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  1. had a similar problem with one i had. the remote knob actually fixed it... when it was disconnected it did exactly what you are describing, but with the knob in it worked great
  2. They are 4 ohms, and no sorry I don't have any more specs other than that and that they are 150w rms. I can tell you for the few minutes I had them powered, they sounded awesome and had some really nice midbass to them
  3. exactly what the title says. 14.5 ft of stinger hpm 1/0 with fuse and fuse holder. appx 13ft on the long side and 1.5ft on battery side of fuse holder with ring terminal on end. the wire is blue, its covered with techflex tho so if you dont want the techflex you can easily remove it. asking 50 shipped
  4. bought these a couple years ago with plans to use them as rear fill in my dodge ram. they didnt quite work out in those doors, and they have been in the garage in a box since. they are 150w rms and are basically brand new, having only been mounted with power for maybe 10 minutes. looking for 85 shipped edit: specs ID OEM Specs overall dia 6.625" mounting depth 3.125" mounting dia 5.625" magnet dia 4.5" * Loudspeaker Measurement System * LMS 九月-22-2001 * ©opyright 1993-2000 by LinearX Systems Inc * ElectroMech Speaker Parameters * * May 10, 2006 Wed 3:17 pm * Library=ID公司样品.lib * Reference Curve=A65P1-35-C * Delta M/C Curve=+5g * Method= Double Curve - Delta Mass * Domain= FreeAir * Model= LEAP Revc= 3.200 Ohm Fo= 62.796 Hz Sd= 134.780 sqCM Krm= 14.731m Ohm Erm= 0.588 Kxm= 5.021m H Exm= 0.771 Vas= 12.361 Ltr Cms= 479.205u M/N Mmd= 12.505 g Mms= 13.405 g BL= 5.884 TM Qms= 6.974 Qes= 0.489 Qts= 0.457 Revc=3.2 ohm Sd=134.780 sqcm No=0.600% SPL=89.840dB Rms: 0.758 Re: 3.198ohm Xmax: 6mm one way
  5. bought an nx501 off of him. he communicated well throughout the entire sale, and shipped as quickly as expected. thanks again. wouldnt hesitate to do business with again
  6. up, offers? 4v pre-outs vdrive internal amp(24x4rms) all kinds of active crossover adjustments. offers offers offers
  7. thanks man, ill check them out. any other opinions?
  8. excellent. i will get with him about them, what series are you referring to?
  9. those were some of the first ones i looked into, but with only 80w rms each side they just arent going to work
  10. thats one of the reasons i was looking at those cdt's... they are 200w rms
  11. ok guys, i have never tried a 3 way set and think i want to try one just for shits and giggles really. i have a clarion nx501 HU and a dc 175.4 to power the comps. i would like to power the 6.5s off of 2 channels of the amp and the midrange and tweeters through the passive crossovers on the other 2 channels of the amp. the only set i have really looked into so far are the CDT cl-632's but cant find much user based info on them. iy may be cheaper and be able to be set up better, but i really dont want to go the PA route. any advice or experience/suggestions you have had with a 3-way setup is appreciated. edit: forgot to mention, i would like to stay under $600
  12. really need this moved TONIGHT... found a killer deal on some comps im wanting to pick up... hit me with offers
  13. I belive the m1's didn't have the extra holes in them, although I'm no expert if hes talking about the holes in the motor, those arent on this one. iirc i bought this in late 2009/ early 2010
  14. im glad you decided to chime in on that from looking at a few pictures, so please tell us what you believe it to be? i can assure you without a shadow of a doubt, 100000%, its a level 4.
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