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  1. I read your post wrong. I’d run a much stronger 2 channel before i’d Bridge a 4 channel any day. Just never been a fan of bridging 4 channel amplifiers.
  2. I thought you could fit a single 8 in each door ... Personally, I’d run each driver on it’s own channel and leave the control to the Helix.
  3. Thank you Sir, I said "What the fuck, let's try this one more time" ... LOL Wasn't the first place I was after, It was the score. I was hoping for a 80.00 or better, but couldn't complain with flat EQ and minimal testing. Made some adjustments on the Helix, we shall see what happens and tune from there ...
  4. You lost me when you said Sound Quality and 6k in one post. 6k as strong as it is, does not have any where the driver control to match up the anything Sound Quality. Not in today’s world anyways.
  5. Tried fixing it at a truck stop last night. Oh well. i will deal with it when I get home ... thanks guys !!!
  6. Two pics not working out of thousands is not anything to make me change the way I post pics and vids.
  7. This iPhone takes great pics, but I think we changed the settings to night pics for a 18 wheeler roll over. Forgot to change back I’m assuming ... i upload from my laptop to a Sound Solutions Audio sister site then copy and paste from there. I will fix it when I get back to my laptop. I’m on the road at the moment. Hell, by the time I get back from this trip, he may be done with the fenders .... lol
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