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  1. Shark Audio

    so who has any personal expirence? Anyone know anything about them.. i have a couple of their amps they are Shark Audio 2500D. Im very impressed but know one really KNOWS anything about them all speculation/guessing just looking for legit opinions/knoledge i bought 2 of them got both for under 200 dollars together..I know they are typically a motorcycle audio company so whats with these particular amps i know KNOW ONE with a motorcylce needs or can probably use a 2000 watt RMS amp? just bored thought id see if anyone knew anything on here.
  2. Shark Audio

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W94_ODmODeI Once again https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W94_ODmODeI That's all I have to add. Now off to do better things with my life ✌
  3. Shark Audio

    Didn't mean too. But damn nice to see the level of maturity hasn't changed. Still the same 15 yr olds on here as usual.
  4. Shark Audio

    This is old but thought that after 3 years I should report I have been running these amps without fair or hiccups. I've used them on everything from XFLs to W7s still no problem has seemed to push everything fine. In fact I wish I could find them for the same 100 price tag I bought the ones I had for id buy more just to have me for the price I've never been happier with a piece of equipment. I only bring this up because I was just doing a Google search and this post came up thought I would give a nice review in case every anybody's ever searching for it again https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W94_ODmODeI
  5. Shark Audio

    1 im proud of my "cheap ass" purchase i saved a few hundred dollars compared to most and im sure i get damn near as loud..and thats just one of the 2 amps... ] ]the reason the video was posted is so people can see the amp i have never posted it on here... ] ]simply seeing if there is any info or anything about this amp or if anyone else has ran it ] ]and as my original post states (i was bored so i made a post)/...are you on a high horse because you probably spent multiple thousands of dollars on your system lol
  6. Shark Audio

    I have it on a couple of xfls I have two so I eventually will be strapping them it has zero gage in puts and no built in fusing cooling I think is the issue but imo I'm impressed so far http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ObNW-YFf6PE got a video of the set up here..I have never had the amp clamped or anything it is small with no cooling is the primary issue is say so far if I put s couple of fans on it I'm sire it would be solid?
  7. Alpine has great reviews that's what I'm going with in my blazer is 2 sets of type s comps
  8. I have a 95 blazer Lt (4 door) I am going through and putting my system in I just got this and got rid of my car which in was going to put alpine type s 6.5 components in and type s 6x9s now I have this my plans are totally different and I'm in need of help on how to do it best..also what size speakers I planed to amp the type s speakers up to a 4 channel which I already bought Jensen Power 760.4 (power7604) 760W Max 4-Channel Amplifier with So that is what I plan to use I'm not looking to put a ton of money into them there are 3 sets in this thing but I do want solid sound and decent quality but not sure if I should or could hook all 3 arts to the 4 channel. I have already bought and installed the dash speakers they are 4x6 kenwoods Kenwood KFC-4675C 4x6 2-way Car Speakers (No Grilles) I'm actually quite surprised how clean they sound and how well the bass is on them. I'm Happy with them But I need help on what to put in the front and back doors was thinking component systems in each but then I can tell if I need 6.5 or 5 1/4 for them?? Any help and input would be awesome and I'm happy to provide any more info that I missed just ask! Btw I will be putting my 4 12 inch w7s in at some point
  9. Thanks ya I though about infinity but I wanted to get them from a retail shop I went to ABC they don't sell infinity since they are discontinued I'm gonna go with the 4x6 Kenwood up front hooked to the hu and do 6.5 comps alpine type s in front doors and back and amp them up. They alpines should b nice on an amp I think
  10. help comp set issue!?

    I just installed a set of 6.5 comps on my blazer they are the alpine type s. I amped them to a 4-channel The crossovers are inline crossovers I am fairly sure i wired everything right I wired the crossover to the tweeter then wired it to the + and - to the + and - of the speakers and then used the other 2 terminals + and - so I power everything up the 6.5 mid sub was working and pounding away butnibheard NOTHING from the tweeters so I turned the gain up on the amp and they started making really weird popping/ crackling sounds but no music and those sounds are even very faint What could I have done wrong? In could have wired them wrong but can imagine how ? Please help me first time ive ever dealt with comp sets
  11. help comp set issue!?

    Okay I'll do that and check them. But as far as the gains go I tried high pass and full pass which is what I tried first and tried messing with the frequency gains I got different tones but none were musical or good sounding As far as blowing them the amp does 75 RMS a channel the speakers are 80 or 85 RMS so that shouldn't be the case..also the fact of they were hooked up for only minutes while in was playing with the amp trying to get the tweets to work. And I never turned the gains on the amp all the way up so if they are blown they came in the box that way...hope thats not the case :/
  12. help comp set issue!?

    Any other ideas I'm really at a loss
  13. help comp set issue!?

    They are brand new I'd really hope they weren't blown already
  14. help comp set issue!?

