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  1. Purchased Term-Lab from Bre2ts. Shipping took a little longer than i originally expected, but when i inquired i got very qick response explaining work schedule had hindered getting package dropped off. Now i have received product, and it was exactly as described and pictured. Downloaded software hooked up, and it all works as described. I would recommend and definitely buy from again in the future! Thanks Brett. Robert Mundell.
  2. You can assure her there is no way to know if you are getting a defective unit or not. It just happens, some brands more than others, but DOA out of the box is like 1 in several thousand!
  3. Good call Kranny, Vitacity, sorry for all the testing, although its good practice.
  4. Dont feel bad, i always check actually having a bad unit as last resort. It does happen but not that frequently.
  5. Nevermind, that took way to long to post, i gotta learn to type. Get new HU and try again.
  6. Does it have an adapter in it or are you wiring directly to factory wires? Here are the reported factory wire colors:(still always check with meter before hooking up anything) Desc Polarity Wire Color 12V + Constant + Orange 12v - Ground - Black 12v ignition Class 2 serial data Radio Illumination + Gray (dimmer) Left Front Spk +/- Tan / Gray Right Front Spk +/- Light Green / Dark Green Left Rear Spk +/- Brown / Yellow Right Rear Spk +/- Dark Blue / Light Blue
  7. Yes, even if fuse size is different if you have power at the ylw, red, and good ground at the black, then the H/U is probably bad. Last check before taking it back would be Kranny's LFC. Unwire radio, hook up ylw and red to batt +, and Blk to Batt - . If it still wont come on its definiteley bad. If it now comes on then start over at wires checking ground first.
  8. If you check that you have power ign and ground, then its a bad H/U if the fuse in it is good. Make sure you check for power and ground right at the connector for the H/U. Sorry trying to cover several posts, so kinda jumping around here.
  9. Go to www.metraonline.com enter your car info, and it will list a bunch of adapters listed. Like the GMOS and GMRC-01. Did it have one of those in it, and is it still there, or did you remove it? Without the adapter there is no ignition, so they will run the red wire to the fuse box to get Ign sometimes. If you have or can get a meter check the Wires for constant 12v on yellow, and 12v on red when key is on. If those are good, you can double check the ground by grounding to a piece of metal in the dash.
  10. Oh ok, so the kenwood worked, you may have popped a fuse in the removal rewire process. Do you have a multimeter?
  11. WHOA, dont cross wires! Without seeing its hard to tell but go here for some help on the adapter, pretty sure there is no Ign power on that car without the adapter. I will look it up and post back in a minute.
  12. Was the radio you removed aftermarket or the stock radio?
  13. Offer $350 Shipped to 85032. I doubt i can afford shipping from Okinawa ; ) . Seriously though $350 shipped. Payment via pay pal or CC ? Let me know, Rob.
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