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  1. This is true. I recently bought a Zv.3 15 and its ran by a brz1700.1 and you can tell it needs more. I'm going to beef up my electrical and going to get a Crescendo BC2K. I've only been had about 30mins-1hr play time so far but man............I'm in love. lol. Why would you need a re-cone or are you getting one used? Even if it does I would get the Z. Never heard a T2 but man after hearing my Zv.3 I dont think I need to lol.
  2. Ya I know. I wanted to do a flush mount but I didn't know if it would hinder the structure though. Hey was reading your sig this is going into a 2008 charger.
  3. OK so I'm in the middle of a box build for a sundown zv.3 15. I have a 1.25" brace front to back and top to bottom. I have a ouble baffle in front that's 1.5"(two 0.75" mdf). My question is if I flush mount it would be about 5/8-3/4". Would that basically void the double baffle or will it be alright? Thanks for any help.
  4. Great vid as always Steve. Couple questions though. Do your seats fold down or do you have to remove your rear seat every time you work on it? I was wondering because I have been thinking of sealing my sub from the trunk, but with the trim level of my car my seats don't fold down (however I have been thinking about buying a rear seat for my car that do). Would it be beneficial for me to point my sub toward the cabin and seal it off or could it harm the sub? Thanks in advance.
  5. Sorry it took so long to get back but I went ahead with all your suggestions and stripped my entire trunk to find my absolute max dimensions and came up with this: Height=16.5", width 32" and depth I want to stay behind the trunk lid opening, (if that makes sense), so depth 20". The box is 3.35 cubes, 52.5sq" port area, 15.66sq" of port area/foot, tuned to 33.44hz What ya think?
  6. How are one of these Option 1: 2.93 cubes 49.50sq" port area 16.89sq" port area per foot 34.01hz Option 2: 3.08 cubes 49.50sq" port area 16.06sq" port area per foot 33.17hz
  7. Ya the max dimensions are 18 tall x 32 wide and the depth max is 17.5 and that's right where my floor folds up for my tire well(where the amps/batteries are). I said 18x32x16 in my OP but 17-17.5" can be done but like I said it's at the max. This is why I was at 2.5 cubes. But if 3 cubes will be better then I will definitely do that.
  8. Yes it is for daily. Ya I must have looked over the 3500w. OK back to the drawing board......lol. On another note how does it take that 3500watts?
  9. Ya I was thinking about that but ppl said it wasn't necessary. I'll through one in just to be safe. This box is 2.53 cubes with 48sq" of port area, 18.99sq" of port area per foot tuned to 34.40hz. I'm eventually going to through 2k on it and was told that 2.5 cubes with 19sq" port/ft at about 33-34hz would be good for 2k.
  10. Yup! Gonna try for this weekend/into next week. I will defiantly do a build log for it. Again .
  11. Yup had the rounded but did have to make the 45 a tad smaller. It was like 2 53/64. now its 3 5/32 so should have nice flow. The 45 is 1.75" in width if that matters.
  12. If I add this 45 will it change anything? EDIT: The 45 in the port
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