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  1. There is no problem swapping our the stock alternator ... add a resistor to the original wire and install a new wire to the alternator from the fuse panel ...
  2. WOW ... Haven't been here in a minute !!! I'm still rolling in the Avalanche ... Few updates here and there ...
  3. This is the absolute best suggestion I've read in this post. Their equipment has always been built with Sound Quality preference ... With all of these other suggestions ... Please remember, there is a BIG Difference between Sound Quality and Sounding good while being played loud ....
  4. My Favorite head unit ... Kenwood Excelon My favorite processor ... Helix My favorite Amplifier ... Linear Power
  5. If I'm not mistaken ... anything Kenwood Exelon ... I run the DNX995s / Maestro / Helix DSP in my Avalanche
  6. First thing I would do is get a head unit that will work with a Maestro so all the Jeep's bells and Whistles will operate with the head unit ...
  7. Just Couldn't resist ... Can't wait to get this dialed in with that bad ass Kenwood dnx995s !!!
  8. Got everything spec'd out. now getting things covered correctly and getting the 2250 back to Linear Power and trade out the black heat sink for my purple heat sink !!!
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