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  1. i believe they are signle, i found them in another friends garage when we were cleaning it we snatched them to put in his truck and i have taken them out to look at them, i know they work cuz i hooked them up in my truck. the amp does not go into protect mode it stays on, and the subs are bridged together on the outside of the box on the terminals, i just ran wires from the positive and negative on one terminal to the other and then ran the positive and negative from the amp to one terminal, and the gains were set half way but when i wasnt gettin any sound i turned them up to see what happened and i got nothin...
  2. yes theres power at the amp, its got an alpine pdx m6 amp and 2 old kenwood 12's in a box made to go under his back seat, the subs are bridged together.
  3. so this is my first post im having some trouble with my friends truk... im installing a amp and sub set up in his truck and i cant get bass to come through? i got everything hooked up and wired right but no bass, he has the bose stereo in it and im thinkin it has something to do with that and every where ive read isnt giving me enough info to answer any of my questions so im hoping yall can. he got rid of the factory radio and put in an alpine cde-100, from there i went and ran the wires and wired up the amp. but no sound. so im now at a stand off with it with no knoweldge where to go from here. any help or advice is wanted, please i appreciate the help!!
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