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  1. Why didn't you just buy an SSA Amplifier to go with the SSA Sub ??? Mark and Aaron is very knowledgeable and easy to work with ...
  2. Bought the Kenwood DNX995s for the Avalanche ... So guess what the Phantom Dickle gets ??? The Kenwood DNX9980HD !!! Awesome Upgrade to the ole Truck !!!
  3. Building a Sound Quality setup is much more than buying equipment and installing them into a vehicle ...
  4. My guess is if people give exact measurements and practical uses, they wouldn’t sell like they should. Like someone told me the other day a sub driver would play great running it up to 1000 htz according to specs ... Give me a break !!!
  5. Bought me a new toy for the Avalanche !!! This will replace the Legendary Kenwood DNX9980HD. It will be going into my Phantom Dickle !!!
  6. your crossover settings set properly ???
  7. Thank you Sir !!! Added a little something this weekend ... OverKill Electric Co. 400 Amp Alternator !!! I know, it's overkill for my plans for this truck, but who gives a Shit, I wanted it !!! Also ... Installed my old HID setup out of White Lightning into the old Phantom Dickle !!! 55 Watt Hids for the lows and LEDs for the highs !!! all Special thanks to Mike at OverKill Electric Co !!!
  8. One of the other things I did was add some foam to my doors ... Worked like a Champ !!! Can't wait to get it judged again !!!
  9. This weekend, It's been all about the Avalanche ... Got My A-Pillars done the way I want them finally !!! Simple and Stealthy !!! Going to the junk yard tomorrow and get more sail panels to replace the failed trail and error mistakes ... With the way it's done, adding pods for midrange drivers should be simple at a later date ... For Now, She will stay Active 2 way.
  10. Your trunk area is not going to like the “IB” Dual 15 idea, but your cabin is going to love it ... I’m just not much on the drivers you listed in the “IB” application. Just me, Sorry. My suggestion would be to go old school with Peavey Black widows or something similar. This will give you something cheaper to try out and see what you’re working with ... my guess is if you actually find something close to the specs of the black widows, you wouldn’t want anything else when it comes to “free air” frequency response ... been working my ass off lately ...
  11. As if I didn't have enough shit to do ... I just acquired two more projects from OverKill Electric Co. The Green Goblin GMT400 and The OverKill Blue GMT400 3500 Dually !!! It's a Damn good thing I enjoy working on GMT400 trucks !!! I will start a build thread with these trucks ASAP. Looks like my Phantom is going back on the Jack Stands for some suspension upgrades !!!
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