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  1. i guess i can post some pictures. getting replacement speaker from warranty getting replacement amp from warranty subs are getting recones here are some pictures. gets down. should be some more in it. but got some more work to do
  2. didnt bother to keep them. i never used them so was no big deal to get rid of them
  3. bad luck after bad luck one sub was rubbing bad.. then my audison 4ch decided to take a shit on me and to finish it off. went to deaden my doors only to find out one of my speakers is cracked
  4. nice to see another mazda! very nice score! i just managed a 146 out of the trunk. but lots more to come!
  5. didnt do to much. first subs rattled it like a bitch so i deadened it but havnt tried it out
  6. well picked up the subs today! super stoaked to get playing. maybe this weekend, well see 2 aa mayham 15s gca custom built!
  7. hey guys. got started on the box last week. looking at 7.4 cubes before displacement plus roughly a cube in the wheel well! looking to tune right around 31hz, check out the pics batterys are a tight squeeze but made it work! got inside port wall and far right wall done aswell
  8. got my amp last week forgot to post up pics but here it is B2 zero.7 tripple 1/0 inputs did some work yesterday on the car. started sound deadening the trunk aswell as a 2nd run of 1/0 ofc shca also picked up 2 xs power xp3000s to go along with the d3400 that i have upfront and singer 250amp alt
  9. bought 32' feet of 1/0 ofc shca to do another run plus misc runs about 40sqft of silent coat 2mm deadener! gonna have a busy year coming up
  10. well sold my audison.. so ive got some good news though. crescendo bc5500 coming very soon also doing 2 aa mayhems gonna wire at 1.4 and see how it all goes and how the voltage is
  11. big things coming in the next 2 months. doing a single 15 aa mayhem d1.4 also getting another voce uno and gonna wire up each amp will be at 1.4 so hopefully around 1500 watts rms and the sub should see about 3k gonna be sealed off completely trunk wall! excited for this. pics to come soon as work gets started on it!
  12. hids installed! clear lenses installed! spark plugs changed! singer 250 amp alt installed! xs d3400 installed! sorry havent updated in a while. need to upload some pictures.! stayed tuned though. big things are coming real soon!
  13. I don't wanna sit there and rev every light especially because my commute is all city driving
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