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  1. Built my 1st wall box for 4 15s cross fire. Not bad for my 1st time does pretty good numbers and demos nicely. After its performance i did some changes from paint to vynl instead and used leds.
  2. oh sweet they will fit. my massives were 2.67" which is close to 2 3/4 and they fit perfect mounting depth wise.
  3. well the adapters are 1/4 inch thick and the opening of the hole may need to be cut but it should fit fine what is the mounting depth of the 6.5 RF?
  4. i know you may have to cut the circle a little bit so the speaker can fit but the holes match up perfect.
  5. SA69 or the part numbers you can look them up on scosche.com as well.
  6. but i can give you the model number of the scosche adapters so that way you don't have to fiberglass anything really and a 6.5 maybe a 6.75 can fit.
  7. well i dont have specifics on the box nor the install since yours covers it. its only 3 pics haha. also i didn't have a pic of the speaker with the grill off i thought i did but i didnt.
  8. i wish i could show you pics cause i have pics of what i did for my car its not perfect but nice.
  9. ya i took the grill of the speakers and replaced my speakers that way. however i used 6.5 speakers in the front the massive ck 6x and i used scosche's speaker adapter for so that the piece fit where the holes are in the 6x9 holes. i kept my mtx 3 way 6x9 in the back. ya the rattle i couldnt avoid lol 2000 watts and the box being really big over did it haha.
  10. really nice i had a 2008 dodge caliber sxt and i put in 2 mtx 9500 15s in there boy it was loud very nice build by the way so far. your build has me miss my caliber before i had to trade it in for a new car.
  11. i hope steve gets a mtx thunder elite 4001d so i can see him test that i have that amp but its not installed yet, and i would love to see what that come out as on the dyno test.
  12. oops my bad i didnt think to add the other 2 tests together i was excited to guess lol well better luck next time
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