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  1. Her name is Knuckle Buster. Take her a spin around the block and you will know why. LOL What can i cay ?? I love working outdoors and being on the open road !!! She's a heavy hauler for sure !!! It actually has a real nice Pioneer head unit, 4 speakers, amp and 12" sub under the coffin bed. Honestly, she will rock the block down !!! Nothing sound quality or SPL, but great noise maker to keep you awake on those long hauls !!!
  2. Couldn't see your pic brother. May be my shitty lap top, Link to your SMD build log ??? Sup Brother. Thanks for posting !!! I'm Back (actually never left, Just slacked off a bit) Missed this place ... And Thank You !!!
  3. Someone asking about subs ??? This is still a thought process but I did mock up something to get ideas. Text book or not, I thing it's going in the right direction. I'm just glad it can be stealthy and out of the way because after all, it is a work truck. Here we Go. A pair of 25+ year old tens in a mock up box that don't seem large enough for a pair of 8" drivers. I didn't think it would work either until I started working with the time alignment. Like I said, just threw this together. So don't bash me up too bad. it's a work in progress. This will be pulled out for upgrades as soon as I can get Deadning material. I have to Delay (time Align) this Damn thing almost 7 feet for it to sound like the bass response was coming from the dash !!! But then again, the enclosure is NOT finished by no means, does not have the correct drivers (using the old ones to test and tune not to damage my new ones), And WAY underpowered until I can build my battery bank and amplifier rack upgrades. This is NOT a ground pounder and will never will be so I'm not looking for anything close to a 150 db. So I think this setup is going in the right direction for me. Shouldn't be long before I start making trim panels and deciding to paint, cover, or whatever we do to it after the test and tune is done. Well, that's all for now guys !!! Hope you enjoy. May the Force be with you !!!!
  4. Guys, this Dash Mat has got to be one of my BEST purchases for this vehicle. I recommend to all if applicable !!! Makes the Sound, Stage, and Image AMAZING. You can literally tell the difference with this thing on and off !!! A cheap must have for any Audiophile !!! As for the Smiling Thingy on the mirror ??? Its a dad thing. If you are a father, you will understand.
  5. Alright Bitches !!! We all know why we are here. AUDIO UPGRADES !!! Trying my best guys. Please remember, nothing is set in stone and I'm constantly testing and tuning. Front stage upgrades. This will be eventually a 2 way active front stage 6.5" driver and tweet setup. For now, it's passive. So according to the good ole measuring tape, it all measures out so that I can time align mid and tweet together. Thank God !!! I know guys, that's not on axis or off axis. Those tweets are on adjustable pedestals and THIS is where the Stage and image sounds best to me. No "tricking or notch EQ'ing" here. Left and Right separation seems to be Dead on Balls Accurate as is. After a couple of SQ comps, I think the A-pillars will be ready for Fiberglass. As for the doors. Nice baffle with a 6.5" driver for midbass. Deadning and MLV ??? As soon as I can afford it guys. Unfortunately, working on a very tight (closer to none at the moment) budget. What can I say, Shit Happens.
  6. Every Work truck needs a Head Ache Rack. This Rack and Box was bought for the 97 Chevy (White Lightning) back when it was new. Was taken off for the Bed Cover / Audio upgrades. Seems to be a perfect Fit on this old Ford. Now I need some Hyper Lights action here !!! Coming Soon guys !!!
  7. Small Updates. Nothing special, I mean come on, it's just an ole work truck. Head Lights !!! You know me, I'm HID / Projector all the way homies !!! What a Difference !!! Special thanks goes out to Mike Mastin with Hyper Lights for these amazing creatures !!! BTY, these are custom built and retrofitted.
  8. power wire/speaker wire

    Which is something you will jump to GREAT Lengths to avoid in Sound Quality Competition.
  9. power wire/speaker wire

    Reason for "splitting up or separation" on wire like that was to show proven attempt (competition install points) to reduce noise floor and vehicle safety as much as humanly possible. Old School Sound Quality competitions had a general rule or guide line that they judged upon. The more you complied by those rules (whether it be safety or wow factors), the better you score. hope this helps ...
  10. Nice Ride Brother, I dig Low Riders.
  11. The only brand of amplifiers that I know for sure that is designed and built in the United States is Linear Power. http://linearpower.com/
  12. components all around or just front

    rears can be used to enhance your front stage when installation is lacking in certain areas. just have to know how to tune. All can be different with vehicle application, Good Luck. I have decent rear drivers in my Ford F150 supercrew (four door) and love them. they have no effect on my front stage and mostly used when people are in the rear seating area.
  13. Making bolt on door pods for my 2010 F150 repost

    Nice Work on those doors. Very Clean.