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  1. hi all, very interting topic & answers, I think my response chimes in on this please let me know.. Honda Civic FD Sedan (Philippines Civic) stock Alt, Big 3 upgrade 0ga Wire, Pos from alt to Bat, Ground from bat to Frame, Ground from Bat to Block, Fused 200A between Bat and runs to back of car for Extra Bat, 2 Runs of 4ga Pos to back of car 2 Runs of 4ga Neg to back of car Stinger SPV35 Bat Pos & Neg Connected From Stinger bat Neg & Pos ran from Stinger Bat to Mass Enginering Distribution Block, from Neg & pos from Block to Sub amp & 4 ch amp. amps groundedto frame, Stinger bat grounded to frame.. I read 14.3 Volts with a drop on lower bass notes at higher Vol 12.9-13.3..but most drops are about 13.7.. So is this wrong? it seems to work fine? But fine is never always right lol. I also Connect stright to rear bat too, but not this time on this civic. all Cars from my understanding are big ass Grounds, but running a ground from front to back bat I would think needs to be done to stablize and keep the current balanced right? Then running more then one Amp, should run Direct to a Battery Bank Grounding system.. IDk lol But I am enjoying learning something new here!!!
  2. Been a few since I have been on.. @ the resort working in the shop Hi Ev1! Leave a PM if ya need me...

  3. Been supper busy with setting things in motion with the business.. I am around :)

  4. Chillin, takin care of business, working on the car..

  5. i am so touched by the help that the SMD members gave to the father of the special needs daughter, It brought tears to my eyes, I am from Port Orchard Wa just 15 minutes from Gig Harbor, and hearing how these people of this web forum stepped out to help is amazing. Very few do we get the chance to make a difference, but when we do it's from the heart. Thanks guys and thank you Steve Meade for having this forum.

  6. This is the design I was talking about. In the post above this I have the measurements, I am sure I am off, could someone help clean this up for me hehehe, I am still learning 4th orders. I apologize for the ruff cut, I am still leaning Google Sketchup 8 lol
  7. Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.. Food for thought: I am trying to learn 4th orders, and playing around with the spec of the subwoofers ( DB Drive PT10D2 )and the dimensions i have already. I came up with 15.5 Depth 12.5 Height 5.5 wide for sealed both sides for 0.61668 ea sub sealed. port area is about 20.5 wide 12.5 Height 17.5 depth for 2.595 port space, 2:1 ratio? This is inner area measurements. I think the port was about 46Hz.. If you, or you know someone that knows something about 4th orders, can you help me clean up these measurements? so I can build it. Please remember I cant go past the outside dimensions of 35 Length 14 height 17 depth but the port and stick out about 1.5" from the face. I will post a pic of the design I played with. But Joe X if you can help or anybody that would be awesome! and Joe X thanks for the other design. I am using it and building it this Monday! I will post design pic later thx!
  8. I am really surprised no one else chimed in on this.. hmmm.. thanks, I guess lol.
  9. Joe X, thanks for responding, and thank you for putting that effort in, but I need this as a dual vented enclosure, not a single. Or is this design for dual 10's? I want to hit the lows, but more importantly I would like the box to produce loud bass. Thanks
  10. Hey everyone, Listen I need some help pleased, I have (two) Db Drive platinum series PT10D2 subs, and I need a box enclosure (ported) that will produce loud bass. The box measurements that I have to work with (outside measurements) H 14x D 17x W 34.5 this is the measurements the would make the box flush in the trunk. so I need a loud bass box that fit those measurements, I am having issues. I know that DB recommends .6 sealed and 1.2 ported.. but I want the box bigger and tuned for louder bass. can some one map out a loud bass design for me please, I need help with the port and tuning, 4th order would be great if it can fit the measurements... Help please?
  11. Finished Fiberglassing the A pillars.. About freaking time haha! Dash work nex..

  12. Been super busy with business & installs, then got sick, wife got sick, now we are feeling better :) time to start working on the honda!

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