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    Giving system Demos in your front yard at 3am.
  1. Thanks. I am really glad I went with a 4th, the output is insane.. way more then expected. Kills the lows.
  2. Happy Halloween Everyone! Subscribe, comment, like, and please share with others! Enjoy, and post any vid's you might have found on the tube. Anyone have anything?
  3. Chase drove up for a demo, and I figured I would make a short clip for the tube, hope you enjoy! Please share, comment, Subscribe and Like! and before you ask.. please read the description in the video link, it may just answer your question(s).
  4. If anyone else has any footage of Slamfest, post them! Would love to see them.
  5. Thanks guys for all the positive comments! It's still a work in progress, the wall is not sealed to the back and I only have (2) D31s on a single alt. More upgrades coming, after the start of the year. It's decaf, Future - blow. (slowed) Thanks man, and sounds like a plan. Just hit me up here or on DiverseVizionz when you want to meet up.
  6. Description says it all! Please subscribe if you haven't already and share this video with some friends!
  7. Thanks man, build is still in progress... far from complete. (I need more money's lmao..)
  8. Some footage I took before I gutted the old set-up, when my sister was in town from, AR and chillin with the Gf. (4) vvx15's on a Sk4500.1 I can't wait to see what kind of air my 4th order build will push! If you would like to see some pictures of the 4th order progress check me out at: Facebook.com/DiverseVizionz I will be starting a build log on here really soon, just busy trying to finish the wall before Slamfest.
  9. For you guys that didn't know, I am upgrading the Blazer. I will be running (4) Zvx 15's on (2) 4500.1s in a 4th order (3:1 ratio, 8 cubes sealed, 24 cubes ported) I should have it up and playing by Slamfest 2012. Anyone else from the team going? Looking forward to hearing some more Skar set-ups! Skar FTW!
  10. No problem, the vids are fun to me.. I have a few more in the making might have enough footage for about 4-5 more eposides. 7-12mins each. Next show on my list is Slamfest, and I am starting a rebuild for the show on my Blazer
  11. haha, that was rather early that morning! I remember when I was getting some clips of that! Classic "Flex Shot", but what I was thinking in my head was ... "why must it be 110* outside..fml.." lol! Nice vid man!
  12. Here is Ep. 2 Scrapin' the Coast 2012. I tried some new stuff with this vid, hope you enjoy!
  13. Had a great time at Scrapin' the Coast 2012! Took a ton of footage. around 35gigs. Much more to come, hope you enjoy what I have worked on for the past few days. I'll be posting more in this thread as they get made. Full vids of JP's (10) PSI 18's, James Taylor's (4) 18" FI Btls, Preshow, Burnouts, and more.. Please note: I do this, for fun ,in my spare time and I am just now learning how to use my editing software better. (-Self Taught-)
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