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  1. looks like a plan to set the gain. At this point i will just have to move the VU Din lead to to my CT 125.4 that runs my 6.5's
  2. Yeah, makes sense then. PM TaylorFade and ask him about these amps being higher voltage. Or ask him to reply to this thread so others can see too. I hope I'm not totally wrong on this one lol. I PM'ed him on facebook and told him about the post.
  3. I have not taken a DMM to it yet. I will later when I get home. BTW The amp seems to play fine.
  4. I swapped out my Ct 125.4 for a Taramps HD2500 that powers my 12" mids. I did a direct swap and had my VU Din meter hooked up to it. I powered up the Taramps and noticed my VU Din pegged out in red as if i am clipping. I had no signal going to the Taramps, the gain was 100% down. I swapped the lead for the VU din to the Negative on the amp and it still is pegged out on the VU din. The Vu Din is now dissconected from the Taramps Can anyone shed some light on why it does this? With that happening, has anyone used a DD1 on a taramps amp? I dont want to fry mine.
  5. My 3400 was swollen at about 2 years of age. it happens when they are under the hood with all that heat and high voltage charging. That battery should be in the 9 volt range with a 500 amp load for 30 seconds.
  6. I have a cd with nes roms and emulators. I have two CDs with snes roms and emulators. I also have saga roms on a cd with emulators. I also have them on my backup hard I have no idea if they work on a 64 bit platform. The last windows OS I used them on was XP
  7. i sent a email to the address on file with paypal, this is what i got back Thank you for your interest in the SMD Ascendant Audio Woofer. This email address has been shut down.........but the new website to order this MONSTER of a woofer is online! Please visit http://www.wcCarAudio.com to order your SMD subwoofer today! Use SMD as a coupon code to save an additional chunk of cash! Thank you for your interest! This is an automated message - no emails will be returned from here. Steve Meade Designs, Inc. Northern California Ascendant Audio Dealer
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