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  1. T1500s do around 1800rms ea+ if that is true then yes i can power them but i thought they only put out about 1700?
  2. Yah i know and height- 31 maybe 32in width- 41 maybe 42in depth- about 24in my current wall is height- 31in width- 38in depth- 23in and its 13.4 cubic feet
  3. and i only have 2 t1500s for 6 12s i would need more power! they 600 rms a piece 6 x 600 = 3600 and i want to put more power to them with for subs each will get about 750 a piece which i think will be great!
  4. its a 2000 toyota solora i doubt i can get 2 more twelves but i might be possible edit: i just tryed with a 12 i had layin around and i can fit 6 12s! but now i need 2 more 12s and another t1500! and ill have to further upgrade my doors to keep up!
  5. what do you mean symmetry and 3's and thanks i like that, will port on top have more of a chance of a hairtrick. a lot of people said port on bottom so you dont lose all the sound pressure and i didnt understand.
  6. yes sir.! 1 ohm per amp pullin about 1700 per amp i got a new interstate megatron plus 2: 1000 crankin amps under the hood. and a smaller interstate in the back and will probably do the big three but thats it
  7. 2 on each side and port in the middle. ok but will that sound pretty good? i really want a hair trick on this build will this help get one? and i have 2 t1500's 2 subs per amp sound good?
  8. I have 4 SA 12's and i want to wall them but what would be the loudest way as in.. 2 on one side port the 2 on the other or what? also i know these subs only get 600 rms but how much do you think i can feed them without blowing.? Thanks
  9. holy sh*t haha is that a xxx 18?
  10. mine are rated for 1000 but can handle a bit more. but what do you mean drop it down at that power?
  11. alright thanxs to everyone.!
  12. 7 Cubic feet each? isnt that a little to much? im not an expert on boxes but kicker says 12 cubic feet total for 2? just confused. but thanxs and what do you mean by full tilt? i got 2 t1500's one for each. wired to 2ohms so like 1600 to each sub.
  13. Inverting the subs.? What benefit does it have? louder? deeper? im confused help me out
  14. Ok so i have 2 L7 15's i want to know if it would be ok to build a wall or just a box, i have plenty of space for either i want it to get loud on the lows. real low!! another question what kind of port do i need to get real low aeroport or regular etc. and what kind of box as in like ported 4th order ect? help me out please kicker recommends not going over 12 cu ft for the 2 just sayin
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