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  1. the chrome plate that goese over they top and the adjustment knobs I found but it no longer has the Jonah Lomu badge on it and the carrying case was not given to me but my uncle has it in storage if its that big of a deal breaker I can dig.it up
  2. Preferrably a 12 that can handle around 400-600 watts anything better is welcome though
  3. Bump its OBO I'm just trying to get a sub of some kind for my new car :/
  4. I have my Fusion FJL 1211-D for sale or trade PM and we will talk prices or trades here are the specs Cosmetic 5/10 needs terminal bolts mechanical 10/10 doese not come with the case or the chrome top plate it comes as seen here 14.4 Volt Power Output Specs 800 WRMS x 1 into 4 Ohms 1250 WRMS x 1 into 2 Ohms 1700 WRMS x 1 into 1 Ohm Gold plated audio input and output connections FUTRANZ Efficient Heat Sink design technology F.I.S.T Fusion Intercooled semi conductor technology Variable sub sonic filter 10 Hz - 35 Hz Signal to Noise ration > 90 db RCA output for multi amp installations Direct in 4 gauge gold plated power connector Military spec componentary as standard issue Damping factor > 200 Total Harmonic Distortion 0.05% Variable Low Pass Crossover @ 18 db per octave Variable Phase Shift 0 - 180 Degrees Variable 'Q' Variable Input Adjustment 200mV - 7V RCA Input and Pass Thru Chrome Anti-tamper Cover 5-Way Protection : Thermal, Overload, DC-Offset, Short Circuit, and Reverse Polarity Dimensions (mm)(W) 275 x (L) 365 x (H) 65 Image Hosting
  5. I have my fusion FJL-1211d amplifier that I need to sell because I'm in a bind I got kicked out now I need money for rent. Ill have pics up in a few Mechanical is 10/10 Visual is bout 8/10 Some scratches and it doesn't have the fusion chrome plate shoot me offers worst I can say is no
  6. and as for the 15s yeah im not doin that if my car starts runnin good and not breaking down every other week im doin the original plan with 1 SSD 15 and when i get my truck im gonna try to get an extended cab to do a bigger system in.
  7. yeah turns out it wasnt the brakes locking up... I took it to a tire shop to have new tires put on my rims annddd now im missing a drive shaft nut or axle bolt or idk what the fuck the proper name is for it cause i was told today its 3 different things and the tire shop fed me some BS about they didnt touch that but i was the last to take the bolt off when i put in a new clutch which was less then a month ago and i re torqued and double checked those bolts it goes into a shop and now my rotors damn near fall off my car? like wtf? im livid
  8. yeah its pissing me off ive done so much work to it and it keeps shitting on me... and now i just found out 5 minutes ago that my brakes are locked up now my rotors are destroyed FML i have the wors luck with this car
  9. sorry to say guys that the audio part of this build will probally never get finished since i had to sell what car audio i had to get the car fixed :/ now i have a brand new amp from xmas hooked up to nothing whats so ever. maybe after this car stops robbing me of all my money i can get a nice sub for it But anyway here are some pics of the progress since i lowered the car and got all the new wheels on it
  10. Update. no work on the stereo but lots of body and mechanical work has been done. new axle intake exhaust rims, oh and she doesnt look like a monster truck anymore some honda V dub love and of course a new vid from the MTX in thats in the trunk
  11. You got yOur 15?!?!? Demo demo demo! :DD im ordering it from school as we speak since im a student aid haha
  12. yeah man definately i know what its like im doin the same thing ill credit you for the design in a kewl little way
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