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  1. If you have a Skar Audio Hairtrick vid, please feel free to post below. I'll start it off with a few of my own, hope you enjoy! and looking forward to seeing other Skar set-ups/Hairtricks!! Slamfest 1 4th order wall Slamfest 2 4th order wall My old set-up. Non-wall Ported
  2. For you guys that didn't know, I am upgrading the Blazer. I will be running (4) Zvx 15's on (2) 4500.1s in a 4th order (3:1 ratio, 8 cubes sealed, 24 cubes ported) I should have it up and playing by Slamfest 2012. Anyone else from the team going? Looking forward to hearing some more Skar set-ups! Skar FTW!
  3. My friend Travis G's Sick Mini. Check it out! Stop by my channel for more... http://www.youtube.com/Enigma311311 To see my ride, look me up at: http://www.facebook.com/DiverseVizionz
  4. Check out my Scrapin' vid Ep. 1, I put together some nice clips of this build. It was impressive, it was striaght choking me.. lmao..
  5. Got my new camera in and will be testing it out at Scrapin' the coast this weekend! Excited. Anyone going?
  6. Testing out a "Nikon Coolpix" camera, needless to say it doesn't do well with bass.. If you guys have any suggestions, I am looking for a new Camera.. Time to move on from the Iphone4 Just put together a few short clips in this vid. Enjoy.
  7. James beat me to the punch and posted a great vid. of the Skar vvx15's doing work! Check it out!
  8. I am also working on redoing my Roof, the FatMat started to fall (as expected) from the heat. Although the FatMat xxx works nice and not a bad price, it was not made for high heat and it will most def. fall off the roof if you live in a hot summer area. HEADS UP! I am now with SecondSkin and I am in the process of covering the roof with Alpha Damp. I am about 7 sheets in, along with some more Foam in the hollow areas, and I am loving the product! I'll post some pics / vids soon. But until then, here is my latest vid..
  9. lol.. Not going to lie.. I thought about that after I played this clip back for the first time... I was like damn.. wish my system could have made that happen.. Guess I have more work to do
  10. You can't imagine the look I gave my girlfriend, when I first saw it.. lmao...
  11. Thanks man, and it kept a pretty big crowd throughout the day... I took first place in the Sound Off Yea man, follow me at www.facebook.com/DiverseVizionz (newly formed page) post some show times and dates, anytime.. and I will try to make it out when I have the time. I will definitely try! I know I will be at Nopi for sure!
  12. Finished edting Part 3, Hope you enjoy! (New Page) You can follow me at = Facebook.com/DiverseVizionz Stop by look around, and "Like"!!
  13. Finished edting Part 3, Hope you enjoy! (New Page) You can follow me at = Facebook.com/DiverseVizionz Stop by look around, and "Like"!!
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