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  1. White Lightning

    Double din.

    I’m kinda partial to Kenwood.
  2. Forget I said anything. Posting in wrong thread.
  3. White Lightning

    I'm too old for this but I have a bass problem

    Pics would be nice to see if external port(s) can be integrated ... just Saying Absolutely
  4. Thank you Sir. I’m always willing to help out where I can. Only “take away” with imaging drivers in the door sails is the center seems to be too “in your face” for me, but the width can be intoxicating. I’d be sure to install a dash mat to control bouncing frequencies while tuning. I’m watching you all’s build logs !!!
  5. I like things simple, effective, and stealthy. The two main goals for stage and image your trying to achieve is (1) a seamless transaction between driver frequencies and (2) distance to the listener ear. I try to keep all drivers exactly the same distance to the listener ear with a measuring tape as humanly possible. This simplies time alignment. Like I always say, it’s best to do more with less. “Too much” can be uncomfortable at times and “not enough” ... well, we all know it simply just doesn’t get the job done.
  6. I’m keeping mine simple. A small pair of 2 channels.
  7. Been checking out your updates. Very Nice !!! Thank You Sir !!! Wish I had time to actually start and finish a project.
  8. Ok, so when I'm just getting started good, this happens ... So here we are, ready for fiber glass. I will get back to them ASAP. I will say this, my mids playing by there lonesome is telling me that those doors need to be treated ASAP for sure !!! They are next !!!
  9. What's up Big Chief ??? Thanks for Posting !!! I post up my pics here (an old forgotten still active forum) ... As for my Ride ... I'm working on it. Slowly but surely !!! I'd rather take an ass beating than to Fiber Glass ... LOL
  10. White Lightning


    There is no way I could ride like that. You can do more with less in this application ... just saying
  11. On what ? The Chevy truck or the Cruze ?? thanks for posting brother !!!
  12. I have a feeling that this project will be put on hold to build the stereo in Dylan's 2017 Chevy Cruze hatch. First thing will be the factory integration so we can pre amp to amplifiers, Then build an enclosure for a Brutal Sounds "Big Brute" 12.