Guess we can start on the wiring and installing the radio on another day ... Way it goes !!!
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