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  1. This build is awesome - has character yet still classy. I’m working on an ssd neo 15 build right now as a daily in my f150 but am saving to do 3 alpha 15s before the summer is over. Are you generally pleased with its output? And if you wouldn’t mind, what are your box specs?
  2. I haven't heard my Neo's ferrite counterpart yet, so take this worth a grain of salt. The main differences in specs are: $100 in price 28mm xmax (neo) and 22mm xmax (ferrite) Power handling - 1750w (neo) vs 1250w (ferrite) - my assumption is that this is a result of inherent cooling differences by way of design (motor) but I'm sure people will tell you you can run the ferrite version on just as much power as the neo. Vas is significantly higher on neo version (more moveable air due to less stiff suspension - this may have SQ implications in favor of Neo version) BL (motor force) higher on ferrite Their FS is similar so you probably wouldn't be able to tell a difference in bandwidth between the 2 subs (all variables controlled). Box wise I would go ported with both subs. My OPINION would be, and I don't think it's unreasonable to say, that the Neo is probably a tad louder and more musical. As I said, though, I haven't heard both. I think the Neo version is worth the $100 for the potential SQ gain, greater power handling, and aesthetics. If I were you, I would ask someone on the Fi fb page (Dan Cantrell?) if he has heard them both and see what he thinks or email Brian at Fi tech support and get his opinion. I would be curios to hear what they tell you.
  3. I own a SSD Neo 15 and am in awe of how musical it is / how tight it hits. Thus, I share the opinion of those above. I would also say that if you want to save space then think about a 10". Great musical bang for the buck, will easily take your power, handmade in USA and super aesthetically appealing.
  4. I actually haven't gotten around to it yet so this is good info, thanks. Seems like a whole lot of hassle but definitely needs to be done. Glad it worked out for you!
  5. So in my situation would you run one over the M1c? I would have access to a lot more power but I wouldn't run it full tilt because I'm on stock electrical.. so I guess my gains would be marginal really but would allow for future expansion. Maybe I'll just watch eBay for a good deal on a M2 - more reliable in the long run I suppose.
  6. Here is a poor view of the Q1- 2200.2 guts.
  7. SoundQubed just released the S1 series - their new budget line of amps... which is funny because I already thought their amps were pretty "budget". Unsurprisingly, this move reminded me of DD's D series amplifiers and the tech talk DD released about the differences between the DM1500 and M1d : https://ddaudio.com/ddownlow/dd-audio-tech-talk-budget-beast/ . I am assuming similar tradeoffs are employed between the S and Q series amps and am wondering if someone can comment on them. I have attached an image of the S1-2250 from this youtube vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzzcUQmdOes&t=3s . I am mainly wondering about any differences that may affect sound quality. I'm working on a build for a Fi SSD Neo 15" (1,750w rms) and currently plan on powering it with my DD M1c (1,400 rms)... but when I saw this amp it sparked some interest in selling my M1c and using that money on an S1-2250 to help me better power my new sub. I will probably make the amp swap unless someone can say the drop in sound quality out-weighs the gain in power. The SoundQubed S1-2250 dyno numbers at 12 volts... I repeat 12 volts ... are: 1,077 watt @4ohm 1,301 @2ohm 2,138 @1ohm Let me know what you think! Thanks!
  8. Yes! Thank you I'm loving that response curve. So you don't think the lip created by my internal port placement will have any ill effects?
  9. Did the Torres screenshot not upload? Its 3.78 net tuned to 33.4 hz with 59 in^2 of port area Thanks. DD M1c rated at 1500watts so 1,300 - 1,400 realistically.
  10. I have tried to model this in winISD but don't think I am getting accurate results.. so if anyone has some free time I would love to see what you can come up on that software - or any other in-fact Thanks
  11. Hey y'all I decided to switch from the 18" to the 15" SSD Neo to save room in the truck. Below is the updated design and Torres... Does anyone have any input on the interior placement of the port? I am wondering if the lip the port makes over the bottom part of the box will create any issues ( I am guessing not but just want to make sure) .. I am trying to avoid having the port in the front of the box. All input appreciated - thanks
  12. Doesn't look very comfortable. Would you not want to raise the seats so the box can fit further back?
  13. For sure... but you don't have the space under your seat. I have the same truck and I've got my detached rear seat pulled out so I can accommodate a box big enough for a 15 ( was gunna go 18 then wife changed my mind. HAH.) My personal opinion (take it or leave it of course) is that without raising your seat, or building your box into the foot space, those 8's (if you can even fit them) are gunna give you the most clean bang / watt in that small of a box. Especially if you make your port removable so you can fine tune. https://ddaudio.com/products/subwoofers/power-tuned/dd2500/ Anyways, interested to see what you do.
  14. I don't know if you are anti 8" subs but the new DD 2508d ESP's are supposed to be pretty killer*... and you could probably throw quite a bit of juice into em. Have you found an HO alternator for you truck? Edit : * especially with the supercharge option to keep distortion down at high power
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