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  1. I have 3 sa8's that I am going to be building a box for in the near future I just had some questions that I wanted to run by you guys. Firstly some info: they will be running off a saz3500d, they are going to be in a ported enclosure in a single cab Tacoma, it has bucket seats with no center console so that's where I plan on putting the subs. Now people recommend .5-.6 cu ft per sub when running higher power so I was thinking around 1.6 cubes does that sound good? Being that I will be using the area behind the seats for the extra airspace I need should I run an aero port or a slot port? would one 4" aero be sufficient or is that not enough? thanks steven
  2. I am ready to tune my truck but I can't get the DD-1 test disc tracks onto my iTunes acct. I am not that great with computers and I am sure there is an easy way to do this but when the file is downloaded onto my computer it can't be dragged onto iTunes and I can't import it either. I think it might have something to do with it being (.rar). Thanks in advance
  3. Ya i have been watching yours. The only thing that is keeping me from doing a 4th order box is time and money, well.... time is money. And i don't wanna have to get rid of this gorgeous box. So i understand that if i do a 4th order all of the sub power will be going into cab. If i do it the way i orininally described it will be 50/50 with broken windows.
  4. and it would probably blow the windows in the campershell if i stuck it in the bed and just opened the sliding window, right?
  5. thanks for the quick reply. Can you elaborate on why the 4th order would be better? I am not understanding the physics of it. I wanted to do a blow-through because: 1 i wanted the interior to look stock and i didnt want to have to change my seats out. 2 its a long bed. 3 its registration requires that it keeps the campershell on at all times.
  6. Ok, so I want to do a blowthrough on my 1986 chevy crewcab 4x4 1 ton. I will be getting the sub and box tomorrow and the sub faces forward and curfed port faces up. It is 48"W 22"H 22'L. I was wondering if it would be best to have the port firing into the cab or the subwoofer, Or is this idea just ridiculous. Also it has a campershell on it. It will be powered by a sa3500. The accordian boot would be used but i need to make sure that it is very sealed because this truck is an offroad toy and gets dirty. I would prefer to just fabricate an extension off of the port that way the hole wouldn't be giant. I don't think i am leaving anything out i just need some help. Thanks in advance to everyone hopefully this will work
  7. I have nothing to sell here because I dont know how to read, but what I do like is thinking about cowboy buttsechs. SODOMY Call me 1-805-610-2553 Thanks Steven
  8. I was wondering, Where do i buy these i am in need of some more mid bass. I would like at least 4 6.5s and 4 tweets maybe 6 6.5s. Thanks in advance steven
  9. 2 lvl 5 12s 2 lvl 5 15s 3.5k and 5k shipped to 93432 Thanks
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