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  1. Will trade for a gun. I can add cash for the right deal. If you are out of state I have a FFL you can ship to.
  2. It comes with a used belt and a new belt The new belt is in the picture. Pm and we can text or email. I can forward more pictures a I am located in jacksonville Fl. Price lowered
  3. I think it come down to who is willing to pay. I used to use android. But I had to get a iPod for my car stereo because the several top line android phones would not work. I went to iPhone 5 because the iPod worked great. I then got the iPad mini. I like it so much I got the apple TV. I used to used MS Windows, purchase a 27" Mac. Oh and they all work together. Yeah maybe they don't have top of the line specifications. They just work and work well together. I am looking at buying a macbook now. I will probably get two watches, one for my wife and myself. As for the I6. I will buy two, one 128gb and one 64gb. I will also buy apple care on both. The I6 plus looks to be too big. But i will see when i get it in my hand. I think the I5 is the right size for a phone. anyone want to buy my 64GB I5
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