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  1. Of course we can do whatever you like. Swing it by. Lets see what we can come up with.
  2. Great job on the system diagram! I need to improve my computer game. I'm jealous! Lol that's a bunch of stuff in that car!
  3. Definitely stick with ABS for dash mods. Try to keep the materials your bonding together the same.
  4. Thanks guys! I like downfire enclosures. They sound great. These did really well.
  5. Thanks guys! Glad you like it. Check out the other builds as well.
  6. This car will be coming back for some more work so I will try to update anything new on it as well.
  7. Here's the last pics of the car finished. Hope you guys like everything. These pics were taken with HDR on using my Iphone so I just posted up all of them.
  8. @ Meade, shoosh! You know you've got skills! And yes I just shooshed you on your own forum! Lol
  9. @Ray, I wrapped the pod. Honestly I could have left it wrapped. It looked killer in the car. It did have Elephant balls on the section that faces the windshield where it wraps back underneath the tweeter. You couldn't see it when it was mounted in the vehicle. I could have left it. But all I could think was that someone would see it if they pulled the pods out. So I decided to texture them instead. After they were finished I came up with a way to wrap them in vinyl. 1 piece & backing intact! I believe the car is coming back to give me another shot at wrapping them so I'll hold you to that hundo! Lol
  10. Below is a pic of the frame to mount the Bit One beside the factory Mark Levinson Amplifier. Yep! I thought about it!
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