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  1. Soooo. I somehow turned off my email notifications! Lol
  2. Prpntblr95. We are in the new shop but not 100% unpacked & organized yet. I'm going to post pics as soon as the shop is picture ready. I have some pics but I'd rather post up all the stages of the new place just one time. I think you guys are gonna like it!
  3. Great job on the system diagram! I need to improve my computer game. I'm jealous! Lol that's a bunch of stuff in that car!
  4. Hershy314, the big news is happening. So big I started a new thread for it. I'll do my best to post pics tomorrow.
  5. Thanks bro! Hopefully something big coming soon. Really big!
  6. Thanks guys. Lots of work. Especially tough when you're trying to come up with ideas & shift focus from one design to the other & not confuse the two. Lol
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