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  1. The Green Chevy is not an Audio build. At least not until the “Phantom” upgrade is done. She’s a Cut and Gut truck. Some of you refer these as a project DGAF vehicle. No one drives it daily. Just something fun to play with ... As for the F150, sorry brother, I’m a Chevy man. The Ford is a good truck, but this Avalanche has been a dream of mine for a LONG time. Thanks for posting !!!
  2. Sir, please understand when I say ... I’ve done my homework. I know Exactly what I want in this truck. This truck is first and foremost a Sound Quality vehicle and none of those enclosure designs will work for my application. As I posted earlier in this thread ... I got this.
  3. Would be nice, but don’t think I’d have the room to do a folded horn correctly. I'm a simple guy. Think this one will be a simple ported tuned enclosure with a slot port in the 36 htz range. Working out a lot of fiberglass details before building at the moment ... thanks for posting brother
  4. 10 to 20k ??? I wish !!! I won with at most a 4K build. A Sound Quality build at that. ... and I kiss nobody’s ass. Well, with the exception of my wife for 20+ years to put up with my Audio Adiction ...
  5. User participation is key. Went from like a minimum of 50 (I think) down to almost nothing. I wish it would come back. Sad part for me is I have nothing complete to enter ...
  6. Almost wish I could start cutting wood !!!
  7. I've been wanting an Avalanche a LONG time !!! I haven't had time to tune the Head Unit. Got to go back in and hook up my Kenwood rear camera (just came in today) and run my RCAs.
  8. My Son hooked me up with a Vid for Father's Day !!!
  9. OK, test fitting everything and giving her a spin with none other than the AMAZING Samantha Fish !!! OK, got my work done and the final touches to the head unit and everything work great !!! Even my steering wheel controls !!! Sweet and Simple !!!
  10. White Lightning

    Difference Between McLaren Audio Tweeters

    OK, let's see if I can remember some of this ... Tweeters ... 20,000 htz down to around 3,000 htz. For a natural, robust sound ,,, a larger than you might think amplifier would work really well here. With this dynamic of a range and depending on install application, this tweeter can be used without a midrange with a powerful 6.5" driver. commonly known as a 2 way passive setup. I normally run my tweeters down to 2,600 htz. Midrange ... My personal favorites are a 4" driver and a 5,25" driver (What I ran in White Lightning). Usually start those around 2,600 htz down to 180 htz if possible. May have to go a little higher with the 4" drivers. tuning to the specific application would help out here ... If you go too small of a midrange, it will not blend well with the midbass driver. If you go with a too large of a midrange, it will not blend well with the tweeter. here you take the large chance of having phase and frequency gap issues that a "end all be all" processor can not fix. Midbass ... CONE AREA IS KING. Frequency range I like to roam in is 180 htz down to 70 htz. MOST of this is a test and tune area to blend with the upper frequency scale.I love working with 6.5" and 8" drivers on this. Depending on application, WELL installation practices and monster amplifier power ... Well, You get the idea here. Sub bass ... I'm going to assume you got this one !!! Time Alignment ... Yes, work with it !!! You will love it !!! This is the area I like to set my stage and image with ... It will get you close to a full spectrum setup. Hope this helps. I will explain more, just ask. My "White Lightning" setup ...
  11. White Lightning

    Difference Between McLaren Audio Tweeters

    A 6.5” driver on a A-Pilar ??? Unless you using this for a legit mid bass driver, it really doesn’t matter what tweeter you go with ... system will be very unbalanced for what your intended (posted) goals are for in this particular application ... just saying
  12. I’m not sure at this time what driver will be used brother. I’m just getting started with the planning stages. Most likely will be a custom built driver to my specific specifications. I can tell you this ... it will be powerful, dynamic, “dead on balls” tonally acurate, and will be on very stable Class AB power at 8 ohms. Large format (15s and 18s) are without a doubt no stranger to Sound Quality built systems. And I can tell you why ... if you want true dynamic lower end frequency response, the best thing to remember is “Cone Area is King” always has, and always will be.
  13. Ok all of you crazy ass Bass Heads ... Think I'm gonna do something I've never done with any of my vehicles !!! Looks like I have plenty of room for a single 18" driver in this beast !!! Hoping to tune around 36 htz and stay on Class A/B power !!! Please keep in mind that I'm going musical here so I have people running numbers for me to see if we can make this happen !!! I'm fucking stoked with this idea and pray it works !!! We will know more this weekend. I know. Crazy right ??? really ??? and 18" driver ???