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  1. Thanks! Good info! I guess I should have put it already so others didn't think I was just going off what number I think is not distorted, but I have set my HU with a dd1 using the speaker outputs (not the rca outs) for the mids and highs off the HU. I think someone assumed that I had not first gotten my HU tuned as I was not able to get my amp tuned the same time as my HU because I haven't gotten my amp yet. so now I'm going to tune it as soon as I get it.
  2. Thanks. That's the answer I was looking for haha.In other words,Someone validated his opinion, now he's off to clip and blame SMDForums. How could I blame SMD forum for giving me the info I need to set my HU gains correctly? (For mids and highs off the deck) ? and why would it clip at 27 if the DD-1 said that it was clean at 27 ( ON THE SPEAKER OUTS NOT THE RCA'S) ??
  3. I also said right after that in parenthesis AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T CLIP AT 27. Sorry about that. that was my fault i should have been more clear but yes the head unit gains were set with a DD-1 but i dont have my amp yet so i couldnt it tune it right then (and i dont peronally own a DD-1 yet but i got a buddy who does)
  4. i gotcha. so what did you say no too? cause i asked if 27 wasnt distorted (as checked by DD-1) then i could set my gain at 27. you said no, and then you said i could do exactly what i asked. Not being rude im just very confused right now. haha
  5. So right now I'm running my mid and highs off head unit power and I only ever go up to 27 out of 35 on my head unit. If I set my sub amp gains with a dd-1 would I just set it at volume 27 since I don't go over that? ( as long as the head unit doesn't clip at 27)? Thanks for the input!
  6. Thinking about doing a single midbass setup in the center console with one of these. How high can they play up to? I'd like to have a nice blend from the subs at about 60~70hz to the mids at around 100~120hz. Does this sound like something that would turn out good? With a proper enclose of course.
  7. looks like the x-8 with the triple stack magnet. could be wrong though! i cant wait for those x-8's to come! edit: sorry thats a magnet boot not a triple stack but still looks like the triple stack just from comparing it to the magnet of the v3
  8. Pretty self explanatory. I can get 12ga or 8ga SHCA by the foot for the same price at the SSA and may upgrade on down the road but was curious if the sa could hold 8ga. If not I'll just buy more wire later. Not too expensive. Thanks Greg
  9. Dang I think I forgot to put sundown next to my name... :-( oh well. Still donating to an awesome cause
  10. Exactly that's all I want to know as well. Thank you for being one of the few that understood the post.
  11. Absolutely I knew there was a wait time as I stated a few times in my post. There was no message about there being any longer of a wait because of the sale so the 7 to 10 business day processing period should have still applied or was there fine print somewhere? Absolutely correct me if I'm wrong as I have not dealt with db-r before.
  12. After carefully reading my original post I have still yet to find where I was "bitching" about the cost of 2 days shipping. Maybe you were talking about when I said two day shipping cost about 35 bucks but I never said that it was an outrageous price. Not sure on that one. Basically I was upset that there was no email sent out saying there was going to be a delay in shipment as the person I talked to at db-r said they had been waiting for a shipment from sundown for a few days so they knew it would be a delay in shipping. Again not overly angry just saying an email or an alternate shipping method where time is not an issue as it was in my case l. This was the meaning of the message not "bitching" about the cost of two day shipping
  13. Yeah I hear that. And I can understand if you can select two day shipping but to make it required and you have to pay for it is a little unfair
  14. Yeah I hear that. And I can understand if you can select two day shipping but to make it required and you have to pay for it is a little unfair
  15. If I went with new I would have but I went with refurbished
  16. So just to be clear I am not overly mad at this situation but think it should be addressed as some others may be experiencing this problem and be wondering why their amplifier is not being shipped yet. So I bought an amp from db-r on Sept 3 as part of the labor day sale and there is a 7 to 10 day processing period before shipping. But then you get two day shipping (and only two day shipping which cost around 35 bucks, you cannot get free shipping apparently even if you extended the shipment process). Today was the 11th day so I decided to give a call and see what was up as I had no emails explaining anything. Apparently sundown had not yet shipped the amps to db-r yet to then be shipped to the customers. But it was because of a huge spike in business or some big shipment sundown just recently got. Normally I would be completely fine with this as I'm usually in no rush to get anything but I was expecting the amp no later than Friday as it should have shipped at the latest on wednesday. So I had planned a quite small car audio event for me and some close friends who are also into car audio this Sunday. Needless to say we canceled the event because of the shipping issue. Like I said I'm not overly angry at this situation but it does kinda suck that I had to pay for 2 day shipping and wait 7 to 10 days in the first place but now I have to wait even longer is just even worse. I'm not asking for something for my inconvenience but I did pay for shipping which did not occur in the time span that I was told it would be shipped. A simple email stating that there was a delay would have been nice. Thank you Greg
  17. Nice! Thanks! Girl friend's gonna be excited when she gets it!
  18. So how's the X 8 coming along? Been looking at them for my girl friends car and just wondering when they will be here.
  19. put me down for 2!. glad to be helping an awesome cause. and for those who havent donated for ALS go do that too!
  20. somehow, i doubt you own or have used a DD-1. If for some reason i am wrong, and usually i am not, than you probably did not do it right. "ummm i left it at zero"...LOL what? Anyone that uses 0db tracks at the amplifier level shouldn't have any problem with overpowering their subwoofers if they are properly matched (in specs) to the amp they are hooked up to. Even though i don't believe you know what i am talking about, i just want to point that out in case somehow i am wrong. But i doubt it. just curious steve as i don't own a DD-1 yet. (hopefully getting some money soon) if i'm thinking about this correctly 0db on the DD-1 would be less strain, for lack of a better word, than say -3 or -5 db? as in with the -3db you would actually be turning the gain up more as to account for the lower audio signal? is this correct? Im sure it says it in the manual but i am just wondering if i'm thinking of this the right way? Thanks
  21. Forum name or actual name? Just to be sure haha. A good friend of mine on my college track team has MS so I would love to help out
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