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  1. It's sundown, it's always underrated lol Just wanna know more info
  2. There's a local kid selling bnib sa ultra 12s he got from the yard sell, I heard they have coil issues on around 2k rms but some told me that the issue was fixed before he sent all the subs out who ever bought them, can anyone shed some light for me.
  3. We told him don't get a zv4 anyway bc of that. We couldn't do more port area at all. It's on a memphis mojo 4k
  4. The box he built is 4.9cu before displacement and port is 50sq. This is in a honda 8th gen. Can't fit a bigger box then that for a 15 I don't think
  5. How big of a box does a zv4 15 need, as well as port area? My friend built a box for someone and that kid swears it's to small and so on. We went off what the website says
  6. Nvm. My belt had to be longer bc the pulley was bigger then stock. It didn't do it at all today..
  7. I had to get a different size belt bc the stock was to big. The pulley on the alt is bigger then stock
  8. Belt is only 2 months old. I don't have a pic but can take one tomorrow. The belt seems tight
  9. I have a 02 grand am 2.2 the alt is a 170a. Its been slipping here and there but today it did it when the volume was half way up and then 3 times full tilt. Like as soon as the bass hits it slips. Idk if it's the alt or the belt. Maybe someone can give me some input
  10. I always love reading comments on your youtube. Bunch of losers and then ppl say, ah that steve meade is a fucking rude as fag blah blah. That dude is gross as fawk!
  11. I'm getting the saz 3k of a friend that is mint as shit. Always wanted a sundown amp but wanted the 3500 but not to much of a difference that I would notice. Awesome efficent amps and build like tanks!
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