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  1. Probables not. but first timers aren't likely to know about it. we'll just play it off like we're not writing in grey
  2. hehehe, I say we use our newfound powers to troll noobs. If you see somebody respond to a post in grey, everyone else following that post should respond in grey good idea?
  3. Calling all box builders!  Message me for a chance to earn a little extra cash :)

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    2. Captain Stupid

      Captain Stupid

      Carbon Fiber box project?

    3. TylerParrish


      *Yoda Voice* PM'ed, you were

    4. 412 CVX

      412 CVX

      Nothing that fancy!  just basic box construction for my business.  While I think what you paid to do all that CF work to your box was insanely more than i would ever invest in something like that, you did a great job doing it, and i would love to have you as a part of the business!

  4. Do you think they're pretty durable for their price? I'm lookin for something that'll last me longer than these damn AQ's. Yeah they were definitely durable. Especially the cords. they were wrapped in something that seemed a lot better than the rubberized stuff most headphones used.
  6. Don't feel like this is deserving of a thread, so i'll just post it here.  Mapped my dream/future trunk build for my car.  For all of you proficient with sketchup... Check it! :D

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    2. irpirate


      bullshit. there will be sundown in your car somewhere. lol.

    3. TylerParrish


      nice fucking design, i need to start designing my whole trunks on sketchup to get a better idea of where to begin, as it stands, im clueless on what i wanna do


    4. 412 CVX

      412 CVX

      lol i might do sundown Z's.  figured out today that the alt isn't gonna fit :(

      might go with a smaller alternator in the stock location, run a 2500 or so to the z's and call it good for a while.

      We'll see.  definitely not sticking with 8's. but the goal has switched from being loud and pretty to being, pre...

  7. To all those who ordered wall designs from me recently:  My life just got really busy, I apologize for taking so long on the designs thus far.  If you can be patient, I will get to them all eventually (likely within a week), if you cannot wait, which is completely understandable, I will not be able to complete your order in a very timely manner.

    1. 412 CVX

      412 CVX

      Thank you all for your patience!

    2. mrd6


      I know we were only talking about things but push me to the bacl of the list, you know im in no hurry

  8. Who all is coming to the show in Ames on the 15th?

    1. Ballen194


      dont you have a wall to be designing? :) jkjk

    2. 412 CVX

      412 CVX

      haha probably won't get to the walls until monday.  gonna be out of town this weekend and I have homework tonight.  but rest assured, I'll get to it :)

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