    Thank u I plan to rip it all back down and double check working I'm almost certain its right but always worth checking. And I missed with all the different gains on the amp it changed the sound from the tweeters but still bad sounds and not musical
  15. I just don't wanna do something that will be just flat stupid lol like I mean would having the dash 4x6 hooked to the hu And the front and back speakers amped up amsound odd
  16. Well I have those 4x6 and I don't think they would be good on an amp honestly is it OK to have those hooked ton the hu and hook my front and back speakers to the 4 channel? And if I go with the alpine type s comps sets those are 80 Watts RMS each the amps birth sheet states 75 Watts RMS each channel at 4 ohms. So it would be perfect but idk if the backs are 5 1/4 or 6.5 or ifni can fit 6.5 if they are currently 5 1/4 Or what to do with the 4x6
  17. ive looked all over google for this and cant find much of anything. basically i have a couple of ultra exscursion subs and am looking to get the most out of the exscursion and build a box for them what kind of box would i use for that "flex" but allow it to handle good amount of power.
  18. How to get the most flex?

    Okay how about this then if this make you guys happy the CONE excurse the Surround FLEXES... happy? they are still relativly the same thing no not exactly but there isnt a HUGE difference if the cone actually flexed, that would be an extremely shitty speaker. its a PISTON like a CAR PISTON. car pistons dont flex. if they did the car wouldnt run. i fail to see why the surround moving matters in any case whatsoever. you're just trying to recover from your own ignorance without apologizing to us for being a massive prick. yeah cuz i was the one being a prick nd just bashing and dissing everyone...for NO reason yep you are completely correct sir and the surround moving matters A LOT because if the surround didnt move NOTHING WOULD
  19. How to get the most flex?

    Okay how about this then if this make you guys happy the CONE excurse the Surround FLEXES... happy? they are still relativly the same thing no not exactly but there isnt a HUGE difference
  20. How to get the most flex?

    in the industry yes..in general sense of the word and general knoledge no they still are pretty much the same im sorry to b argumentative but it is...so i may have chosen the word wrong but i knew what i meant and within my first couple of post i even clarified i meant excursion i have no apologizing to do as i wasnt the one being a cock or the one that didnt read the thread or anything of the sort... even some of the top audio makers themselves have used "flex" in place of "excusion"
  21. How to get the most flex?

    I found the parameters for those drivers so to see what you are missing let me know the exact dimensions of the box you are running them that includes the port dimensions and what is your complaint, you want them to be louder?, lower? or what. I got your drivers modelled already. Ok so I am closing in on determining how your actual box sounds like. The height of the center port should be 13.25 in. I need some help though, I need to know the width of the center port...?? Also if possible the lenght of the port which just involves using a tape measure since that port does not turn. Also what are the maximum dims you have for a new enclosure. I am guessing a bandpass enclosure is what would meet your needs. Thank you for the effort and input. as far as max dimensions possible i pretty much have unlimited about of space (for what ill need for tens) they are in the back of a 98 explorer my biggest one to worry about is length and i think that is about 35 or so inches ill measure if you need but im not going to lie im not sure im even capable or constructing a nice bandpass box even if i had all my dimensions andf everything laid out...they are so much more technical and precise
  22. How to get the most flex?

    look you guys are just plain and simple stupid thinking that because you have been on a forum for 5 years OMG let me bow down..you dont know me or shit about me or what i know...so quit acting like you do. and have 10,000 post once again ill bow before the "master with lots of post" you dont know me and dont know what i know... and flex and excursion ISSSS the same thing the both mean to MOVE from one place to ANOTHER...look the only way you can even argue with me is that in the AUDIO world excursion and flex mean something different in the REAL world if u ask almost ANYONE they will tell you its PRACTICALLY the same thing... im tired of going on forums being nice just trying to get some simple basic help from people that should be able to completely feel me on this and be into the same hobby not a bunch of wanna b expert pricks that bash people askin for help the point of this forum isnt for you to bash people its to help and if you dont know shit about the topic or dont plan on giving any input that isnt TOTALLY WORTHLESS then GTFO... its that simple how pathetic do you gotta b to take time out of your day to say "lol" post wait load.. For those of you on here that ACTUALLY are grown ass men i appreciate the help and the info and ACTUALLY TRYING to understand the post if it wasnt understood at first and then trying to help...it just sucks that the general population of this hobby happens to b a bunch of immature dicks. idc if you are steve meade himself if you dont got shit to say then shut the fuck up because i dont care if its funny or if you dont like audiobahn and here is the current system after i tuned it using my DMM which i learned HOW to use from google...no thanks to anyone on here.. check it out and please dont waste your time bashing ill j ust delete it. but give input even constructive critisizm
  23. How to get the most flex?

  24. How to get the most flex?

    well i dont think these subs are very good SQ subs to begin with so i wanted to go with their strenth they seem to like lower deeper notes and do it well...so i just want to get low and loud they do handle quite a bit of power you have no idea what "sound quality" is so dont even start to throw that term out there. just saying. dude get a fucking life...seriously get a life you have none obviously if you are pathetic and lonely enough this is all you can come up with and same goes for the moron above you with LOL I can to this site looking for people that actually KNEW what they were talking about not a bunch of morons that ike to look cool online haha losers. i can get the same pathetic help from the lady at ABC wearhouse that sells blow dryers... immature morons is all the internet is loaded with...im done with this site...clearly its worthless google avtually ANSWERS questions unlike the morons on this site and any other audio site sucks there isnt even ONE good audio forum...i wont b returning to this site for shit c ya.. im sure u all make stevemeade proud haha losers
  25. How to get the most flex?

    they honestly seem to push quite a bit of air. even read somewhere that this ten pushes more air than a rockford t1 12 (silver model) i cant say for sure if its true or not but i honestly wouldnt completely doubt it and thanks