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  1. I am looking for input on what's the perfect box for some zvx 15s. V2
  2. I went with 3 -3" ports for my pair of SA 8s in a 1.5cuft box. Worked well
  3. You hit it on the head, was a wiring mistake. They sounds bad ass now
  4. So I Have this pair of SAv3 8s and I am just not happy with the output what so ever, thinking it's the box I just built for them. I mean it's like they don't hit at all. I have more then what they need for power. I just built this box quick for a temp setup until I start my wall here in the next few week. And to be real it's my first smaller box like this and I didn't do nothing special. But I think they should sound way better then they do. Even for a temp setup. And being 8s. Is there something I need to change with the box? 1.57cuft net Tuned to 35.76 22" port area 14" per 3 -3" round ports
  5. Both of my d3100 rest at 12.8 and my d680 also. We had 6 d3100 sitting for 2 months with no charger on them. All still were resting at 12.8
  6. Thanks for the reply. Have both of my d3100s in now, got to say.. I love them.
  7. Idk lol. Its only been in for a day. And I didn't drive it today. As its not my daily. I put it in, it sat over night and my wife took it to the store quick. Checked it out when I got home and it was like that. I bet n8 is on to it.
  8. None of the carpet is wet at all in the trunk. Its just that d3100. My wife just told me she took that car to the gas station, that's down the interstate about 5 miles one way. I went and took a look and the only thing I can think of is. The weather stripping is kinda jacked up at the latch. And could have let air in. onto that batt going down the road. But if I don't have problems with the batt getting that cold then I'm OK for now.
  9. Only thing in the trunk that has frosted was that batt. All the rest of it is dry. I don't even think the floor is wet. But I got to go back out and take a look.
  10. I just stuck one of my (2) d3100 in yesterday. On the floor of my trunk. Until I take my hc2400 out and put both d3100 on top of the box. Well its only been 4 degrees out side over night and all day today. Took alook in the trunk when I got home and the d3100 is frosted over. Is this bad for the batt? The hc2400 is dry that is on top of the box.
  11. So I need to find post adapter Like in the pic. So I can run one of d3400 up front. Can you guys help me out.
  12. I was that guy lol. After I got on my PC. I found a link to a " forgot my password" and was able to fix it my self. Took me a few times of looking to find that link but I did. I'd say do the same....
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