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  1. hey, I have 2x Orion HCCA's. one is 12.2 and the other is 12.4. selling both, and im looking to sell em pretty cheap... they are the 2008 ones with the silver cone. hope you live close, so we can meet somewhere, b/c subs are like 70+ lbs each. shoot me a pm
  2. lol i love these threads. not only do you learn alil, you get to see others asks questions for ya
  3. you back form FL yet or what? i got the $$ together. lmk whats going on via pm along with your paypal.
  4. whats the coil config on the FI Q? I sent ya a pm
  5. hey man, ill take the one with the messed up surround for $200 shipped. lmk.
  6. this... nice choice in rims. i would have went 5-spoke personally.
  7. iso response
  8. hey, I tried to pm you but you inbox was full. Anyway i wanted to know if there was any changes in your prices since the last time you posted this. If I read your thread correctly you were selling the two reconed subs for 160+shipping each and 140+shipping for the non-reconed sub. they are all in working condition including the non-reconed one correct? If so reply here or send me a PM. Thanks _kandu
  9. 2x this shit is inspiring... nice work
  10. damn that is pushing some power huh... Sundown power all day. I cant to graduate and get a new car. this hyundai will become a sick ground pounder powered by Sundown... nuff said