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  1. What factory system does your Avalanche have ?? My 07 has the Bose system.
  2. Mine can easily be removed if need be. Most pre built mid gate enclosures are fairly nice and can be easily removed. I Line-X ‘d my enclosure. No problems so far.
  3. White Lightning

    Ditching iphone

    I have a pair of Gorilla 64g flash drives hooked up to my Kenwood with A-fukn-lot of videos on them. No problems at all. Also, I Bluetooth my IPhone on a regular basis with no problems. Honestly, I could run (and have in the past come to think about it) my Lap Top through my Kenwood with no problems as a source unit. I would suggest a Kenwood if I gave any suggestions ... just saying
  4. Can’t fault the man for not giving up prices or discounts. I don’t tell people what I pay for gear either. Just Saying
  5. welcome to SMD. take that mid gate out to build an enclosure. No room for shit under the rear seats. Well actually, nice place for an amp rack.
  6. Try them out. Come back and give us a review ...
  7. Thank you for posting !!! test tones played through my lap top sounded Phenomenal !!!
  8. Disaster struck the afternoon of that competition. I had my bed covers off doing stuff around the yard when it started raining. Same day we took this pic ... Totally ruined my Enclosure Spent weeks getting things cleaned and straightened out. Shit happens I guess ... Any ways ... I built a new enclosure and got it installed in the Avalanche. 5 Cu. Ft. with 33 Htz port tuning ... Can't wait to get her powered up !!! Starting on the Amp Rack this week !!!
  9. Small Update ... Nice and Stealthy !!! I'm working on it guys ...
  10. We have a Columbia king / studio sleeper similar at work. I know them very well.
  11. Dang ole Freight Shaker !!! Nice. Driving a Pete myself. throw a ported and tuned enclosure under that bunk and rock that bitch brother. Seen plenty of bad ass systems in those trucks.