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  1. Thinking bout new alt since I'm running a second battery already, but yes do explain the purpose please?
  2. So my amps not blown, wooo! But my volts in my truck stay at almost 15 than drop when bass hits, my remote wire was loose but fixed that now nothing turns off but as soon as volts drop I turn my deck off. Does low volts mean I would need a new alt? Or would the 1/0 gauge wire fix the problem? I know close to nothing about all this stuff this is my first stereo so sorry for bein such a noob
  3. Okay... So I need a new volt meter? And rewire everything? And... Anything else I should know about before I do anymore damage if I haven't done it already
  4. i just have the stock volt meter in my truck and it hasnt gone below 14 since ive had the stereo in... and each battery when we used a volt meter that has the positives and negatives on it that my friend has idk what kind it is both batteries were getting almost 15 volts and when we checked the amp it was getting 15.2 volts to it
  5. i sure hope not ive only had it in my truck not even a week yet
  6. but it shouldnt be blown should it? ill get the right wire and stop playin till i do
  7. jvc kw-nt3hdt dc 2k amp 4 dc lvl2 8s 2 ohm load secondary battery i got from napa 4 guage wiring im a noob first stereo ive ever done, so idk what im doing really... sorry for bein an idiot guys
  8. my volts were above 14 when this happened, thats why i am confused
  9. so my deck shut off for a second last night when my bass hit and now my amp wont come back on, is this my remote wire? or is this something completely different? my amp has turned off a couple of times when the bass hits but usually always turned back on once i shut my truck off and turned back on but the deck has never shut off before so im confused...
  10. I'm just waitin on the amp which should be here next week, this is my first build so I'm pretty damn excited, and I'm sure whatever u decide to do will end up sounded great man, I was gna go with the aq2200d but not much of a difference and cj gave me a hell of a deal on the dc just sayin man lol, but good luck dude!
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