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  1. So I am going t build a bx for a DC XL 15. I am looking at a box 22x21x20. I am looking at the port being 3.5x13x26. Sub up port back. This will put me on a low side of the box volume so I am wondering how this setup up is for the XL. I will be powering the sub with an AQ 2200
  2. To be honest it may not be till awhile I get them put in im just doing a lot of the planning before hand.
  3. Oh well hell I must have not seen that part of it. Thank you for the help I was looking at the site a little while ago as well. Super glue then it is I was just not sure.
  4. http://store.secondskinaudio.com/speaker-tweaker-kit-1/ These
  5. Just curious when I'm ready to place them in their location do i use 3m spray adhesive to get the to stick or is there a different way?
  6. Thank you for the great information... That what I needed it's hard to see pictures on mobile...
  7. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/153287-sundown-sa-65cs-pre-order/ I tired looking here by I can't read the dimensions... Anyone have a good picture of the dimensions?
  8. Looking to get these for a buddies build does any one know the depth needed and how wide the magnet is?
  9. Yes. You sure 3-4" minimum. That would make the box to be at least a 12" depth i have seen boxes with less than that.
  10. What is the minimum backspacing i would need for an SA 10?
  11. xmax is 50mm one way Im going to guess if i flush mount the subs the box should be safe for the subs at 2.25" away from the rear seat.
  12. Also should i get them d2 and maybe account for rise or should i not even worry about rise and get them d4. This will be 3 x-15's
  13. How would i measure the 50mm? From the top of the surround i would guess but not sure.
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