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  1. Both of my d3100 rest at 12.8 and my d680 also. We had 6 d3100 sitting for 2 months with no charger on them. All still were resting at 12.8
  2. Also plus side of things. I got this car for 23k with 8000 miles
  3. Wish it was rwd but its cool.I didn't even know they had a SS in 2014.now that I looked I'm glad I went with the Lt. They said at the dealer it was 305hp and will do a 1/4m in 14.5sec. Fast to me, I had a 4banger kia before this
  4. What I did was mount the amp on the back of the box. Put some digital designs deadening on the box, a sheet of foam on top of that, 3/4" MDF board on top of that foam. Then some more deadener under the feet lol. Worked well.
  5. Vary much so. Its perfect for daily. Works so well and never gives problems.
  6. Got to say I love this setup! Just wanted to share. Hdc3 12s on:
  7. Well thanks guys. I'm going to try all things said to find what will work.
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