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  1. Built my 1st wall box for 4 15s cross fire. Not bad for my 1st time does pretty good numbers and demos nicely. After its performance i did some changes from paint to vynl instead and used leds.
  2. i hope steve gets a mtx thunder elite 4001d so i can see him test that i have that amp but its not installed yet, and i would love to see what that come out as on the dyno test.
  3. oops my bad i didnt think to add the other 2 tests together i was excited to guess lol well better luck next time
  4. funny thing is i scrrolled down at the main forum page and saw there company and i said to myself "ahh thats AA" i never used there woofers before i use 2 9500 mtx subwoofers right now lol
  5. who is AA if i may ask since i am a noob here lol?
  6. i have a question i hear there different ways on doing this big 3 thing, i am planning on getting a high performance alterantor from mechman. so here is the question instead of hooking a ground wire to a chassis can i hook the ground wire to the negative post of the primary battery? another question what kind of fuse amps i would need if the alternator i am planning on getting is 320 amps?
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