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  1. Who do I ask for a price quote? feel free to pm me a reply. I would like a price quote on 2x lvl 3 18's
  2. Hey Nathan, I called XSpower multiple times trying to inquire about an order I placed last Thursday. I sent you a PM about it also, please get back to me. Thanks -Kandu
  3. yeah man, if your driving a tahoe, you should be atleast looking at a 2400+
  4. just go on there and order? Do I let him know I'm from SMD for free shipping or what?
  5. Awesome, I didn't know if he was still around and all! How can I get in contact with him? Is he still an active member on here?
  6. I would like to place an order for a XS Power battery, but there are many places to buy em online, and I would like to know if some places are better than others. Also, is there any place online that still gives deals to SMD members, like Mechman used to? I have a budget I'm working around. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Im going to be in cali (family vacation, i live in NY)until monday morning. Ill send you the money via paypal on thursday, so you can ship thursday, and so I can be home to receive it during the week after this one. ill clear my pm box so you can send me your paypal.
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  9. lol i love these threads. not only do you learn alil, you get to see others asks questions for ya
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