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  1. My P1000x1bd not turning when using high level speaker signal with RFI2SW rca adapter. 6v between positive pin and shield on the rca plug. 12v and ground ok on the amp. Rca plug shield and amp ground has continuity. Using rear channels from stereo. RFI2SW connected as instructions. What else to check or what have I missed or done wrong?
  2. It's time to give that 2ch rockford fosgate LOC a try with the fixed output. (RF-HLC) and will use the high-lowlevel adapter cable for the other amp and then use its remote out function to trigger the other amp on used bye that RF-HLC I like to try new things. Also going to take a major checkup on amp grounds and battery negative to ground connection. Think i need some sanding/grinding. Using factory grounds currently. Quite long ground cables though in my trunk. I really regret that i let that car-audio company to the cable installs about year 2007. Everything is redone except speaker wires from/to stereo.
  3. Found a service on yout product page saying "Total Overhaul" for DD-1 That sounded nice! Is it possible to get a video demo of that? /Anton
  4. Got some major big news! Went out to my car today and did some testing and stuff for 3 hours. Started from scratch and realised that i had did something from my other testday. The only thing i found was that my amp didnt like 1khz 0dB when i tested on the speaker outputs, distortion led was on the whole time. So track 4 -5dB did the trick. No distortion what so ever. Clean signal the whole way from stereo to speaker outputs. Also adjusted crossover and PEQ. Dont know what i did wrong the first time.. but something. Im so happy now! Sounds very good! If i compare to my previous setup. Sorry for my english.
  5. Ok, it is wurth a shot! I can get remote via my Rockford Fosgate P1000X1 amp.. it has built in highlevel input on RCA so you must hook the speaker cables on the RFI2SW adapter cable. Then when the amp sense the signal the remote can be used as remote out for other amps. Maybe that is an option for me? And buy the fixed 2ch for my fronts. I have only adjustable ones. Maybe there is something with that.. if you say you have only had good results on the fixed ones.
  6. Volvo S40 2006 I have a clean signal when i hook up the test leads on the speaker cables. DD-1 shows distortion about 80% of MAX. My stereo display shows horizontal bars and not numbers. So i have a reference at 4 bars before the text "MAX" but when i use any LOC the distortion light is light up nearly the whole time. But when i listen to music it doesnt sound crap, dirty at all. Tried all kind of music at different levels.
  7. Intresting! I have been looking at those.. i might buy HLC-4 version and try. costs about $44 here but there is no remote out on them.
  8. That is possible but.. not in my dash i have no "slots" Wish i had another car with a better headunit. I will carry on searching for a solution. Otherwise i surrender and live with dirty signal it have been working since 2008.
  9. Yeah, a DSP might be a solution for me... but there are alot of brands.. just choose the right one hehe.
  10. I think there are a lot of dirty ones out there i think But what can i do? Either use the stock stuff or live with a dirty signal
  11. I might ask some electronic gurus on forums and see if its possible to make a non distorted lineout converter.. it cant be too hard i think. You only need the right components.
  12. Seems that the SMD prototype is the only one that are really working. Strange that no other brand works like that. Please tell me if you find the one that doesnt distort.
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