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  1. Nice Work. Hope the stage and image is as nice as the Amplifier Rack ... I’m tuned in.
  2. Yea I really need to get off my lazy ass and get my 5” driv .... I mean 18” driver installed so I can enjoy some of the best sounding bass in the world ...
  3. Seems like you slept through English and Literature during grade school ... Just Saying
  4. Use a 4 channel on the mids and tweets, then a 2 channel on the mid bass
  5. Why do you think you MUST start out with 3way with DSP just to run Sound Quality ???
  6. If you really want to have some fun, let your girl sit on your sub enclosure and play a nice low 36 htz tone ... you will forget all about the 63 htz Just Saying
  7. You have got to be shitting me homie ... from your last thread, you have no clue when comes to the Audio Spectrum, let alone when the “best in the world” should sound like ... Just Saying
  8. OK Guys !!! I told you I wanted an 18" driver in my Avalanche, And My Man Mike Mastin came through for me and custom built what I've been looking for ... Thank You OverKill Electric Co !!! Custom built 18" driver built to my Sound Quality specs !!! Should swap out easily into my "oversized for my 15" driver" built enclosure ... There will be an 18" driver in my Avalanche before next year's MECA competition Sound Quality season !!!
  9. Thank you Sir !!! That's not the only changes being made. Just got my incentive to take the enclosure out and retro it for it's new ... ???
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