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  1. Here's how it's setup currently: So I'd prefer to use the same box... If need be & I do remove the box, then I'd rather just go with a single 15" sub.
  2. I'd like to get the most out of the amp. Not on a super tight budget, but would like to keep it around $200 - $500 if possible. Am only thinking 2 x 12's so I could remove the 2 from the existing enclosure and re-use it . Although I could always remove the entire box completely and go with something completely new.
  3. I have this amp here: https://rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/r1200-1d/ Currently, it's connected to 2 x 12" Kicker CompVR's that have been in my van for years. Whereas the Amp is only about 3 - 4 months old. I'd like to replace the subs due to their age and the fact that I've abused the hell out of them all this time. What do you guys recommend?
  4. just wanted to say, if you're going to do clear coat, don't get the store baught spray can stuff. it just makes a mess. having to scrape it off now.
  5. its funny because its true. autozone does have a ton of led accessories. too bad o'reillys & pepboys dont as autozone is the most expensive. btw, walmart.com even has a small selection. if you guys are talking about led tail lights though, i recommend buyhalolights.com they usually have better prices then most online stores.
  6. i just finished hand sanding some tail lights. went from 220 -> 320 -> 600 -> 2000 grit. freakin' took like 3 hours before i decided they were ok. going to continue tomorrow as the sun's going down and my hands hurt.
  7. big 3 huh?.. so basically just replace the battery cables with this 0 gauge insulated stuff?.. (+ new battery also it seems). hopefully that 0 gauge stuff is easy to find as there's mostly just stuff like pepboys, oreilly's, etc around me
  8. i see all these capacitors from brands im not sure on(pyle, lanzar, soundstorm, etc) with the exception of rockford fosgate. a side from rockford, are there any other brands that are good?
  9. sadly no. never did anything with wood nor do i even know what to use. im assuming ill have to just buy a better pre made... wish i knew what to look for.
  10. or what i should be asking is, what do i look for in a box? 12 or 15? or what about a box with 2 12 slots and 2 15?
  11. any place around North San Diego county I can get a decent box from? Willing to go up to s. Orange county also... Would like to still stick with one that supports 12" 2 or 4. figure i can still use these CompVR' & then switch up to Comp Solo' or CompVX
  12. I have an 00' Astro Van and have completely removed all seats except for driver/passenger. Originally, I had a Kicker Dx500.1 amp powering a pair of Kicker Comp 12". Recently, I replaced the amp with an old Rockford Fosgate Punch 801S and replaced the standard Comps' with a pair of CompVR's. Maybe it's just the size/shape of my vehicle, but I'm not really feeling much of a difference from the old setup to the new one. Yes, everything is properly hooked up & adjusted. So, what sort of setup would actually help me feel the bass more? I would prefer to stick with Kicker(at least for the subs) as they are easier to acquire/replace. Thanks
  13. well it ended up being a loose wire going to the amp. the subs are currently wired in "parallel" and working fine.
  14. yes gains are maxed. looks like im going to have to continue in the morning. im getting nothing from the subs no matter how they're configured(amp shows power though). oh bother!
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