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  1. Great job on the system diagram! I need to improve my computer game. I'm jealous! Lol that's a bunch of stuff in that car!
  2. Definitely stick with ABS for dash mods. Try to keep the materials your bonding together the same.
  3. Drew, I'm going to try to post some how to stuff starting with very basic that most people already know. Just in case someone hasn't seen it. I'm a noob on Forums for the most part so please bear with my learning curve.
  4. Thank you for the welcome guys. I posted up a few pics in another thread in here. I'll post more as soon as I'm back on my computer.
  5. Hello Everyone! Real happy to be here & have an opportunity to share & meet great people! Thank you Steve & also Ray!
  6. IM-SG on the way.... Sort of.. There will be a very thorough review soon!
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