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  1. Hi. Long story short. My altanator is self excite and didn't like the cold for whatever reason. And wouldn't turn on right away. I sent it in and the company put a new regulator on and I now have a plug that I am supposed to hook one wire to the alternator positive post. And one other wire to 12v ignition. I'm not to sure were to hook this up in the car (2008 chevy hhr). I know ignition is yellow wire at bcm or ignition harness. But I have remote start and not sure if I can just hook it up with that. Or if I would need a relay or something like that. Or if there is a more simple place under the hood to hook up to. Factory plug that goes to stock alt has 2 wires but not sure what they do. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  2. What would be a good number? For port area?
  3. Like said^ I got 2 SA 8 v3 I need to do something with, so I was thinking about building a box tomorrow, for fun. I Have way more power then they need. How's this look? Or you got a something different in mind?
  4. NO!!! 2 T2500's per subYou don't think that'd be too much? I run a sp4 18. And love it! Clamp power of 4600watts to it
  5. sbg

    twisted sounds

    I was at a show a few weeks ago. Guy was running 4 massive hippo 15s, on 2 twisted sounds 3.5k He did 163db clamped around 12k in power
  6. Just swapped the sub over to my FI box. It got a bit louder and now does not,bottom out as easy. But still does sometimes. Thinking for my power it needs to be in like 4 cuft. I free air the sub. And could get it to bottom out at like 1/8 of my bass knob
  7. O and it's not just at tuning I can Basicly do it all the time
  8. Resin by itself (without fiberglass cloth) will make your box nice and sealed up but it adds almost no strength. Do you have any pictures of the box? Just took a look at the box in side and out. Played the sub hard as it could with out making the sounds. Nothing on the box is flexing at all. And everything inside is hard as a rock. Here are some pics of the box.
  9. Yep going to check today, the box has about a gal of fiberglass resin inside over all parts.from the put side the don't don't flex at all
  10. I'm going to do that tomorrow and see what it does. Its crazy for real it's like 1/2 as loud as the sp4
  11. I will have to look the box over but I'm,pretty sure it's the sub
  12. I was told that the 6cuft box I built for this sub is to big, that for my power and that sub it should be in 4 -4.5
  13. Ssf is set to around 20hz, seems to be be around tuning that it's bottoming out.
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