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  1. I’m tired of you plugging my shit into a 220 outlet ...
  2. So you think the funky pups would work well in this application without blowing his shit all to hell ???
  3. So you’re telling me you can Power a sub when your are plugged up to one side of a dual coil transducer ???
  4. If they still sell them, the USACI Sound Quality disc is all you need for tuning left and right separation, phase, and linearity. It also has a pink noise track for the Audio Control RTA. The absolute best disc for tuning your EQ is by far Pink Floyd’s The Wall. There’s so much detail in those tracks that’s easily missed by normal listening systems.
  5. I understand what you are trying to do, but there is one thing that has been COMPLETELY left out of this equation ... vehicle in question for install. Unless you build a complete custom dash, every vehicle has it’s limits. Hence making “ less is more” work to perfection.
  6. I have only 5 speakers in my Sound Quality Competition vehicle. Speakers play only a 1/4 of the performance spectrum. Dynamic “dead on balls accurate” powerful amplification plays a MAJOR role in a Sound Quality. I have a compilation of Sound Quality material on this forum somewhere. Find it, read it, know it brother.
  7. That’s all I have in my Avalanche ... a 6.5” component set.
  8. If it was mine, I’d do the tweets on the A-Pilars and the mids in the kicks. Never was a fan of the ole 6/9s in the doors thing ...
  9. You bought that much equipment with out a game plan ???
  10. ask the customer service.
  11. Ahh yes, If My memory serves me correctly, you have to remove the actual dash vinyl cover to actually get to the left and right driver locations. But ... Well worth the hassle to get a pair of large format tweeters in those stock locations !!! Remember, the primary "Sound Quality" goal is to have music up and out on your dash.
  12. Refresh my memory. 86 chevy have dash speaker locations ?? My 84 did (never put Audio in that truck)
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