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  1. theyre rated at 800, they will take a good bit more. Giving a sd x8v3 800 watts is way underpowering them even though thats the rms rating.
  2. thats what im saying, they are a damn good bit underrated. Im paying over 5k for a setup, why have your subs underpowered by 400 wrms a piece?
  3. gotcha, yea sundowns amp dyno video of the 5k is where i got the number from. Is that not accurate?
  4. these things are rated at 800wrms but theyre highly underrated from what everyone says. I will have upgraded electrical and a gately box so i think running them and 800 rms would be a good bit underpowered for the setup.
  5. I wanted to do that but the 5k @ 2 ohms might be too much. The x8s are 800wrms but can probably handle around 11 or 1200 rms. The sfb clamps at like 6200 wrms though which would be too much for 4 of them. Every amp i find is either too much or not enough. Also would need electrical for a 8k amp as opposed to 4k watts if i went that route. Is there any real disadvantage to running to and gain matching?
  6. Thanks, Ill have a 390 alt amp (mechman) and a sufficient battery by the time I install. 1200wrms not too much to put on an x8v3 i hope though.
  7. Help please. I wanted to put 2 sundown x8s under my truck seat, bought them and then decided i wanted 4 instead so now i have 4 4ohm dvc x8v3s and 1 soundqubed 2250d. Whats my best options here? Get another sq2250 and have a shop gain match them on 2 subs a piece or get a decent amp that will do around 4k rms at 2 ohms? The taramps smart 3k gets close i think.
  8. I have a kinetik hc1200 under the hood and a hc2400 dedicated to the sub, all 0 guage wiring, and a 150 amp stock alt. the amp is 2200 watts rms and the sub is 2000 rms so?
  9. um?.... so the gain has nothing to do with the amp? how is that?
  10. I just installed my BTL N2 on a AQ2200D 2200 watt rms amp and it sounds great so far but the gain on the amp is only halfway up as I don't know if the btl would be able to handle the gain all the way up.. Anyone have this setup or have an opinion on if I can turn the gain up higher? If it would take it I would have the gain all the way up.
  11. im taking out my stock 10 to do the same thing, might make the hole a little bigger though.
  12. i dont mind much i guess either, just gives me more time for the box build and maybe a new alt.
  13. Fi does great job in packaging. good! Why does it still say N()()B above your name?... Does it.ha..don't know don't care.far from noob. I gotya I was just wondering why it says that with 335 posts... But to put your post back in track its worth the wait..I've ordered 4 havoc 18.4 mayhem 18.2 fissd12.took little time worth the wait... im sure, still waiting on my box design from ram too...
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