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  1. Uploading photos s we could look at what i'm looking at. No there is no line out on the amps.
  2. So I have ran the front and rear channels to the 2 amps I have in the back what I have currently are Y-Splitters. Is there a better option for this? I am curious because it seems if I use the splitter I have a weaker signal.
  3. What makes a good Head Unit?

    http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_106959_JVC-El-Kameleon-KW-V320BT-Arsenal-Series.html Pretty basic touch screen with 13 band EQ and 4volt preouts if you are going to add amps to any speakers or subs.
  4. Wooden Dowel Pins

    This is what I figured was curious if anyone has tried them.
  5. Wooden Dowel Pins

    to glue and hold a port with out the use of screw holes to have to cover inside the port
  6. Wooden Dowel Pins

    Small dowel pins as a joint
  7. Wooden Dowel Pins

    Would using wooden dowel pins be alright to use for a sub woofer box? Has anyone ever used them before or tried using them?
  8. So I am going t build a bx for a DC XL 15. I am looking at a box 22x21x20. I am looking at the port being 3.5x13x26. Sub up port back. This will put me on a low side of the box volume so I am wondering how this setup up is for the XL. I will be powering the sub with an AQ 2200. Will this be fine for a single 15 with this amount of power.
  9. HO Alt, anything else?

    http://singeralternators.com Start saving for when that 90amp goes out.
  10. 4th order, Slot, Aero...?

    Single 12 with a slot port both firing at the rear seat, getting the box as close as you can to the rear seats until you seal everything off. Get your dimensions from there and build to spec of your sub and tuning you want.
  11. Soundqubed 7000

    Thanks all for the comments. I guess I will be checking the room I have now to be able to get 4 batteries.
  12. 4th order, Slot, Aero...?

    What is your end result you are trying to accomplish? This for competing or just to have some bang in your trunk? What vehicle is this going in?
  13. So I have sold all equipment in my 2007 ford escape and going to do two 12's sundown Zv5. Here is the idea of the box enclosure I plan to build in the vehicle. What are some of the thoughts on this box? Should I change anything or am I set to build.
  14. Soundqubed 7000

    So what I have is a Singer 275a alternator 5100xs power battery and a XP 3000. Would this be sufficient enough to run a soundqubed 7000. Another amp that will be in the vehicle would be audioque 120.4