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  1. No problem, sorry about the delay but glad you gor it ok. And thanks to everyone else for the + feedback
  2. Good guy to deal with and definetly a man of his word. I sent the battery before being paid, on the promise from him to pay me when the money cleared his paypal. I sold him a d3400 battery i had, the last one. Once again thank you very much!
  3. Damn no kidding!! I think that the did the spark plug trick to spider the whole glass and knocked out just enough to get thier hand through.. But my car alarm is loud, i just sleep deep! Idk how i didnt hear it becuas eit was going off, my neighbors told me
  4. Idk wether to consider myself lucky or unlucky! So my boy comes to my door this morning and says i got a hole in my passenger window! Someone had tried to break into my car last night! Me or my girl never heard the alarm at all but nothing was missing because not even a week ago i took my whole system out!! Now is that luck or wht is it? But the fuckin kicker is, i also have a chevy 1500 1997 that has no alarm and both my dc amps and my powerbass amp were in the truck!! Now if they just looked in the truck before the car they woulda had a serious pay day!! Im still mad as hell i got one broken window but glad i have My amps
  5. Well i never figured it out so im going to just run all new wire for my speakers and even the amp and see what happens
  6. Go to youtube and put in his name and a bunch of good vids will pop up but you will see it. Amicustoms
  7. Ok cool im glad you told me that because i was trying to see that in your video and couldnt tell. i actually took out the jumper from negative to negative and i still got my voltage but idk if it was right, ill do it again with the jumper and see if it changes.
  8. Yeah ot doesnt say wether or not im supposed to take out the negative to negative jumper between the amPs
  9. Tuning with strapped amps, do i leave the wire between the two negative speaker terminals? And where do i actually put the leads to read the output of the amPs? I just didnt know if i would mess anything up leaving the jumper wire or something. Just a little overview would be helpful
  10. I found this article on the hissing from my tweeters. This sounds like it exactly: It is common, after replacing a factory receiver with a high quality aftermarket receiver, to notice a background hissing sound. The "hiss" is nothing more than the extended frequency response of the new stereo, and not a defect, or wiring problem. The same holds true when a factory speaker is replaced with a high quality aftermarket speaker. The new speaker has a separate tweeter, which brings out the high frequencies. Any background hiss in the system will now be more noticeable, but should be relatively slight once the source music begins playing. Of course, if the hiss is pronounced, and not just in the background, there could be a problem with the wiring, or the equipment itself. If the hiss is made louder when the engine is running, this is an indication of an improper ground in the system. Im almost positive this is what im hearing and nothing major. Just thought this was informative for anyone with issues like mine
  11. Ok so this is where im at, i hooked the mids up active and the tweets up active, the mids dont make the noise and the tweeters do make the hiss still. Anybody have any ideas???! Is there anything else i can check?
  12. Yeah maybe your right. I think its the crossovers somehow. The speakers sound fine and no noise without the x-over
  13. Its not the rcas either cuz i just hooked up the mids active bypassing the crossover and no static hiss.
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