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  1. Shark Audio

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W94_ODmODeI Once again https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W94_ODmODeI That's all I have to add. Now off to do better things with my life ✌
  2. Shark Audio

    Didn't mean too. But damn nice to see the level of maturity hasn't changed. Still the same 15 yr olds on here as usual.
  3. Shark Audio

    This is old but thought that after 3 years I should report I have been running these amps without fair or hiccups. I've used them on everything from XFLs to W7s still no problem has seemed to push everything fine. In fact I wish I could find them for the same 100 price tag I bought the ones I had for id buy more just to have me for the price I've never been happier with a piece of equipment. I only bring this up because I was just doing a Google search and this post came up thought I would give a nice review in case every anybody's ever searching for it again https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W94_ODmODeI
  4. Shark Audio

    1 im proud of my "cheap ass" purchase i saved a few hundred dollars compared to most and im sure i get damn near as loud..and thats just one of the 2 amps... ] ]the reason the video was posted is so people can see the amp i have never posted it on here... ] ]simply seeing if there is any info or anything about this amp or if anyone else has ran it ] ]and as my original post states (i was bored so i made a post)/...are you on a high horse because you probably spent multiple thousands of dollars on your system lol
  5. Shark Audio

    I have it on a couple of xfls I have two so I eventually will be strapping them it has zero gage in puts and no built in fusing cooling I think is the issue but imo I'm impressed so far http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ObNW-YFf6PE got a video of the set up here..I have never had the amp clamped or anything it is small with no cooling is the primary issue is say so far if I put s couple of fans on it I'm sire it would be solid?
  6. Shark Audio

    so who has any personal expirence? Anyone know anything about them.. i have a couple of their amps they are Shark Audio 2500D. Im very impressed but know one really KNOWS anything about them all speculation/guessing just looking for legit opinions/knoledge i bought 2 of them got both for under 200 dollars together..I know they are typically a motorcycle audio company so whats with these particular amps i know KNOW ONE with a motorcylce needs or can probably use a 2000 watt RMS amp? just bored thought id see if anyone knew anything on here.
  7. Alpine has great reviews that's what I'm going with in my blazer is 2 sets of type s comps
  8. Thanks ya I though about infinity but I wanted to get them from a retail shop I went to ABC they don't sell infinity since they are discontinued I'm gonna go with the 4x6 Kenwood up front hooked to the hu and do 6.5 comps alpine type s in front doors and back and amp them up. They alpines should b nice on an amp I think
  9. help comp set issue!?

    Okay I'll do that and check them. But as far as the gains go I tried high pass and full pass which is what I tried first and tried messing with the frequency gains I got different tones but none were musical or good sounding As far as blowing them the amp does 75 RMS a channel the speakers are 80 or 85 RMS so that shouldn't be the case..also the fact of they were hooked up for only minutes while in was playing with the amp trying to get the tweets to work. And I never turned the gains on the amp all the way up so if they are blown they came in the box that way...hope thats not the case :/
  10. help comp set issue!?

    Any other ideas I'm really at a loss
  11. help comp set issue!?

    They are brand new I'd really hope they weren't blown already
  12. help comp set issue!?

    Thank u I plan to rip it all back down and double check working I'm almost certain its right but always worth checking. And I missed with all the different gains on the amp it changed the sound from the tweeters but still bad sounds and not musical
  13. help comp set issue!?

    I just installed a set of 6.5 comps on my blazer they are the alpine type s. I amped them to a 4-channel The crossovers are inline crossovers I am fairly sure i wired everything right I wired the crossover to the tweeter then wired it to the + and - to the + and - of the speakers and then used the other 2 terminals + and - so I power everything up the 6.5 mid sub was working and pounding away butnibheard NOTHING from the tweeters so I turned the gain up on the amp and they started making really weird popping/ crackling sounds but no music and those sounds are even very faint What could I have done wrong? In could have wired them wrong but can imagine how ? Please help me first time ive ever dealt with comp sets
  14. I just don't wanna do something that will be just flat stupid lol like I mean would having the dash 4x6 hooked to the hu And the front and back speakers amped up amsound odd
  15. Well I have those 4x6 and I don't think they would be good on an amp honestly is it OK to have those hooked ton the hu and hook my front and back speakers to the 4 channel? And if I go with the alpine type s comps sets those are 80 Watts RMS each the amps birth sheet states 75 Watts RMS each channel at 4 ohms. So it would be perfect but idk if the backs are 5 1/4 or 6.5 or ifni can fit 6.5 if they are currently 5 1/4 Or what to do with the 4x6