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  1. Can someone send me prices for 2 Level 3, 4, and XL 10" subs. And I'll also need prices on DC 2K, 3.5K, and 5K. All shipped too 44410, thank you.
  2. You're parents favoritism towards you're older sibling. For example, dad thinks my sister has her life more together then me when she has no job, living in her car with her dog, spends her money on drugs, an bums money of my parents. When I bust my ass doing 40+ hours a week, paying all my bills, and secretly most of their bills, while trying to fix a car, trying to save some for a new car and place to live, all because I live at home with them. Ain't that some shit? /rant Only child syndrome Cartoons nowadays, I really miss the old ones. Working three 16's in a row covering for someone, then the boss bitching because you turned down another 8 so you can take time off an sleep. Going outside to smoke and litterly watch gas prices go up 19 cents and realize you still have to get gas.. People going 30 mph in a 55 mph zone and flick you off then swerve at you when you pass them.
  3. Price for a 12" m2 lvl 3,4, an XL too 44410
  4. Thee absolute best way to cure a hangover if you have access to the supplies is start a IV on you with saline. It's gaurentteed to work according to my co-workers.
  5. I live in Warren, I may be interested in coming up. Just gotta know when so I can get the day before off (midnights are a bitch lol). But congrats on the kid man!!
  6. Can you pm me a price to 44410 for 1 D2 12?
  7. Trial has been screwed from the start, the mom don't make sence on some of the stuff she says. Casey herself is a work of art herself, this is one of those trials that shouldn't have been put on tv. Seems like they just want the fame and attention IMO.
  8. If only I could find the video for the walmart song... But just like almost everyone said just be calm, collective, cool, and don't get all clammy they don't like that. Also being spontaneous and random can be big pluses just don't do it to often, it shows you like to joke around and what not. Don't be afraid to go for the girls that dress completely different or listen to different music then you. Usually they are the best ones for you. And if you are with a chick do not look at other girls that are walking by or around, and don't think about getting in those jeans either. If you start having a problem down stairs think about dead things lol it works (unless you're into the sort of thing). But from what everyone has said take what best fits you don't try and do everything that everyone has said. Just keep you're head up and keep on going you will find the right one eventually.
  9. I give my mom a hug all the time.
  10. Play some monopoly time will go by fast lol
  11. Since I'm allergic to poultry I would get alot of that so it would kill me and leave a note that says I'm winning.
  12. Lol I know right. I drive to work in and before I get to Warren I see all these broken down regular cars I get in Warren and I see all these naggy, dirty, and you name it people driving in brand new mustangs and everything. This pisses me off because those people don't deserve those cars. All they did was wait for their welfare money to come in and it's bullshit, I'm sorry but if you're mooching off of the government and the working people you're ass needs the boot but that my personal opinion.
  13. My gf told me there starting to do this in Ohio also.
  14. ^^ that and realistic games don't make money and everyone hates them. For example COD is really popular and it's nowhere close to being realistic. And games like OFP barely made money an no one played because it was "too" realistic. Edit - I'm getting ninja'd by everyone tonight lol.
  15. ^^ I would go with that. I've heard nothing but good things!