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  1. im looking into a dsp and i noticed that the route of using a computer to adjust them seems interesting. as a beginner i want to learn how to tune the system. i am willing to put the time into it but i also want to look for a brand has a very easy to understand software to learn. what brands do you recommend and why>
  2. i called before just for info and they offered me to lower the price on the items i was interested in. just ask and they will give you a better price.
  3. so its not really putting out that much? will it at least do 2000 RMS? will it break down prematurally?
  4. 949

    US amp AX 1000

    then please explain, dont just say its over my head. if your too busy to explain then if someone else can explain what he is saying please jump in. thanks
  5. 949

    US amp AX 1000

    the last post was edited for more questions.
  6. 949

    US amp AX 1000

    could you explain if my undestanding is correct. the lower the ohm the cleaner the sound? or was it the higher the ohm the cleaner the sound/bass? also with this setup my original thinking was, i should have more amp power than sub power needed. so i picked something that was realiable and true to RMS. the power i was aiming for was RMS 1000 watts. that way i can always turn down the amp. if the amp was weak then i would be just maxing out the power and the sound would be clear. at least thats what the idea is. assumption here cause i dont have any info on it. amp is RMS 1000 watts at 16v. 0 gauge wires. sub is 600 RMS watts so this should help make it sound cleaner with out the neeed to max out the amp. but i am using smaller gauge wires tho. i only plan on using 4 gauge power wires. 8 gauge speaker wires. use the stock battery. stock alternator. what would the amp RMS be at that point? is there a calculation to figure this out?
  7. 949

    US amp AX 1000

    oh, i was trying to say would it damage anything if i brought it down? im just using a simple little 12 incher. not doing anything special. wanted a little bump in the trunk. not doing competition or anything like that. currently not hooked up yet but wanted to use my single new D6 diamond audio dvc 4 ohm 12 inch sub. as far as i understand i can either hook it up as 2ohms or 8 ohms. its not going to be really set to the loudest either. goal is get to some bass with very clean sound. not looking for the loudest. very deep bass for some of my favorite music.
  8. 949

    US amp AX 1000

    sorry for the noob questions but im pretty new to the whole thing: so it wont go lower than 4ohms? what happends if i put it into 2 ohms?
  9. 949

    US amp AX 1000

    i was looking around for more info but not too much info. does anyone know anything about this amp? how low can i bring the ohm down to? any other info?
  10. so was it a bad amplifier or a bad woofer? to clearify this is the xtx 5000.1 amp right?
  11. i know everyone says that orion has gone down hill with DEI but i saw the new orion hcca 2500.1 and thought how i liked the new look. now i would have to buy one to test to see if its any good. does the quality suffer alot or what. and does it really push hard. but i dont want to pay about 900.00 just to see if its any good so i hope those of you out there who have actually used the new hcca 2500.1 to tell me what you think. quality? power? reliability? please, if you have not used one personally please dont post. i am actually looking for first had experience and not people who think dei sucks and dont like orion because of it. thanks.
  12. i did google. no luck on the two. the only basic thing i can figure out is that they are as close to each other as any amp might be. only the true specs are the determining factor for me and i dont know how to decipher that.
  13. hey guys i am looking at the specs of these two amps and they seem very similiar. but i need someone who is very knowledgable on how to read the actual spec sheets of both and tell me which one is better and why. I think the spec sheet is the best way to tell if one unit is better or not. the only problem is that i am not an expert on reading the specs such as THD or impedance ratings. the two units are: orion HCCA 2500.1 http://www.directeddealers.com/manuals/OG/Orion/GHCCA25001-2009-11%20web2.pdf RE audio XTX 5000.1 http://reaudio.com/documents/xtx_manual[2011]-c.pdf so please state which one is better and an explanation from the spec sheet to why. please dont go outside the question at hand. such as " i would pick something else instead of these" . thanks.
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