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  1. Equipment for my build

    Nice Amplifiers !!!
  2. Old SoundStream in 2016 F-150

    First thing you need to do is take apart your doors and see what will actually fit in them. Would be a shame to buy drivers and not fit your application. See what deadner you need and if your will need to buy of make baffles for driver application. Good luck with your search.
  3. Mid range suggestions

    A 6.5" driver is not a midrange driver. I don't care what the companies call them. Just Saying
  4. There you go, SQ and SPL setups !!!
  5. If you are looking for all out loud, only one pair of super tweeters is all you will ever need. I do not even park near a vehicle that has them ... Fab your tweets up on the A-Pillars and you should be fine with that.
  6. General wiring practices

    Dang. What type of car are we working with here ???
  7. I had a 97 GMT400. Got a build log on this forum somewhere. Look up Chevyboy95. He's got a bad ass SPL GMT400. Think he has a build log on here somewhere too. I'm tuned in !!!
  8. General wiring practices

    duct tape. J/K What Snafu said ...
  9. I had a single 8' driver with my components on the dash. No problems keeping up with the heavy, well tuned bass setup. Well treated doors is a must with powerful drivers to give you tonal accuracy. Good Luck my friend.
  10. You can so more with less in those doors.
  11. Nice Equipment Steve. You can NEVER go wrong with Audio Control.