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  1. Picked up my wife's cell phone and went on to SMD without signing on and the pic showed up fine. not sure what's going on Sir.
  2. Dually Fenders are done dude !!! Can't wait to get these fenders mounted to the bed !!! Time to get back to work on the Phantom Dickle !!!
  3. Are you talking about paying for fab work like custom panels and shit ???
  4. Question 1 ... How bout a trophy for the oldest amplifier in competition ??? Question 2 ... Flashdance format ???
  5. That seems like a nice head unit. However, being that it will be the “primary” piece to your system, I would save up for the Excelon version. Much more dynamic in music reproduction. Everything else can be done through the processor. Excelon units have the “burr brown” updates needed for dynamic music reproduction.
  6. I’m personally partial to Kenwood and using other devices as a source unit. Just Saying.
  7. LOL, I understand. I have quite a few old drivers myself.
  8. You do know that Kicker and Blues Car Audio was two complete separate companies ... correct ??
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